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With this map we see the GPS coordinates also known as the Longitude and Latitude of the Blackwell-Collier Cemetery.

Find this cemetery by following the County Line Road (Limestone/Madison County Line) south to the Swancott/Swainscott Road and turn right. Take the first north turn to continue on this road and then the road will bend back westward. Then turn right (north) on Bi-low Road SW. Travel 6 tenths of a mile and look left out into the field at a circular grove of trees about 300 yards from the road. The cemetery is located in that grove of trees. There is no road to this cemetery. After permission you will have to walk to get there. Do not walk on the growing crops during the growing season. I visit here only during the winter and dormant season depending on what crop is being raised. Wheat is a winter crop (currently in Wheat Crops), Corn and cotton are summer crops and I have seen all these crops grown in the surrounding field. The other side of this issue is there has to be a right of way to this cemetery but I see no evidence of one remaining. It has been abandoned at least a half a century. It probably extended from Barlow Road from the north at one time to this cemetery.

With this map we see the tiny grove of trees out in the big field where the cemetery is located. We have it pointed out with a yellow pointer. Google currently has the cemetery incorrectly marked at the house to the southeast of the cemetery.

With a yellow arrow pointing to the grove of trees we see (in the middle of a big red clay field) the Blackwell-Collier Cemetery. It is about 300 yards from the SW Bi-Low Road. During the rainy season the ground between the cemetery and near the road remains flooded.
Maps from Topozone, MS Streets & Trips, & MS Bing mapping modified for this site by C. Wayne Austin 18 Apr 2011.