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BLACK (Isaiah Washington) CEMETERY, (Carey Road 10 miles NE of Athens), LIMESTONE COUNTY, ALABAMA

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BLACK, Isaiah W. (Washington), 2 Mar 1850  - 1 Feb 1897. "An honest man is the noblest work of God." (Son of John & Winnie Hite Peace Black, their seventh child; brother of Alexander Black who bears the name of the other cemetery along this road.)

Unknown grave

The latest Cemetery book is wrong. It has the cemetery about 5 miles north of this place. The township is T1S and should be T2S and the section is wrong in that it should be 10. Their descriptions of who is buried there in unmarked graves could be correct as I did see about 3 or more unmarked graves. Fortunately I found another Limestone Cemetery book that had this information correct.

Mrs. Birdsong (maiden name Rogers) lived in the house just west of here for 70 years. She was told that there were seven graves in the cemetery, 2 adults and 5 children.  The other adult aside from Isaiah Black is believed to be a government official sent in when the area was first settled. 
Due to the dense brush I was unable to make a confirmation of the unmarked graves. [WA 21 Oct 2009]

Added here 3 Dec 2009, from the survey efforts of Wayne Austin based on site research 21 Oct 2009. 
Other sources: Mentioned on page 37 in the book Limestone County Alabama Cemeteries. by Smith 2003. In this book the location is bad so don't follow that. Another earlier book was found to have more accurate information regarding location. Information also came from the Black Family History published in the book "Descendents of John Black" , page 15, by Danny Black. 31 Aug 2002.