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BLACK (Alexander) CEMETERY, (Carey Road abt 10 miles NE of Athens) , LIMESTONE COUNTY, ALABAMA

This photo shows the cemetery 150 feet from Carey Road in the distance out in a corn field enclosed in a brush covered chain link fence. The tree hovering in the foreground is a large Pecan tree next to the road.

This closer photo as we are nearing the cemetery shows the dense vines and brush covering the site. This is neglect at its worst.

From this photo we see the only formal memorial in this cemetery. In the area just to our left is the place where the fieldstones  are located. Groundhogs have rooted them around to the point they may not stand any longer. Large Groundhog holes are infesting this graveyard making it a hazard to walk in due to the risk of stepping into their holes. That also destroys the integrity of the graveyard by making it hard to tell sunken graves from sunken Groundhog dens. They are living inside the grave cavity. Ugh!