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BIBB CEMETERY (north side of Bibb-Garrett Road), LIMESTONE COUNTY, ALABAMA

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Bibb Family history notes by Jim Dedman

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BIBB, Amelia Bradley, 1845 - 1919. 6932
BIBB, Porter, 19 Jul 1838 - 9 Feb 1915. Military marker: "Capt Co E 40 Tenn Infantry Confederate States Army".  6930/ 6931
BIBB, Luke Pryor, 25 Feb 1869 - 31 Jul 1871. "Son of Porter & Amelia Bibb". 6934
BIBB, Kate Lockhart, 24 Jan 1867 - 30 Jan 1880. "Daughter of Porter & Amelia Bibb". 6935
BIBB, Elmira Bradley, 16 Jul 1875 - 31 Jul 1885. "Daughter of Porter & Amelia Bibb". 6936
BIBB, David Watkins, 9 Jul 1879 - 16 Mar 1884. "Son of Porter & Amelia Bibb". 6937
BIBB, George Houston, 1 Dec 1884 - 16 Jul 1885. "Son of Porter & Amelia Bibb". 6938
BIBB, Allen Dandridge, 20 Jul 1886 - 25 Jul 1901. "Son of Porter & Amelia Bibb". 6939
BIBB, Thomas Porter, 27 Dec 1873 - 1 Oct 1905. "Son of Porter & Amelia Bibb". 6940
BIBB, Thomas, no dates (1843 - 1858). "Died in Young Man-Hood". (foot or headstone for Thomas Porter Bibb) 6942 / See written story
BIBB, Bennie Lee Jacoway, 1884 - 1937. (shares stone with and Wife of Benajah). 6941
BIBB, Benajah, 1877 - 1975. (shares stone with Bennie Lee Jacoway Bibb). 6941
BIBB, Mary Betts, Nov 1814 - 16 Feb 1898. "Wife of David Porter". 6945
BIBB, R.C., no dates. (Civil War soldiers usually born between 1820 and 1840.) "Son of Porter & Mary Bibb". Military marker: "Confederate States Army". 6944
BIBB, David Porter, 31 Dec 1814 - 8 Jul 1865. 6943
BIBB, Ella Claiborne, 1843 - 2 Aug 1871. 6954
BIBB, Robert Chambers, 5 Sep 1866 - 2 Feb 1873. 6953
BIBB, Henry C. "Hal", 9 Jun 1836 - Oct 1873. Military marker: "2D Lieut Co F 9 Ala Infantry Confederate States Army". 6947C/6947
BIBB, Fannie Craig, 5 Apr 1864 - 19 Jul 1883. 6946C/6946
BIBB, John Lockhart, 1879 - 1881. 6956
BIBB, Annie Cousins, 1870 - 1874. 6955
BIBB, David Porter, 1 Sep 1868 - 22 Aug 1904. Masonic Emblem.  "Son of Lockhart & Kate", "Gone but not forgotten".  6957
BIBB, Lockhart, 1839 - 1907. Military marker: 1st Lieut 3rd Forrest's Tenn Cavalry, Confederate States Army". 6958,6960
BIBB, Kate T. Bradley, 23 Aug 1850 - 2 Feb 1935. "Wife of Lockhart Bibb", "In my father's house are many mansions". 6959C/6959/6960
BIBB, Ruth Lindsay, 4 Apr 1890 - 22 Feb 1917. "Daughter of Benjamin D. & Rettie Ray Lindsay". 6964/6965
BIBB, Camilla Madding, d. 26 Nov 1970. D.A.R. emblem. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God". 6963
BIBB, Robert Chambers, 16 Jul 1875 - 1 Feb 1928. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God". 6962
BIBB, Elizabeth Amelia, 11 Oct 1905 - 24 Jun 1914. "Daughter of Robert Chambers & Camilla Madding Bibb". 6961
BRADLEY, Amanda Taliaferro, 18 Nov 1818 - 11 May 1891. "Wife of Nathan Bradley". 6927/6975
BRADLEY, David Taliaferro, 8 Jul 1852 - 10 Jan 1890. "Son of Nathan & Amanda Bradley". 6926/6974/6975
BRADLEY, Nathan, 24 Sep 1805 - 28 Oct 1874. 6925/6974/6975
EGGLESTON, Mary C. Bibb, 23 Oct 1841 - 12 Jan 1873. "Wife of Wm. F. Eggleston", "Beloved rest in Christ". 6966/6967
EGGLESTON, William Fleming, 6 Nov 1840 - 28 Dec 1913. Military marker: " Pvt Co E 9 Ala Cavalry Confederate States Army". 6968C/6968
ELLINGTON, Luther Vernor, 26 Apr 1876 - 3 Nov 1878. "Son of L. V. & A. T. Ellington". 6928/6929
LINDSEY, Mary Bibb, 1865 - 1940. 6933

I have not checked any genealogy records but assume these folks buried here are from the follow on generations to the 2nd Governor of Alabama Thomas Bibb and his wife.

Transcription of the Belle Mina signage and Historical Marker - across the road from the Thomas Bibb House
 Thomas Bibb built this grand house (photo not available) in 1826 and named it "Belle Manor" (beautiful home)., but local pronunciation altered it to "Belle Mina".  The home which stayed in the Bibb family until 1940 was the seat of Bibb's large plantation, and furnished the name of the small town nearby. The town of Belle Mina developed (later) around a railroad station intended for the nearby town of Mooresville, the residents of which didn't want it built too close to their homes and businesses. 6982/6982-

While serving as President of the Alabama Senate, Thomas Bibb ascended to the office of Governor (of Alabama) when his brother William Wyatt Bibb, then holding that office was accidentally killed in a fall from his horse.  William Wyatt Bibb had been Governor of Alabama Territory 1817 - 1819, and when statehood was granted he became the first Governor of the State of Alabama.
Erected by Limestone County Historical Society & Athens/Limestone Tourism Council 2003

The Thomas Bibb home is a mansion with several massive Limestone Portico Columns across the front. It does not lend itself to photography since is sits well back into a grove of trees & is also private property. 6983 This home is on the National Register of Historic Places: Belle Mina as the Thomas Bibb Home. Also Thomas Bibb was interred in the Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville Alabama due to his service there as 2nd Governor of the State of Alabama when the capital of Alabama was in Huntsville.  Grave listing:
Bibb, Thomas, May 8 May 1782 - 20 Sep 1839, (Alabama Governor. Served as Governor of Alabama from 1820 to 1821 to finish his brother William Wyatt Bibb's term. Also served as a Delegate to the Alabama State Constitutional Convention in 1819. Listed in the Famous persons listing - Findagrave Maple Hill Cemetery Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama, USA. Grave Plot: Block 5, Row 3.  [Wayne Austin 9 Sep 2010]

An old ghost tale recently told at the annual "Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll".
When the Governor Thomas Bibb's term ended and time came to break up the Governors Home, in Huntsville 17 miles east of here, a discussion between Thomas & his wife ensued as to where they would live. Thomas wanted to come back to his old home here in Belle Mina/(Manor) because he deeply loved the serenity and quietness of the rural life. His wife disagreed as she was contented with the active social circles of early Huntsville. The Governor's wife won out and they continued to live in Huntsville, but the Governor was never completely content with the decision. He made many trips back to the old home place here. It is said that in the quietness of the night one can see & hear the hustle and bustle of the apparition of the Governor shuttling back and forth between Huntsville's Maple Hill Cemetery and Belle Mina Alabama some 17+ miles away. [As told here by Wayne Austin. 9 Sep 2010. I do not recall the name of the actors at the Stroll who related this story, but if you get a chance to attend this annual spring event you will enjoy it.]

This Cemetery presentation is based on the photography of Wayne Austin on 24 Mar 2010, Original typing by Faye Bradford 8 Apr 2010, and site linkage & programming occurring on 25 Jul 2010 by Mary Bob McClain Richardson of Birmingham Alabama. Finalized and added here by Wayne Austin of Madison Alabama on 10 Sep 2010.