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aka Hine-Malone Cemetery
Mapping the Location

Bethlehem Church facility:0398/0399/0400/0401/0402
Views of the cemetery: 0440/0441/0442/0475/0476/0477/0478/0479/0483/0484/0485/0500/0501/0502/0503/0508/0509/0510/0511/0512

COOLEY, Kenneth Roy "Toe Bar", 18 Jun 1966 (Only date, Child) 0480/back side:0481/distant view:0479
HARPER, Robert L., 23 Dec 1830 - 19 Jun 1903.Pvt Co D 35th Ala Infantry, Confederate States Army. 0455/Military Marker:0456/0457/footstone R.L.H.:0458/0464
HARPER, Sidney J., 22 Oct 1864 - 3 Dec 1920. 0460/0464
HARPER, Cullie W., 19 Jun 1866 - 6 Feb 1918. 0460/0464
HARPER, Sidney, s/o Mr & Mrs S.J. Harper, 1907 (Only date, Infant) 0459/0464
HARPER, Virginia Ann, 3 Dec 1830 - 8 Jun 1913.(Appears to be the spouse of Robert L Harper; original stone top broken out)0452/0453/footstone V.A.H.:0454/0464
HARPER, Ruth Jones, w/o W.L., 21 Feb 1895 - 23 Feb 1917. Main stone missing footstone R.J.H.:0449/0448/0450/0451/0464
HARPER, Infant d/o Mr & Mrs R.W. Harper, 1919 (Only date)0461/0464
HINE, Mary H., 14 May 1817 - 23 Jul 1841, Consort of Roswell Hine, and d/o John Petway Malone, md. 20 May 1838. 0404/0405/0406/0407/0408/0410/0411/0412/0413/0403/0435
In memory of Mary H. Hine consort of Roswell Hine and daughter of John P. Malone, Born May 14, 1817, married May 20th 1838 and died Jul 23rd 1841.
HINE, Silas, b. New Haven, Co., Conn 30 Sep 1793 - 25 Jan 1850, Aged 50 years 3 months & 28 days. Moved to this county 1818.(broken box tomb, inscription uncovered first time-never before reported)0486L/0486/0487/0488/0489/0490/Labeled parts of tomb:0491/0492/Labeled:0503L
In memory of SILAS HINE, who was born in New Haven County Conn Sept 30 1793 departed this life Jan 25, 1850 aged 56 years, 3 mos., 28 days. He moved to this county 1818
HINE, Temperance Hine, Consort of Silas Hine, b. Dinwiddie Co., Va. 20 Apr 1791 - ?? Jul 1830. 0498/0499/0501/0502/0503/Labeled:0503L
IN Memory of TEMPERANCE H., Consort of Silas Hine, born in Dinwiddie County, Va. April 20th 1791 Died July 1830.
HINE, Elizabeth H.. d/o S. & T. H. Hine, 24 Jan 1819 - 16 Jun 1831. 0494/unchalked:0493/distant view:0496
IN Memory of ELIZABETH H. Daughter of S. & T. H. Hine, Born Jany 24th 1819. Died 16th June 1831.
HINE, Cornelius, son of W.A. & L.C. Hine 7 Nov 1845 - 9 Dec 1851. 0409
JONES, W. Taz, 12 Dec 1854 - 24 Dec 1935. 0444/footstone W.T.J.:0446/0442/0443/0447/0464
JONES, Emma P., 29 Dec 1854 - 5 Dec 1940.0444/footstone E.P.J.:0445/0442/0443/0447/0464
JONES, J. H., 10 Dec 1854 - 19 Aug 1926 (North east area of Cemetery) 0472/0473
KEY, Ruth, 24 Jan 1790 - 9 Mar 1857. 0422/0423/0426/0437/0440
KEY, Flora A., 13 Oct 1799 - 26 Apr 1857. 0424/0425/0426/0436/0440
KEY, Louisa C., 10 Feb 1794 - 2 Feb 1848.0414/0415/0416
MALONE, Frances Ann, Consort of James M Malone and d/o S. & T. H. Hine, 24 Jan 1819 - 25 Jul 1842 0497/0500/0502/0503/Labeled:0503L
IN Memory of FRANCES ANN, Consort of James M Malone and daughter of S & T. H. Hine. Born 24th Jany 1819. Died 25th July 1842.
MALONE, Capt. James Henry, 1811 - 1876, Capt Co. E. 50th Ala Infantry Confederate States Army 0417/military marker:0418/0419/Unmarked Graves of J.H. Malone Family all lined up and inside a fence at one time; view looking South:0420/View looking North:0421
In memory of Capt James H. Malone and Family, Capt James H. Malone, 1811 - 1876. James Henry Malone, Capt Co E. 50 Ala Inf C.S.A. 1811 - 1876.
MORELAND, Grace, d/o X.A. & E.V. Moreland, 9 Sep 1872 - 8 Sep 1893. 0469C/0469/0470
TEAGUE, Harriet B., 28 Apr 1798 - 25 Sep 1859. 0429/0428/0430/Footstone Initials H.B.T.:0432

Graves marked with fieldstones: 0433/0434/0438/marked with an old brick:0439/0471/0482/0465/same grave as 0465, shooting opposites:0466
Grave sinks (unmarked) just north of Grace Moreland:0467/0468. More grave sinks in the southern section of cemetery:0505/0506/0507
Another grave sink in the northeast corner near J.H. Jones: 0474
Unmarked graves(2)marked with a corner of the pirated boxtomb parts from Silas Hine's grave: 0462/0463/0464
Unknown parts of a tombstone no inscription found - Parts were found scattered all over the east side of the cemetery. I tried to assemble them:0495

In addition to the photos I did minor repairs or just call it improvements to the box tombs, by resetting them as much as possible, if they were capable of standing. This included the following box tombs:
1. Ruth Key tomb - Now is a standing and covered tomb, but I wish could have stood up the south side too.
2. Flora Key tomb was cracked and if standing it could cause a breakage of the top. Cleared the dirt from the edge to allow water to drain away.
3. Uncovered and stood up to some degree (as much as I found) the Silas Hine tomb, but it will not stand for years, because there are no interlocking parts and two of the corners are missing - the missing corners are being used in marking unmarked graves in the Harper lots. The base all this sits on is still below the ground. I detail most of the anatomy of a repair of this stone as that starts with knowing the parts and where they fit.
4. Rearranged the Frances Ann Malone tomb. It is leaning badly and in danger of falling. I centered and balanced the top best I could adding rubber pads & cedar shims to aid in its standing. The top will slide off in time if not shored up.
5. Moved the Temperance Hine tomb top off of the Frances Ann Malone tomb allowing it to lye on its on fallen parts. This will prevent it from falling and further breaking.
6. Cleaned the Teague stone and set bricks under its two sections to allow water to drain away and keep it as dry as possible. This stone will never stand again. It is too fragile. It has hundreds of hair line cracks. Should be immersed in a bed of approved mortar and the inscription sealed with an approved sealer. No not the stuff in Lowes Hardware or anything else that would cover the inscription and make it unreadable.

Two of the box tombs have been partially destroyed by a large cedar tree which fell years ago.
This cemetery was indicated on a 1950 TVA map as the Bethlehem Cemetery.

This Cemetery presentation is based on the photography of C. Wayne Austin, 25 Jun 2014. Uploaded here by C. Wayne Austin of Madison Alabama on 30 Jun 2014. It was also presented in the book Tombstone Inscriptions of Limestone County Alabama by Linda H. Smith surveyed 3 Sep 1991 on page 226 - 227.