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aka Anderson Cemetery #1

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Area views of the cemetery: 6540/6541/6542/6559/6560/6561/6562/6563/6566/6567/6568/6569/6570/6553/6554/6537/6539/6558

ANDERSON, Mary Ann, w/o Charles D. & d/o Benjamin Harrison died 14 Jan 1853. (No age given; Tall Stellae Tomb; Clinton C. Jones married Frances Ann Thatch on 14 Dec 1846. d/o Henry Thatch of Mooresville; After Frances death Clinton Jones married Sarah Gray in 1847.) 6565/6564/as found before pulling stone from hole:6533/6536/6537/6539
JONES, Francis M., w/o Clinton Jones, b. Virginia Feb 1802 - 12 Oct 1845, died in Ala.  She lived a consistent Christian and died the death of the righteous. (Box Tomb) 6546/6548/6547/6549/6556/6557/6555
ROBERTS, Sarah B., Consort of J. F. Roberts, 5 Jun 1828 - 18 Jun 1849 (Box Tomb; inscription is very weak) 6552/6551/6550/6557/6556/6555
TINNIN, Robert, b. in Orange Cty., N.C. 6 Nov 1801 - 31 Mar 1847 (Box Tomb) 6545/6543/6544

Generally the spelling for Frances in Frances M. Jones, for the ladies is Frances, and for the gentlemen Francis with the "i". When I see this misspelling except for the Tombstone inscription I usually correct it. The name Tinnin above is likely a stone misspelling also of Tennin or Tennon.

Three box tombs are present here along with the tomb of Mary Anderson which is a tall stellae type that had fallen over. All are in vary bad condition, the tombs are all broken and dismantled and the Frances Jones tomb was the only boxtomb whereby the inscription remains strong. The other two box tombs are weak and peeling off.

This Cemetery presentation is based on the photography of Wayne Austin on 28 Nov 2012 6533-6542 & again after lifting the Anderson stone from a hole in the ground and finding, identifying and uncovering the three box tombstones on 4 Dec 2012 6543-6570. Uploaded here by C. Wayne Austin of Madison Alabama on 4 Dec 2012. This cemetery was also presented in the book Limestone County Alabama Cemeteries by Linda H. Smith on page 1 & 2, surveyed 1 Feb 1992. I have made no exceptions to Linda's listings.