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WILSON (DAVID) CEMETERY, North of Leighton, Al. 1 mile, on County Line Road, COLBERT COUNTY ALABAMA
Mapping the location

Area Views - east side of County Line Road next to a house, just north of Crockett Lane:  1059 / 1060

WILSON, David, Born May 9th 1793 - Died Sept 5, 1849, Aged 56. 3 mons & 27 days (box tomb has a corner broken out, across the what is the second letter of the surname) 1055 / 1056
WILSON, Augustine A, 12 Nov 1823 - 26 Jan 1839. Son of D. & A. Wilson. (Could be the base for photo 1057 or 1058.)
WILSON, Clara Ann, 7 Dec 1821 - 16 Aug 1839. Daughter of D. & A. Wilson. (Could be the base for photo 1057 or 1058.)
Base of an upright stone with the top missing-north side of box tomb   1057
Base of an upright stone with the top missing-south side of box tomb  1058

These grave monuments amount to a box tomb set very close to the road with two upright headstones one on either side with lost tops. This graveyard is very near the road where it can be seen by people driving by, which has subjected it to vandals in the past. A major part of the northwest corner is broken out of the box tomb leaving an incomplete surname. The missing parts may have fallen from the tomb and sunken into the ground and may be found by probing the top soil no deeper than about 3 inches. I am locking down on the surname because this is the Wilson Cemetery shown on maps. Also both upright monuments on either side of the box tomb are missing their top which contains the inscription. If you have information that would tell us the missing names on these monuments let us know at