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STREATER CEMETERY, (along Highway 20 on S. side just east 500 yards of Mathaler Lane) , COLBERT COUNTY, ALABAMA

The above map shows the Approximate GPS location of the Streater Cemetery.
 ACME Mapper says the coordinates are this: N 34.68306 W 87.55694

This road map shows the cemetery pointed out with a blue pointer. It is just back from the road called Sockwell Lane on this map but there is a sign on the road calling it Mathaler Lane south of Hwy 20/72 Alt. This is just about 3 miles east of Muscle Shoals Alabama. It is unlisted in MS Streets & Trips so we pointed it out with a blue arrow. The arrow is actually points about 100 feet to the right (east) of the cemetery.

This aerial view above shows the cemetery located in a large field about 200 yards from the road upon a knoll. The cemetery can be seen from the Road when the crops are harvested. It is elevated above the surrounding land somewhat.

This recent Google map shows the cemetery more clearly in the middle of a giant field. Here is the best way to find it. Going west on Wheeler Highway just before Sockwell Lane on the right (toward Muscle Shoals) Count two houses on your right and draw a straight line straight south or left 600 feet or 200 yards out into the field and you will locate the cemetery. There is a high bank that will obscure your view from this procedure, but it will work if you walk in the direction of the line, but not when the farmers crops are present to be trampled on. 
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