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STANLEY CEMETERY, (Hatton School Road, west of abt 700 yards in a grove of trees) , COLBERT (eastern) COUNTY, ALABAMA

This photo was made while standing on the bank of Jarman Lane to give you a perspective of where this cemetery is located. We are looking north across a wheat field at the Stanley Cemetery nestled about 50 yards into the grove of trees under the little black arrow. That is a distance about 500 yards away. This photo was made by combining four different photos.

The stones can be found under the trunk of the large Oak tree, but actually just east (the other side) of that tree. That tree should be there another 100 years. This tree can be spotted in the 1st above photo as a towering brown leaf tree in the distance just to the right of the black arrow.

The Ellen & Maria L. Stanley memorials are propped against the tree & can be seen here. Also seen are the short memorials of John W. & Andrew H. Stanley. These are visible while more stones are scattered to our right.

The stones of William J. Stanley on out left leaning against the tree with the military marker of Edward R. Stanley and the fallen stones of Emma I & Maria E. Stanley sit between us and the headstone of Edward R. Stanley. The Ellen and Maria L Stanley memorials are left of this photo also propped against a tree.
The Whitlock children memorials are 20 yards strait in back of us into thicker vegetation.
Added here 8 Dec 2009, from the photos of Wayne Austin dated 19 Nov 2009.