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STANLEY CEMETERY, (Hatton School Road, west of abt 700 yards in a grove of trees) , COLBERT (eastern) COUNTY, ALABAMA

Here we see the broken stone of Maria L. Stanley wife of Joseph H. & on the right the memorial of Ellen Stanley one of the original Stanley (mother) progenitors of this area. The flat base of a tombstone lying on the right side of the Maria L. memorial is wider than either Ellens' or Marias' memorial. It therefore belongs to another memorial. It likely belongs to Nathan (husband of Ellen) or Joseph H. (husband of Maria L.). There is no inscription on that piece anywhere. 

This broken piece offered clues as to the death date broken off and unreadable. We can make out the word died. The top of a three (or maybe a 2) in the month and the 8 in 18xx is visible and from the slanted top of the fracture I believe I can make out a 7 or the top of a nine. If so this is: 3x (or 13) 187X (or 189X). All of these stones have been fractured since the 1950s when I lived nearby (800 yards south east) to this cemetery and visited it as a boy hunting around here. I don't recall any broken stones in those days. Biggest enemy is trees and limbs falling on them from storms. Second is vandals. Also just the expansion and contraction of stone in wet and cold weather causes fractures. The above break was from a very violet event as the breaks are not clean and the broken parts are many.  

STANLEY, Maria L., 23 Jan 1819 - 23 Dec 187_. "Wife of Jos. H. (Joseph H.) Stanley."
Added here 8 Dec 2009, from the photos of Wayne Austin dated 19 Nov 2009.