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STANLEY CEMETERY, (Hatton School Road, west of abt 700 yards in a grove of trees) , COLBERT (eastern) COUNTY, ALABAMA

We are focusing on a stone in three Whitlock children memorials. They are difficult to see, being soiled. All of them are broken off except the one on the far end, away from us. I sat them back on the lower half long enough to make the photographs and then put them safely back against the bases to keep them from falling and fracturing further. I had no epoxy to repair them.

James A. Whittock/(Whitlock) 1874 - 1874, same name and birthdate as b. 1874 - 1890.

WHITLOCK, James A., 27 Mar 1874 - 29 Nov 1874."Son of J.N. & J.P. Whitlock." 
Footstone propped against the broken headstone facing east.
Added here 8 Dec 2009, from the photos of Wayne Austin dated 19 Nov 2009.