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STANLEY CEMETERY, (Hatton School Road, west of abt 700 yards in a grove of trees) , COLBERT (eastern) COUNTY, ALABAMA

We are focusing on the stone in three Whitlock children memorials. They are difficult to see, being soiled. All of them are broken off except the one on the far end away from us. I sat them back on the lower half long enough to make the photographs and then put them safely back against the bases to keep them from falling and fracturing further. I had no epoxy to repair them.

John W. Whittock/(Whitlock)

WHITLOCK, John W., 20 May 1882 - 1 Jun 1884."Son of J.N. & J.P Whitlock."
Added here 8 Dec 2009, from the photos of Wayne Austin dated 19 Nov 2009.