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Mapping the Location

Overviews of the Mayers Cemetery: 6875/6876/6877/6878/6879/6880/6881

MAYERS, James J.,  (b. cir 1772)  - 7 Aug 1822. Sacred to the memory of JAMES J. MAYERS, who died August the 7th 1822, Age 50 Years. 6870
MAYERS, Susan Sarah, 22 Sep 1814 - 1 Jul 1823.
Sacred to the memory of SUSAN SARAH MAYERS, who was born Sep. 22nd 1814 & died 1st July 1823. Aged 8 years, 9 months & 9 days. 6872C/6872/6871
MAYERS, Janette, 16 May 1807 - 1 Sep 1826. Sacred to the memory of JANETTA P. Mayers, who was born May 16, 1807 & Died Sept 1st 1826. Aged 19 years, 5 months & 14 days. 6873/6874

This is one of the oldest graveyards in Colbert County Alabama.  The settlers did not begin to come into Alabama in full force until after about 1814. At that time this was a part of the Mississippi Territory and there was only one county in this area that of Madison County which covered a large part of North Alabama. For a period of time after the settlers arrival no tombstones were available for those who died. It was not until about 1818, when tombstones began to be widely available for use in marking graves. Even then they were expensive and difficult to obtain so that settlers often purchased them only for the household head. The exceptions to that were when families became prominent & wealthy. The Mayers Family fell into that prominent category I am sure.

This cemetery is in bad shape. The inscribed readings were from three old fallen box tombs sometimes called table top tombs. The tops were mostly broken, nearly buried and had to be dug up and cleaned to get the readings & photos. There was a stone wall around the cemetery at one time and it is now fallen. The rocks from the wall are comingling with the stones that formerly supported the tops of the tombs leaving a disheveled rocky look.

Sources: No known book publication existed of this cemetery, except for that of Harold Quillen, deceased, who visited and worked up a manuscript of this and many cemeteries in 2003 of Colbert County Alabama. He donated that to the archives of Florence Alabama, where it resides  Added here by C. Wayne Austin based  on a visit and photos of 22 Dec 2012 . This cemetery is also presented on and USGENWEB for Colbert County Alabama presented by Kristy Underwood Jun 2001. [C.W.A. 6 Jan 2013.]