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HOGAN/(Hogun) aka LEE HI ACRES CEMETERY, (south of Gargis Lane in stand of trees), COLBERT COUNTY, ALABAMA

Mapping the Location


Area views of the cemetery: 8825/8826/8828/8829/8830/8831/8832/Trail into the Cemetery:8852/View from Gargis Lane:8853

HOGUN, Mary Ann Smith, daughter of John and Elizabeth Hogun, 27 Sep 1811 - 20 Oct 1830. (Fallen-tall Obelisk Monument)8813C/8813/8814
HOGUN, Thermuthis, Wife of John T. Hogun, died 9 Nov 1837, In the 53rd year of her life (Fallen-tall Obelisk Monument)
HOGAN, William Levi, son of John H & Sarah Hogan, born . . . (dates broken off)
HOGUN, John Henry, son of John H. & Sarah W. Hogun, Died 20 Nov 1852, Aged 2 years & 26 days.
HOGUN, John Henry, son of John & Elizabeth Hogun, 7 Mar 1823 - 3 Sep 1852, Aged 29 years & 6 months.
HOGUN, Latra C., 13 Jan 1817 - 5 Jul 1841. (Box Tomb fallen and broken) 8820C/8820/8821
HOGAN, M., (only footstone remains, headstone out for repairs.) 8834/8837
HOGAN, J., (no other information - footstone initials J.H.8835/8836
MEREDITH, Samuel B., 4 Jan 1786 - 12 Jan 1853.
McCLUNG, Sallie M., 25 Feb 1821 - 3 Dec 1865.
RAGLAND, Emma L. 22 Jan 1836 - 15 Dec 1862.
RONALDS, Mason Ronalds, Obit. 24 Sep 18--, age 34.
RONALDS, Eliza M. Hogan, Obit. 23 Sep 18-- Age 38. "This stone is placed by their surviving brother Thomas Ronalds of New York." (Box Tomb fallen and broken)8841/8842/8843/8844/8845/8846/8847/8848

Unknown bases:
Stone restorer's marker "Stone out for repair by E.D. Ford"

based on the photography of C. Wayne Austin 25 Apr 2013 The above is not a complete listing of all the inscribed markers since at least three or more markers were out for repair by E.D. Ford who is working on restoring this cemetery. The news article below says there are 20 graves here.

For a news article on the restoration effort See: Monday Apr 22, 2013 article by Tom Smith 256-740-5757 "Individuals, groups work to clean up historic cemetery". Mentioned as part of the restoration crew are Robert Bentley & Ellis Ford, both seasoned in old cemetery care & restoration.

Listed first by Harold Quillen 22 May 2005 in his manuscript collection located in the Florence, Lauderdale Co Al Archives. This is added here in his memory for the work he did, but left incomplete. Added here by C. Wayne Austin 23 Apr 2013, based on the photos & transcription 2003 by Harold Quillen who walked many of the cemeteries of Colbert County in an attempt to find and catalogue them. He left the work unfinished when he met an untimely death related to an Auto accident. This cemetery is also listed on with an incomplete listing as of now. Harold may have been using a film camera and used a copier to make the manuscript.