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aka Blocker Cemetery

Mapping the Location

Area views of Hobgood Cemetery: 6743/6754/6755/6767/6771/6772/6773/6775/6776/6776C/6777/6778

ELLEDGE, B.F., Born Mar 27, 1846 - Died Dec 7, 1906. Erected by his loving children.
ELLEDGE, James Melton, son of J. M. and Mary Elledge March 22, 1895 - July 14, 1903. "Too good for earth God called thee home, take thy rest.
ELLEDGE, Luda May, Dau of J. W. Elledge, Born Jan 22, 1901 - Died July 23, 1901. Budded on earth to Bloom in Heaven.
ELLEDGE, Oneal, Born July 1, 1902 - Died May 31, 1903. 
ELLEDGE, Nolan, son of J.M. & M.R. Elledge,  born Mar 27, 1905 - Died Dec 3, 1909. Gone to be an Angel.
HICKS, Sarah Hobgood, 1844 - 1894. "Mother" A devoted wife and Loving Mother.
HICKS, David Bernard, son of D.W. & S.A. Hicks, Born Aug 19, 1865 - Nov 18, 1868, Age 3 Yrs & 3 months.
HICKS, Ann Marah
,  1868 - 1884. "Sister" Yea upon the Harp will I praise thee O God, My God.
HOBGOOD, John, In memory of John Hobgood Born Halifax Co. N. C. Oct. 10 1800 A.D.. Emigrated to Alabama 1818 A. D. died Feb. 13, 1859. Sleep on dear Father, for thou art blessed, God called thee home to take thy rest.
HOBGOOD, Martha Ann, wife of John Hobgood, May 20, 1810 - Feb. 27, 1885, Age 74 yrs 9 Mos & 7 Days.
, son of John and Martha Ann Hobgood Nov. 28, 1836 - July 12, 1855 He was a student at Lagrange College at the time of his death.
KEENUM, Harvey E., 1890 - 1942. (Buxton Funeral Marker immersed in concrete.) 6762
KEENUM, Lonnie, Born Jan 18, 1868 - Died May 3, 1903.  God called thee home. He thought it best.  
KEENUM, Tommie Etoy,
daughter of H. E. and L. B. Keenum Nov. 20, 1917 - Feb. 10 1918.
KEENUM, Lee Mauldon, son of H. E. and L. B. Keenum Feb. 11, 1915 - Feb. 18, 1918. 6764
KEENUM, Auston, July 24, 1902 - Died Apr 23, 1903. A little time on earth he spent. till God for him his Angel sent.

Unknown soul - base of stone - top w/inscription broken off. 6756
Unknown soul - base of stone - top w/inscription broken off. 6761
Unknown soul - base of stone - top w/inscription broken off.

I kept the spelling of Elledge consistent with two "L"s. These graves were all of one family. I do not know for sure which spelling is correct.

I was told by the land owner Mr. James McDowell that nearby kids came here and sprayed painted these stones with black and green paint. It is now peeling off and looks bad but should cause no long term harm.

Buried here are folks with the surnames as I found them: (3) Hobgood; (5) Keenum; (3) Hicks; (5) Elledge/(Eledge). There is a total of 16 remaining inscribed stones. There were three small stones in the Elledge/Keenum area whereby the tops with the inscription were broken off.

This cemetery is called the Blocker Cemetery on maps. I don't know the source for that name so I stayed with the name Hobgood Cemetery following the naming of others who have listed this cemetery in the past.

A nice rock wall once surrounded the Hobgood & Hicks memorials but has fallen over in many places. The Keenum & Elledge monuments are outside the wall and have been subjected to livestock damage in the past. Also falling trees in the past have damaged many of the monuments.

Mr. James McDowell who owns the surrounding land gave me (C. Wayne Austin) permission to visit this cemetery. It will be within 100 yards east of the northbound lane of the new 4 lane Wilson Dam Highway #133 when that is completed.

Sources: No known prior publication existed of this cemetery, except for it may be in the three volume set of books "Old Times in Colbert & Lawrence County Alabama" and also that of Harold Quillen, deceased, who visited and worked up a manuscript of this and many cemeteries in 2003 of Colbert County Alabama. He donated that to the archives of Florence Alabama, where it resides as of 16 Dec 2010. Added here initially by C. Wayne Austin 26 Dec 2012, based on photos dated 22 Dec 2012. This cemetery was unlisted on until I added the 3 Hobgood listings [C.W.A. 26 Dec 2012.]