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GLENCO CEMETERY, (West Colbert Co-Vulcan Materials Property) COLBERT COUNTY, ALABAMA

Mapping the Location


Glenco Cemetery Signage: 0058

KELLER, David,
Sacred to the memory of David Keller (Born cir 1787) Died May 2, 1837 in the 50th year of his age. (Early settler of Tuscumbia & Builder of first Railroad West of the Allegheny Mountains. Grand Father of Helen Keller. (Flat ledger aka box broken tombstone)

KELLER, George Mayers, Sacred to the memory of George Mayers Keller. Son of W. A. and A. M. Keller Born Feb. 8th 1855. Died March 1, 1856 "He is not dead but sleepeth" (Tablet stone on base. With Rose)0059C

KELLER, Anne Margaret, "
Anne Margaret Keller. Daughter of T. F. and S. Keller. Born Nov. 21, 1851. Died Jan. 26, 1852 "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven" 0062 / 0061

McDONALD, James, "Sacred to the memory of Col. James McDonald. Died 23 Dec 1828 in the 47th year of his age. (b.cir 1781) All is right by God ordained or done. And who but God ordained the hands he gave. (An Early settler of Tuscumbia, First Postmaster of Tus. Distinguished service at Battle of Lundy's Lane and Chippewa War of 1812 Veteran.) 0063 / 0064

McDONALD, Eliza Aylette,
Sacred to the memory of Eliza Aylette McDonald. 1784 - 1816, Wife of Col. James McDonald. (Sister of David Keller.)

NEWSUM, Ann M. Keller, In memory of Mrs. Ann M. Keller Newsum. Wife of Dr. W. H. Newsum, prominent Doctor in Tuscumbia Alabama. (He established First Presbyterian Church in Tuscumbia, 1817) departed this life April 11, 1852. "Into thy hands I consent my Spirit, for thou hast redeemed me oh God of truth" (Tablet stone on base with a Cross on top.)0059

NEWSUM, Jane Carey,
Sacred to the memory of Jane Carey, daughter of W. H. and A. M. Newsum. Born Oct. 29, 1839 Died June 15, 1851. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God" (Small tablet stone)0057

Since I have not been here I cannot say that all the gravestones have been accounted for and listed above. From the Aerial view it appears to me to be several box tombs but only two have been listed above. It is my opinion that some of the box tombs were ignored because they were hard or no longer readabler which is common. 0063 / 0060

Listed by Harold Quillen 22 May 2005 in his manuscript collection located in the Florence, Lauderdale Co Al Archives. This is added here in his memory for the work he did but left incomplete. Added here by C. Wayne Austin 29 Dec 2012, based on the photos & transcription 2003 by Harold Quillen who walked many of the cemeteries of Colbert County in an attempt to find and catalogue them all. He left the work unfinished when he met an untimely death related to an Auto accident. This cemetery is also listed on with an incomplete listing as of now. I noticed there is a date of 1 Jan 1998 on Harold's photos. He may have been using a film camera and used a copier to make his manuscript otherwise he may have failed to set the date on his digital camera to 2003 when he surveyed this cemetery. From the lack of clarity the photos appear to have been film camera and then copied with a color copier.