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CARPENTER CEMETERY, (Mt Pleasant Rd aka Brick Church Rd) , COLBERT (eastern) COUNTY, ALABAMA

Write up of attendance - 1983 Reunion

A page from the set of Carpenter Journals that I got from Alton Carpenter of Texas. [Faye Bradford]

Page 261 Carpenter Journals (July 18, 1982.)


James C. (J.C.) Holt, a direct descendant of Eleanor Carpenter Davidson and Obediah Davidson, spoke to a gathering of Carpenter and related family members who assembled in Old Brick Presbyterian Church at 3 p.m., July 18, 1982. This followed the Annual Carpenter and Related Family Reunion at Tuscumbia Spring Park. J.C. spoke about the early history of Old Brick and how this history relates to our Carpenter family heritage in that area.
Eleanor Carpenter Davidson was a daughter of Enoch and Sarah (Sally) Evans Carpenter.

Following the meeting in the church, the group moved across the highway and visited the field cemetery where Enoch Carpenter, Sarah/Sally Evans Carpenter, and other members of their family are buried. Following this, J.C. hosted us for a brief visit in his home which is located on the same land as the cemetery. The idea of the visit to the Old Brick Church and Cemetery originated with Frank Masterson Carpenter. Joyce Dawson Mitchell assisted with making the arrangements. In addition to J.C. hosting us in the church, we were also hosted by church members William Traver Whitlock and Bernice "Pete" Kent. Traver is the husband of the late Alla Mae Carpenter Whitlock. Pete is the nephew of James Ausie Carpenter's mother, Laura Kent Carpenter. We will all hear more about the Old Brick visit in the weeks and months to come.

Now for the sake of space, here are just some brief notes about our annual family reunion at Tuscumbia Spring Park:

1.We most assuredly missed those who were not present this year.

2.Among others, direct descendants of these families were present: Jeremiah Hill Carpenter, Lycurgus A. Carpenter, Lucinda Carpenter Hatton, John Calvin Bradford, Andrew Jackson Kerby, and Rufus Nichols. Of course, there were descendants of more families too numerous to list.

3.Same officers were re-elected for next year. Frank Masterson Carpenter, President - Jane Mitchell Carpenter, Vice President (Frank and Jane remain co-chairpersons of the annual reunion) - Nancy Carpenter Mitchell, Secretary-Treasurer - David Robert Carpenter, Chaplain. All other honorary and supporting officers remain for the next year.

4.We will probably omit a few and know it is dangerous to try to remember everyone, but these are a few of those attending the reunion for the first time this year: Effie Waldrep Nichols, Betty Beck Nichols , Claudie Bennett Hallmark, Robert Hallmark, Emmette Alucian Grissom, Sara Clardy Grissom, James Morrison Kerby, Mary Alice Blanchard Kerby, Clyde William Kerby, Mildred Elkins Kerby, Thomas Pennington, Barbara Simpson Pennington, and Tharol D. Smith. (I am certain there were a number of younger members and children who were there for the first time.
I am just as certain that I have missed a few and apologize in advance for doing so, J.A.C.). The oldest member present (youngest at heart) was Cousin ,Mattie Nichols Butler. Lela Summers Masterson came to the reunion this year!

In brief summary, despite far too many of our family members not present this year, this was one of our best reunions. New members attending, good food and fellowship, and the afternoon sessions at Old Brick Church and the Carpenter Family Cemetery accounted for this in part. Douglas Robbins, our family photographer, will probably have good pictures to share with us. Well! Now for next year!!
Sent in by Faye Bradford also a relative here. 20 Dec 2010.