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"God Was There"
"God Was There," Records of the Germantown Baptist Church, Wells County, North Dakota, 1884-1972,
edited by Rev. Orville H. Meth.
Abstracts for the surnames Boese, Broschat, Poelke, and Stabbert from the above book.
Many thanks to Rev. Meth for his efforts in publishing this information.

10 Nov 1889: A letter for Br. August Boese was read. It was moved and seconded to approve membership.
14 Dec 1889: A letter of membership was read for Br. Carl Poelke and spouse, Amalia Poelke. They were accepted as members.
28 Mar 1891: A letter from Br. Carl Poelke was read. It was agreed to forward this letter to the church in Madison.
24 Apr 1892: Br. Emil Boese to hear testimonies and examine new converts
1 May 1892: Letters from the following were read and approved: Bertha Boese, Friedrich Broschat, Maria Broschat, Carl Broschat, and Gustav Reddig.  
     Br. Carl Poelke spoke with reference to membership.
29 May 1892: Since Br. Boese requested membership an opportunity was granted to him to bring his testimony. He was accepted.   
     Augusta Broschat was received into membership by letter.
15 Jun 1892: Br. Carl Broschat and Br. H. Streibel were asked to serve as Special Committee on matter of threshing by Br. Achterberg. [He was removed as pastor.]
28 Aug 1892: A church letter for Sister Maria Bose was read and unanimously accepted.  
     Carl Broschat to consult in matter about Br. Valentine Zuber.
     Carl Broschat chosen as a delegate to attend the Northwestern Conference.
31 Dec 1892: Carl Broschat served as auditor for the church and was elected president of the Sunday School.
     Those who requested use of a stall in the church barn during services, August Boese, and Carl Poelke [among others.]
7 May 1893: Discussion about church services Julius Boese and Carl Broschat.
     Carl and Friedrich Broschat to supervise church yard project.
17 May 1893: New converts presented their testimonies including, Johanna Broschat, Bertha Broschat, and Anna Boese.
4 Jun 1893: Friedrich Broschat to serve as door keeper.
     Elise Broschat testimony given and accepted into membership.
30 Jul 1893: New convert testimonies included Emil Boese.
     Carl Broschat to serve on two committees.
27 Aug 1893: Carl Broschat to help compose letter of recommendation to the Conference.
     Friedrich Broschat to serve on committee.
     Carl Broschat to rotate with four other families to serve as janitors, working two weeks each.
9 Oct 1893: Carl Broschat to help prepare the Christmas program.
     Someone was to be appointed to collect for the travel costs of Br. August Boese.
25 Nov 1893: It was explained that nothing can be done or changed with Christ Banik, August Boese, and Wilhelm Achterberg until there is reconciliation among themselves.
30 Dec 1893: Carl Broschat elected member of regular church committee. Also re-elected as Sunday School Superintendent and elected with three others to conduct worship services in the absence of the pastor. He also helped audit the treasury books.
24 Feb 1894: The committee gave their report about the relationship between Christ Banik, August Boese, and Wilhelm Achterberg. They reported that there was reconciliation among them. The committee was dismissed.
     A letter from the church in Madison, South Dakota was read, requesting membership for Ida Poelke. Approved.
27 Apr 1894: New converts, including Maria Broschat, gave testimony and were accepted.
10 Jun 1894: ? Broschat elected Sunday School teacher.
     M. Broschat volunteered janitor duties for a two week period.
29 Jul 1894: Carl Broschat to help prepare letter about the Conference.
26 Aug 1894: Carl Broschat to serve as janitor for two weeks.
4 Nov 1894: Friedrich Broschat to serve as janitor for two weeks.
31 Dec 1894: Carl Broschat elected to conduct prayer sessions and as Sunday School Superintendent.
     Friedrich Broschat reported $14.31 was collected for the Christmas tree.
     A letter from Madison, S.D. concerning Sister Poelke was read. We recognized this letter and after discussion, a committee was appointed to clarify any discrepancy.
     August Boese volunteered for janitor service for two weeks.
     Carl Broschat elected to the standing committee. He also read a letter relative to the young people and children and who should attend the business meeting.
23 Feb 1895: The matter of Sister Poelkeís church letter was discussed and accepted.
28 Apr 1895: Anna Poelke presented testimony and voted into membership.
     Committee to clean church and remove the stove included Sister Broschat, Sister Poelke, and Sister Johanna Broschat.
27 Jul 1895: Sister Carl Broschat volunteered to help with janitor service.
20 Oct 1895: Emil Boese was elected to gather gifts for Br. Herringer.
     Friedrich Broschat volunteered to help with janitor service.
30 Dec 1895 Emil Bose {sic] reported that #13.95 was received to be given to Br. August Herringer. The report was accepted and Br. Bose relieved of his service with thanks.
     Friedrich Broschat to help audit treasurerís report.
Brothers F. Broschat and P. Post [probably Rost] were reconciled, which resulted in the re-election of Br. Schreiber as clerk. All was settled.
     Carl Broschat re-elected as Sunday School superintendent and also to conduct church services in the pastorís absence and as a member of the standing committee.
     Sister Poelke volunteered to offer janitor services for two weeks.
21 Feb 1896: The Carl Broschats and Christ Baniks were requested to apologize as they had promised the committee they would do. The explanations given by these people proved satisfactory upon their apology.
1 Mar 1896: Carl and Friedrich Broschat among those who volunteered as janitors.
7 Nov 1896: Carl and Friedrich Broschat among those who volunteered as janitors.
28 Dec 1896: Friedrich Broschat appointed to committee to visit Fessenden. [They were building another church there.]
     August Boese audited the treasurerís report.
     Carl Broschat elected superintendent of the Sunday School and also to conduct worship service in the pastorís absence, and also to the church committee.
     A. Boese volunteered for janitor service.
23 May 1897: Carl Broschat elected as a delegate to the meetings of the Association.
     Sister Broschat to help prepare coffee for the love feast.
19 Jul 1897: Carl Broschat and others volunteered to get lumber for the barn from New Rockford.
3 Nov 1897: F. Broschat requested to help collect balance on building fund and reported receipts from various collections.
     Carl Broschat elected as Sunday School superintendent, to the standing committee, and to serve in the pulpit during the pastorís absence.
12 Mar 1898: The exclusion from membership of Anna Bose was granted upon her request.
22 Mar 1898: The clerk was to write to the church in Madison, S.D. requesting membership for the Krebs family.
11 Jun 1898: C. Broschat a delegate to the organizational meeting.
24 Jul 1898: Ludwig, Martha, and Auguste Krebs from Madison S.D. received by letter.
     Carl Broschat to help write a letter to the Conference.
30 Oct 1898: Br. Broschat appointed collector for the foreign missions.
     Carl Broschat to assist in the direction of the church chair program.
     August Boese appointed to collect for the School in Rochester.
28 Dec 1898: Carl Broschat re-elected Sunday School superintendent and to the committee.
18 Mar 1899: Carl Broschat named to committee for the kitchen.
17 Jun 1899: Carl Broschat assumed chair for meeting.
     A. Boese appointed as delegate to the North Dakota Association to convene in Fessenden.
     F. Broschat elected as delegate to the Conference.
     E. Boese to counsel with Br. Amandus Achterberg.
     Carl Stabbert gave testimony and was received into membership.
3 Sep 1899: Appointed as collectors: A. Boese - Home Missions; Otto Stabbert - Rochester School; F. Broschat - Dakota Association.
29 Dec 1899: A. Boese reported on Home Missions, $273.20 was collected.
     Otto Stabbert reported $24.50 was collected for the Rochester School.
     F. Stabbert reported $22.25 was collected for the North Dakota Association.
     A. Boese reported an additional $21.75 collected for North Dakota Association for 1899.
     Carl Broschat elected to the standing committee and to conduct worship services in pastorís absence.
3 Feb 1900: Br. Broschat to visit Br. Wehr who did not attend the business meeting without permission.
3 Mar 1900: Elected to the youth group offices, August Boese, president,  and Bettah Broschat, secretary.
31 Mar 1900: Friedrich Broschat voted in by ballot to serve as trustee for a three year term.
     Letters for Ida and Anna Poelke received from the Casselman, N.D. church. Approved.
30 Oct 1900: Membership letter for Sister Bertha Stabbert from the church in Alpen, East Prussia, was read and her membership approved.
     A letter from the church in Casselman was read checking on the membership for Br. Carl Broschat. Letter of membership to be sent.
     F. Broschat appointed collector for the Foreign Missions.
1 Dec 1900: Otto Stabbert volunteered to help with drilling a new well or improving the old one. Each worker to be paid $1 a day plus material.
29 Dec 1900: A. Boese elected trustee for a three-year term.
     Carl Broschat re-elected to the committee, as Sunday School superintendent, and also to conduct worship services in the pastorís absence.
     Emil Boese was requested to withdraw his membership from the lodge. He agreed.
     A. Boese collected $12.75 for the needy.
30 Dec 1900: A. Boese with others to visit the Pleasant Valley Church to confer with Christ Albus Jr. and Jakob Lutz who have problems.
5 May 1901: Newly elected officers for the youth society: August Boese, president, Emil Boese, treasurer, Bertha Broschat, clerk.
1 Sep 1901: Emil Boese was questioned about his participation in unchristian living. He acknowledged this, asked for forgiveness. Granted.
     Fred Broschat to collect for Home Missions.
13 Dec 1901: A. Boese on committee to prepare Christmas activities.
30 Dec 1901: F. Broschat collected $71 for the Home Missions.
     August Boese appointed auditor.
     Carl Broschat elected Sunday School superintendent, re-elected to the committee, and to conduct services in pastorís absence.
     Otto Stabbert to collect the $70 to be paid to Mrs. Bohnet for janitor services for the next year [went to the lowest bidder.]
1 Feb 1902: A. Boese reported as auditor.
10 Jun 1902: A letter from the Friedensheim Church for Br. Emil Bose was approved.
     C. Broschat reported for duty for the day of the Association.
30 Dec 1902: Otto Stabbert was the collector for the janitor fund. Since the $70 needed was short, two others were to check the list of pledges and collect the needed balance.
     F. Broschat collected $96.90 for the Home Missions.
     Carl Broschat elected to conduct worship services, to the committee, and as Sunday School superintendent.
     A. Boese elected as Sunday School Secretary.
6 Apr 1903: Carl Broschat to be a delegate to the Dakota Association meeting June 407 in Eureka S.D.
     Young Peopleís Society officers: President A. Boese, Treasurer Carl Broschat, Clerk-Bertha Broschat.
2 Aug 1903 A. Boese was elected deacon in the place of Br. D. Radke.
31 Aug 1903: Ordination of Br. William L. Wahl
     Fessenden Church represented by A. Boese of Liberty Church, Friedensheim Church represented by L. Krebs, Germantown Church by Carl Broschat.
4 Oct 1903: F. Broschat allowed to collect in our church for a church building program in Labrau [Labiau] East Prussia.
18 oct 1903: C. Broschat elected as delegate to the Rosenfeld Church.
30 Dec 1903: Fred Broschat reported $84 sent to Labrau [Labiau] East Prussia.
     Carl Broschat elected member of the committee, as Sunday School superintendent, and to serve during the pastorís absence.
     August Boese elected Secretary of the Sunday School.
     Mrs. Carl Broschat to facilitate project of making twelve white baptismal gowns for men.
5 Mar 1904: Adolf Broschat, Albert Broschat, and Ernest Broschat recommended for baptism.
     Carl Broschat and August Boese served on the committee for baptism.
18 Mar 1904: A. Boese and Carl Broschat on committees for baptism.
     F. Broschat to help with salary for Pleasant Valley Church pastor.
     ďWe were sorry to hear that some members are frequenting bowling places and poolrooms. They were admonished and told not to visit such places.Ē
     August Boese elected President of Young Peopleís Society.
     Mrs. Carl Broschat to be allowed $6 for the baptismal gowns she made, plus a vote of thanks.
     Water for the baptism to be provided by A. Boese, F. Broschat and Johann Edinger.
29 May 1904: Letter from church in Everett, Washington was read requesting membership transfer for Carl Broschat.
     Carl Broschat appointed delegate to North Dakota Association.
9 Oct 1904: Fred Broschat to collect for School in Rochester.
     Otto Stabbert, C. Broschat, and F. Broschat to help prepare the heaters for the cold weather.
30 Dec 1904: F. Broschat reported $66 collected for Rochester School.
     F. Broschat elected as trustee for three-year term.
     Carl Broschat elected as Sunday School superintendent, and to the committee.
     Otto Stabbert elected Sunday School treasurer.
     Adolf Broschat to collect for janitor fund, $95 for Sister Maria Burbeck for 1905.
4 Feb 1905: The church at Startup, Washington requests membership letters for August and Auguste Boese, Albert and Bertha Burgstahler, and Friedrich and Eva Burgstahler. These were approved.
6 Aug 1905: F. Broschat appointed collector for the Home Missions.
29 Dec 1905: The church at Startup, Washington sent a letter of membership for Maria Broschat, approved.
     Otto Stabbert reported on Sunday School treasury and was re-elected treasurer.
     Adolf Broschat reported on janitor service costs.
     F. Broschat reported $112.50 collected for the Home Missions
     Carl Broschat elected Sunday School superintendent, to the committee, to conduct worship services, and as auditor for the collections.
19 Feb 1906: Letter from Startup, Washington for Christ and Minnie Burgstahler.
     Adolf Broschat named collector for the janitor service.
     Mrs. Carl Broschat to assume duties as organ player.
15 Jun 1906: Carl Broschat and Otto Stabbert to serve on 4th of July celebration.
     F. Broschat, trustee, selected a day when all the lot holders of the cemetery will be assigned their lots.
5 Aug 1906: Letter from Startup, Washington, for Carl Broschat Jr. It was granted.
     [Also first letter from Lodi, California received for Sr. Martha Mayer.]
     ďDiscussion was held on ball games. The consensus is that families, parents and children, abstain from such sport.Ē
7 Oct 1906: F. Broschat to collect for the Home missions; Carl Broschat, Jr. to collect for School in Rochester.
9 Jan 1907: Otto Stabbert reported Sunday School expenses and re-elected Sunday School treasurer.
     Adolf Broschat reported on janitor services.
     F. Broschat reported $117 collected for Home Missions.
     Carl Broschat [Jr.?] reported $46.80 collected for School in Rochester.
     Carl Broschat elected to serve in pastorís absence and as deacon. He was given a vote of thanks for his faithful service as Sunday School superintendent. [Joseph Edinger elected as superintendent.]
     F. Broschat elected as trustee for three-year term.
     Mrs. C. Broschat to receive a give for playing the organ.
10 Jul 1907: F. Broschat reported collecting $77 for the church in New Rockford.
10 Aug 1907: Carl Broschat Sr. to select place for baptismal service in Cathay.
     F. Broschat appointed to collect for Home Missions.
27 Oct 1907: The problem with Br. Otto Stabbert was discussed. He is part owner of a threshing machine. His co-owner threshed on Sunday. Br. Stabbertís team of horses was used. This took place against his will. He was admonished, asked the church for forgiveness. Granted.
31 Dec 1907: Adolf Broschat elected Secretary of the Sunday School.
     Maria Stabbert and Minna Broschat approached about being organist.
12 Feb 1908: F. Broschat reported cost of gasoline lamps for the church was $98.50
6 Apr 1908: F. Broschat to obtain estimate of cost to heat basement, $180.
23 Jun 1908: Request from church at Fessenden for membership transfer for Carl Stabbert. Approved.
     F. Broschat reported about the heating system. $66 is needed to complete the project.
     F. Broschat elected delegate to Conference in Fessenden.
     Otto Stabbert on committee for Fourth of July celebration.
20 Sep 1908: F. Broschat named collector for the Home Mission.
     Carl Broschat elected delegate to North Dakota Associational meetings.
16 Nov 1908: Albert Broschat, who admitted inebriation, asked the church for forgiveness with the promise to totally abstain henceforth. He was forgiven.
28 Dec 1908: F. Broschat reported $243 collected for Home Mission.
     Janitor service will be done by Ernest Broschat for 1909 at $110.
     Br. F. Broschat reported that at funerals people drive across the cemetery, which should not be done for obvious reasons.
     Anna Broschat to receive a gift in recognition of her as organist. Also asked to continue service. She declined the gift.
     F. Broschat to serve as agent for denominational papers and literature.
19 Feb 1909: The problem with Mrs. Minna [actually Marie, wife of Ernest] Falendorf [Fohlendorf] was discussed. She explained her non-affiliation with the lodge. She has no further relationship herewith. The church expressed their satisfaction with the situation.
1 Apr 1909: Approved for baptism: Lydia Banik, Anna Broschat, Martha Broschat, Paul Broschat.
     Adolf Broschat to help prepare facilities for baptismal service on Easter Sunday at 2:00 p.m.
3 May 1909: Ernst Stabbert recommended for baptism. Service to be held first Sunday after Pentecost.
1 Aug 1909: Carl Broschat to help with special 25th Anniversary program.
     F. Broschat assigned to collect for Home Mission, Adolf Broschat for School in Rochester.
10 Oct 1909: Carl Broschat selected as delegate to Associational meetings.
1 Dec 1909: Letter from Benton Harbor, Michigan for Otto and Maria Stabbert, approved.
28 Dec 1909: Church at Leduc, Canada requested church membership for Minna Fahlendorf, approved.
     Carl Broschat and Adolf Broschat eledted to the committee
     Fred Broschat elected for three-year term as trustee
     Fred Broschat reported $161.50 collected for Home Missions
     Adolf Broschat reported $94.75 collected for Foreign Missions.
     Anna Broschat elected as Sunday School teacher for the ladies class.
[Broschats not abstracted from 1910]
28 May 1911: church letter for Sophia Blumhagen, now Stabbert, from the Rosenfeld Church was read and approved for membership
27 Oct 1911: E. Stabbert offered to haul coal for the church heating.
24 Feb 1914: Br. E. Stabberg to inform John Lick of his exclusion from membership for his unchristian walk in life.
29 Dec 1914: Albertine and Bertha Streibel named as organists.
14 May 1916 Letters for the following were read: Anton Burgstahler from the church in Wasko, California and Gustav Burgstahler from the church in Lodi, California. Approved.
4 Jan 1917, One of the organists is Albertine Streibel.
2 Jan 1919: The church in Lodi, California requests membership letters for Fred and Anna Genenter, Ernest and Sophia Stabbert, and Heinrich and Amalia Streibel. These wer approved.
16 Mar 1921: The church of Lodi, California requested church letters for Anton and Gustav Burgstahler. Transfers granted.
[Only Broschat names noted to end of minutes.]