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Anders Johansen 1828-1902/ Margrethe Pedersen 1835-1901
Hans Carl Christian Johansen or Chris Johnson 1864-1911 / Rebecca Olena Sylvester
Christine Johnson 1893-1988 / Glenn Groesbeck Smith
Photograph of Anders Johansen
Photograph of Margrethe Pedersen
Photograph of Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson and Rebecca Olena Sylvester History
Christine Johnson History, 29 pages, e-mail me for this history

 Anders Johansen 1828-1902

  Margrethe Pedersen 1835-1901

 Hans Carl Christian Johnson (Chris Johnson) 1864-1911

 Chris Johnson and Rebecca Olena Sylvester

Chris Johnson was born on 27 Oct 1864 in Copenhagen, Denmark and christened Hans Carl Christian Johansen. He owned and operated a livery stable in Elsinore which, at the time, was the southern terminal of the railroad. It was a thriving business with the many salesmen, Church authorities, and others needing transportation on into Southern Utah from the end of the rail line there in Elsinore. He furnished horses and “white top” buggies to salesmen who covered the southern part of the state.

In May 1883 he contributed the rather large sum of $2 for the emigration of the poor to the Young Ladies and Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association, to be sent to S. C. Petersen who was serving a mission in Denmark. He also served in the Superintendency of the Sunday School in 1889 and 1900.

Rebecca Olena Sylvester was born 13 Dec 1869 in Kanarra, Utah. She moved with her family to Elsinore when her father was called as bishop there. She was called as a Sunday School teacher at the age of 13 on 11 Feb 1883 in the Elsinore Ward. Chris Johnson was also listed as a teacher in the same organization at that time.

As she grew to womanhood she was courted by Chris. When he told his employer that he was seeing Becky Sylvester, the employer was surprised, and told Chris that “if you get Becky Sylvester to marry you, I’ll give you my best horse.”  We can only hope that he kept his promise. They were married in the Manti Temple on 30 Apr 1890. Their first child, Ethel, was born 28 May 1891 in Elsinore. She never married and died 11 May 1993 in Provo. Christine, [Christie, Christene] their second child was born on 11 Apr 1893. Sadly, Rebecca passed away just a month later from complications of childbirth, dying on 9 May 1893 and buried on 11 May 1893. [Curiously, her daughter, Ethel, died exactly 100 years later.]

After Becky’s death, the children were sent to live with cousin’s families. Emma Tuft Birch had a young son and nursed Christie. Chris married Emily Johanna Bell on 13 Nov 1895 and they had 7 children. The two little girls lived with their father and stepmother for a time, but their stepmother found it hard, for whatever reason, to love these two little girls, and eventually, after a bishop’s court was held, they were sent to live with other relatives again, though their father continued to provide for their care.

Chris Johnson passed away 3 Jun 1911 in Salt Lake City from a ruptured appendix and was buried in Elsinore, Utah. He had been taken to Salt Lake on the train when he got ill. The doctor stayed with him. He was in the hospital about a week. He realized that he wasn’t going to get well so he sent for Uncle Will [James William  Sylvester]. He was married to Haley (Mahala) Bell, who was his wife, Emily Bell’s, sister. He put Will in as executor of the estate with specific instructions that Ethel and Christie were to be taken care of. The livery stable was sold and some range land in the mountains in Elsinore. This was used to educate Christie and Ethel. Emily fought it bitterly, but she had the farm and home and Uncle Will never gave in.