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This is a listing of miscellaneous Bryson references, presently not know by me to link to any other known families. The comprehensive work by Ronald Howell Bryson, Bryson Families and History to the 1800's published in 2002 by Marty Grant is a reference still being researched to see what notes I may have that are not there, or linking other families previously unknown to me.

Miscellaneous notes in my Bryson file:

From United Reformed Church History Society:
Reverend John Bryson, BA LLD (1822-1902), son of Alexander Bryson, MA, died 24 Apr 1855. Alexander was ordained minister of the Fourtowns Presbyterian Church (Newry, Donaghmore, Loughbrickland & Banbridge), County Down, Northern Ireland. Son John was licensed to preach in 1843. He served in Wolverhampton, England at the Trinity Presbyterian Church and was there for about nine years. He became minister of the Fourtowns in June 1855. John married Mary Smith, daughter of Joseph Harwick of Oaken Manor, Wolverhampton. Children include Harwick, Eveline, Alexandra, Gertrude Harwick, and Edith, wife of John Vincent Chambers.  See Fourtowns web page.  (As my husband's family is from Banbridge, there is a high likelihood that this family is related. No information on this family at either RootsWeb or FamilySearch.

From Dictionary of National Biography:
Patrick Bryson, father of William Bryson (1730-1815). William was an Irish Presbyterian minister, said to have come from an old Donegal family, became minister of the nonsubscribing congregation in Antrim in August 1764. He was a cousin to James Bryson, below. William died 6 May 1815, in his 86th years. The Belfast First Presbyterian Church has a likeness of him copied by his son, Patrick Bryson. At age 46 he married a daughter of Alexander Maclaine, minister at Antrim. They had 6 children.
John Bryson, father of James Bryson (1730-1796). John was an Irish Presbyterian minister. His father, John died 23 Nov 1788 at Holywood, County Down, age 103 according to his headstone. [letter from Helen White says some feel this John was James' grandfather rather than his father. Some feel his father is Andrew (1708-1764) James was married twice. James Bryson was minister in Banbridge from 1763-64. [As Banbridge is where our particular Bryson family was from, this is of particular interest to us.]
Belfast Evening Telegraph, __ember 30, 1908
James Bryson, M.A., minister from 1773 to 1791 when he became minister of the Fourth Congregation in Donegall Street. He was also minister of Lisburn Presbyterian Church (now All Souls') and the Fourth Congregation, Donegall Street (now Cliftonville).  There is a portrait of Rev. James Bryson in the vestry of All Souls'. He died 3 Oct 1796. He had a son, Dr. Samuel Bryson, (1778-1853). In his obituary he is listed as "late apothecary, formerly assistant surgeon in the 32nd Regiment." Another son was Rev. Andrew Bryson, of Dundalk Presbyterian Church, who died in 1797. Andrew was married to Miss M. McGlattry.
From Kelly's Handbook to Landed Gentry, 1971
William Bryson, of Brookeborough, County Fermaugh; father of William Funston Bryson, MBE (1946). William F. born 6 Jun 1900, educated at Methodist College & Queens University, Belfast. Married Aileen Muriel Whittakker of Enniskillen in 1931. 3 children.

Report from Surname Archive, Feering, Sussex, Society of Genealogists
James Bryson, held one hearth in parish of Donaghkedy, County Tyrone in 1665.
Andrew Bryson, husband of Esther Herron, elder for 40 years in Donaghadee session, died 1778 age 90. [Additional information from Graveyard inscriptions of County Down] Buried at Templepatrick graveyard, county Down. Esther died 24 Jan 1770 age 72. Also daughter Esther Bryson who died 14 Sep 1766 age 30.
Adjacent grave of Sarah Brison, wife of John Brison of Kilachis died 28 Jun 1765 age 30. Also John Bryson late of Killaughey died 11 Apr 1802, age 86. Also on the north side his wife Mary Bryson, alias Niblock, who died 29 Sep 1802, age 63. Another adjoining grave for Jennet Bryson who died 19 Jan 1811 age 88, wife of John Taylor, late of Donnaghadee, died 12 Feb 1780 age 57.
Jane Bryson, married in 1810 to Francis Lepper, mill owner of Belfast.

Drumbo Church of Ireland graveyard, Ballylessan, County Down:
James Bryson [born 1806], died 1 Apr 1842, age 36. Also his son John Bryson, died 9 Jun 1854, age 21. Also his son James Bryson, died 22 Mar 1858 age 20. Eileen Bryson, died 17 Jul 1867 age 30. Eliza Bryson died 23 Oct 1871 age 60. Also his son Robert Bryson died 23 Apr 1885 age 43. Also his wife Elizabeth Bryson died 1 Aug 1885 age 47. Also their son John Bryson died 19 Nov 1899 age 23. Also his daughter Ellen Bryson died 29 Mar 1946 age 74. Also his son Robert Bryson died 31 Aug 1951 age 79. Also his daughter Mary Ann Bryson died 21 Oct 1956 age 76.

Movilla graveyard, Newtonards, County Down:
Susan Bryson Kennedy, died 26 May 1866 age 80, [born 1786], wife of Daniel Kennedy of Newtonards, brother of James Kennedy. Daniel died 30 May 1866 age 94.
Samuel Bryson, of Ballyalton died 18 Apr 1807, age 73. A will for Samuel Bryson of Newtownards is listed for 1809.

Donaghadee graveyard, County Down:
Alice Bryson, died 18 Jun 1794 age 29 [born 1765], wife of Robert Byers who died 23 Dec 1801. Also body of James Byers Jr. who died 12 Mar 1789 age 19. Also two children of Robert and Alice Byers.