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Yvonne Leland Maugham Bryceland

Grand Mother Maugham

Annie Mitchell Payce (Leland) Maugham

My Leland~Maugham~Payce Family

and Macklin~Moran Family

Fred (Leland) Maugham ~ Bridget(Macklin) Maugham

sisters Grace & Baby Frances,1928 March

Dads Brother James Maugham

Mom and Yvonne

Fathers 2nd Cousin

William Somerset Maugham

Brother of Viscount Frederick H Maugham

William Burnley Maugham,and William Somerset Maugham

were both Grand Son's of Robert Ormond Maugham Born 1788

I am trying to do a Family Tree


my Great Grand Father

Garrat Maugham and

My Grand Father William Burnley Maugham,born Jul 1860

Wife Annie Mitchell Payce, born Apr 1868

Married On Feb 19 1889 in Kingston Upon Hull


William B & Annie had Four children

William B born,Nov 1889

-Florance Eleanor,born Aug 1891-

Fred Beswick (my Father)born Nov 1892

born in Rothdale,England

Young William passed away N.Y.C. 1905

James.born May 1897 in New York City,U.S.A..

William Burnley was aka William B Leland

he was a Actor-Comedian.

both in England and the USA in New York City

he passed away on Dec 6,1910.

and I also am doing My Mothers Family

The Macklin's (Mothers Father) and

the Moran's (My Mother's Mother's Family)

from Roscommon, Ireland-

I am also researching my Grand Mother's Family

The Payce's

Great Grand Father-

William Henry Payce and Mary Mitchell Payce

I have found many cousins on the internet

in Ireland & England

that I did not know we had From Mother's Family

and they did not know of cousin's in the USA-

It has been wonderful talking on the phone with them.

More to come when I receive info on Mother's Family

Tom & Yvonne Bryceland

Tom & Yvonne renewing wedding vows 6/30/2006

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