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Matte DNA Testing

This following story appeared in the Family Tree DNA Newsletter in March 2003:

Spot Light: Matte Surname DNA Project


The Matte Surname Project started with testing 25 markers for two participants who represent two branches of a Matte Line. This Matte Line had been document back to Charles Matte, who was born about 1610. Charles Matte and Barbe Harache had one son that we are aware of. This son was Nicolas, who was born Dec 4 1636 in Rouen, Normandy, France. Nicolas left France sometime before 1666 as he was listed as a resident of Quebec in the first Quebec Census. Nicolas' sons were Laurent, Alexis and Leonard and Nicolas, Jr. Only three sons had descendants. One son, Leonard, died of injuries from fighting the Iroquois in 1698.

The two participants for the first step of the Matte Surname Project were a descendent of the son Nicolas, and a descendent of the son Alexis.

The results for these two participants are a 24/25 match, which validates their documented research to 1610.

The next step of the Matte Surname Project is to find a direct descent male from the third son, Laurent, before proceeding to testing other Lines.



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