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We are very glad that you are here. The Mashburn Genealogy Archives is devoted to one of the oldest families in the southeastern United States who arrived in Virginia from London in 1698.


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This site strives to be of service to all Mashburn researchers. We make every effort to provide documented data and ask that you please cite this site along with the original researcher if you make use of this material. Genealogy without documentation is really not genealogy.


The Mashburn Genealogy Archives, will gladly upload other research to this site if submssions are fully cited and documented. Please do not hesitate to send in corrections and updates.


Genealogy is only an educated opinion. It is possible in many cases to arrive at different conclusions based upon the same evidence. We will gladly post opposing viewpoints to our conclusions if they are reasonable and are based upon established genealogical principles.

Ira Enoch Mashburn

Photographer and music photoengraver of Cherokee Co. and Gordon Co., GA.

Son of William Eli Mashburn and Ardella A. Jackson of Gordon Co. and Dawson Co., GA.

Grandson of John Wesley Mashburn, Sr. and Mary M. Cogburn of Dawson Co. and Forsyth Co., GA.

Great-grandson of Rev. John Harvey Mashburn and Catherine Twiggs of Forsyth Co., GA and Burke Co., NC.

(Dimple Wade, photographer.)