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                                            WILLIAM BRYAN

William Bryan, son of Francis Bryan III and grandson of William Smith
Bryan, was born in 1684 and died at Roanoke City in 1789 at the age of
104.  He is said to have left County Down, Ireland in 1717 or 1718.  The
town of Bryansford near Ballyconey, County Down was named for his
family.  It has been said that he sent his little son, John, into the woods
to cut a stick to make a handle used in weaving.  The boy was arrested
for poaching.  Thereupon the family sailed for America where "timber
was free, and there were no constables."  Bryan helped organize
Donegal Township and a Presbyterian church in what is now Lancaster
Co., Pa.  It is said that his home at one time was a place called Old
Salem in New Jersey.  This may account for the settlement in
Virginia being named Salem.  He and his son, William, settled
on a fine body of land in Roanoke Valley, in 1729, building
their cabin beside Lake Spring.

On the narrow, level top of Reservoir Hill,
overlooking the town of Salem, is an old graveyard.  At the east end is a monument
in memory of William Bryan I, William Bryan II, and Margaret Watson, wife of
William II, "erected by a grateful descendant, Thornton Whaling, D.D."
Margaret Watson Bryan was born in 1724 and died in 1804.                                              Peter Bryan
                                                                                                                                              Morgan Bryan
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