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                                                              LAYMAN  GENEALOGY REPORT
       Descendants of Joseph Layman

Generation 1

                      Joseph Layman (my fourth great grandfather) was born about 1730 and died
              about 1810.  He married Anna.

              Children of Joseph Layman and Anna are:
                           Daniel Layman, (my third gread grandfather), b. Abt. 1777, Lancaster Co., Pa. d.; after 1845 in
                                                Athens,  McMinn Co., Tn.
                                                Issac Layman, b. 1753
                                                John Layman, b. Bet. 1754-1760
                                                George Michael Layman, b. 1755
                                                Jacob Layman, b. 1759
                                                George Frederick Layman, b. 1762
                                                Elizabeth Layman, b. 1763
                                                William Layman, b. 1765
                                                Susannah Layman, b. 1770
                                                Hester (Hettie) Layman, b. Bet. 1770-1774
                                                Ann Layman, b. 1772

                                                                                                                                                                              Generation 2

                      Daniel Layman was born Abt. 1777 in Lancaster Co., Pa. and died after 1845 in
                      Athens, Tn.  He married Sarah Jones Bet. 1791-1795 in Sevier Co., Tn., daughter
                      of John and Elizabeth Jones.

                      Children of Daniel Layman and Sarah Jones are:
                                   Asa Maples Layman, (my second great grandfather), b. November 24, 1818, Sevier Co., Tn. d.; March
                                                             17, 1867, Sevier Co. Tn.
                                                             Lydia Layman, b. 1797
                                                             Margaret Layman, b. 1799
                                                             Annie Layman, b. 1801
                                                             Susannah Layman
                                                             Daniel Layman

                                                                                                                                                                               Generation 3

                                   Asa Maples Layman was born November 24, 1818 in Sevier Co., Tn. and died
                      March 17, 1867 in Sevier Co., Tn.  He married Jane Ferguson April 30, 1843,
                      daughter of John Ferguson and Margaret Agnew.  She was born in 1818 and
                      died in Sevier Co., Tn.

                      Children of Asa Layman and Jane Ferguson are:
                                  John Marion Layman, (my great grandfather), b. January 23, 1844, Sevier Co., Tn.; d. March 23,
                                                             1900, Maysville, Al.
                                                             James Layman, b. 1845
                                                             Daniel Layman, b. 1847
                                                             William Layman, b. 1849
                                                             Margaret Layman, b. 1850
                                                             Caswell Layman, b. 1853
                                                             Albert Layman, b. 1858

                                                                                                                                                                             Generation 4

                                   John Marion Layman was born January 23, 1844 in Sevier Co., Tn. and died
                     March 23, 1900 in Maysville, Al.  He married Nannie Lenora Keener Dec. 20,
                      1866 in Sevier Co., Tn., daughter of George Keener and Rachael Bryan.
                      She was born May 31, 1849 in Jefferson Co., Tn. and died Nov. 16, 1916
                      in Huntsville, Al.

                      Children of John Marion Layman and Nannie Lenora Keener are:
                                   Sarah Belle Layman, (my grandmother), b. December 31, 1885, Maysville, Al.; d. November 18, 1952
                                                             Birmingham, Al.  She married William Robert Bradford in 1913.
                                                             Charles Layman, b. 1867, Sevier Co., Tn.
                                                             Lafayette Layman, b. 1869, Sevier Co., Tn.
                                                             George Layman, b. 1871, Sevier Co., Tn.
                                                             Ida Layman, b. 1873, Sevier Co., Tn.
                                                             Caroline Layman, b. 1875, Sevier Co., Tn.
                                                             Horace Layman, b. 1875, Sevier Co., Tn.
                                                             Mollie Layman, b. 1880, Sevier Co., Tn.
                                                             Nola Layman, b. 1883, Maysville, Al.
                                                             Lillian Layman, b. 1888, Maysville, Al.
                                                             David Layman, b. 1888,  Maysville, Al.
                                                            John Layman, b. 1891, Maysville, Al.
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