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Descendants of Sir Thomas Bryan

Generation 1

Sir Thomas Bryan was born in 1464 in Cheddington, England, and died in 1517.  He married Margaret Bourchier Abt. 1487 in Benningborough, England.  She was born in 1468 in Benningborough, England, and died between 1551-1552 in England.

Child of Sir Thomas Bryan and Margaret Bourchier is:
         Sir Francis Bryan, b. 1500, England; d. February 2, 1549-50, Clomnel, Ireland

                                                                                              Generation 2

Sir Francis Bryan was born in 1500 in England and died February 2, 1549-50 in Clomnel, Ireland.  He married Joan Fitzgerald in 1548 in Chidington, England, daughter of James Fitzgerald and Amy O'Brien.  She was born in 1527 in Desmond, Ireland, and died between 1568-1569 in Oremonde, Ireland.  For additional information see Bryan Family Information.

Child of Sir Francis Bryan and Joan Fitzgerald is:
         Sir Francis Bryan Jr., b. 1549, Claire, Ireland

                                                                                                    Generation 3

Sir Francis Bryan Jr. was born in 1549 in Claire, Ireland.  He married Ann Smith Abt. 1580 in Claire, Ireland, daughter of William Smith.  She was born in Claire, Ireland.

Child of Sir Francis Bryan Jr. and Ann Smith is:
         William Smith Bryan, b. 1590, Claire, Ireland; d. 1667, Glouster Co., Va.

                                                                                                    Generation 4

William Smith Bryan was born in 1590 in Claire, Ireland, and died in 1667 in Glouster Co., Va.  He married Catherine Morgan.  She was born in 1604 in Claire, Ireland and died in Gloster Co., Va.

Child of William Smith Bryan and Catherine Morgan is:
         Francis Bryan III, b. 1630, Glouster Co., Va.; d. 1694, Belfast, Ireland

                                                                                                    Generation 5

Francis Bryan III was born in 1630 in Glouster Co., Va., and died in 1694 in Belfast, Ireland.  He married Sarah Brinker in 1667 in Denmark.  She was born in 1634 in Denmark and died in Belfast, Ireland.

Child of Francis Bryan III and Sarah Brinker is:
         Cornelius Bryan, b. Abt. 1694, Ireland; d. 1751 AugustaCo., Va.

                                                                                                  Generation 6

Cornelius Bryan was born Abt. 1694 in Ireland and died in 1751 in Augusta Co., Va.  He married Rebecca.  She was born in 1701 in Ireland.

Child of Cornelius Bryan and Rebecca is:
         Thomas Bryan, b. 1725, Ireland; d. 1795

                                                                                                        Generation 7

Thomas Bryan was born in 1725 in Ireland and died in 1795 probably in Augusta Co., Va.  He married Elizabeth.  She was born in 1729 in Augusta Co., Va.

Child of Thomas Bryan and Elizabeth is:
         Peter Bryan, b. 1755, Augusta Co., Va.; d. 18ll, Sevier Co. Tn.

                                                                                                        Generation 8

Peter Bryan was born in 1755 in Augusta Co., Va. and died in 1811 in Sevier Co., Tn.  He married Betty Hubbard in 1777 in Va.  She was born in 1760 in Va. and died in 1830 in Sevier Co., Tn.

Child of Peter Bryan and Betty Hubbard is:
         Thomas Bryan, b. 1785, Tn.; d. 1867, Sevier Co., Tn.

                                                                                                         Generation 9

Thomas Bryan was born in 1785 in Tn. and died in 1867 in Sevier Co., Tn.  He married Nancy Cate August 15, 1812 in Jefferson Co., Tn., daughter of William Cate and Mary Enyard.  She was born in 1792 in NC. and died after 1860 in Sevier Co., Tn.

Children of Thomas Bryan and Nancy Cate are:
             Rachael Bryan, ( my second great grandmother),  b. May 12, 1825, Tn.; died Dec. 16, 1875, Sevier Co., Tn.
                           Mary Bryan, b. July 6, 1814
                           William E. Bryan, b. 1815
                           Eliza J. Bryan, b. 1815
                           Peter H. Bryan, b. May 18, 1819
                           Ahaz Bryan, b. 1821
                           Robert Reedy Bryan, b. April 11, 1822
                           Sarah C. Bryan, b. 1823
                           Margaret Bryan b. 8132
                           Lucy Bryan, b. Dec. 1, 1831

                                                                                                         Generation 10

Rachael Bryan was born May 12, 1825 in Tn. and died Dec. 16, 1875 in Sevier Co., Tn.  She married George Keener in 1845, son of George Keener and Peggy Harris.  He was born April 27, 1827 in Sevier Co., Tn. and died before 1860 in Tn.

Children of Rachael Bryan and George Keener are:
            Nancy (Nannie) Lenora Keener, (my great grandmother), b. May 31, 1849, Jefferson Co., Tn.; died Nov. 16,
                            1916, Huntsville, Al.
                            John, b. 1847, Tn.
                            Caroline, b. 1848, Tn.
                            George, b. 1852, Tn.

Second husband of Rachael Bryan Keener was Charles Elder, born Dec. 16, 1807 and died Dec. 6, 1871

Children of Rachael Bryan and Charles Elder are:
            Thomas Elder, b. 1864
                             Rebecca Elder, b. 1866

                                                                                                            Generation 11

Nannie Lenora Keener, (my great grandmother), married John Marion Layman.  For information on this union see Layman Family Genealogy Report.
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