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Rosendahl Family Tales

Maria Gustafva, Hedwig Sofia, Hilma Matilda
Photo taken prior to Hedwig coming to America, making it a slight bit over 105 years old, which is slightly before I was born in 1932.
Hewdig, my grand mother, died one month after I was born. No proof, so far, that the cause of death was after seeing me.

This photo is of my grand mother (center) and two of her sisters as told by my mother so many years ago. It is reproduced from and old tin type that was taken prior to grand mother Rosendahl coming to America in about 1891 which makes the picture more than just a year or two old. Took me a few years to get up enough gumption to get the copy made as it may not have turned out and I could damage the tin type. It then took me a few years to get it on the net. For old guy, I ain't the fastest one around but then I ain't very efficient either.

The two pictures below were painted by Richard Shurstein, a grand son. Here is a photo of Richard on his way to the studio to paint the pictures below.

Charles Johann Rosendahl b. 5/26/1869 d. 12/12/1960
wed 12/5/1892
Hedvig Maria Sofia Wernlund b. 10/15/1864 d. 4/15/1931
They had the eight children listed below:

Florence Maria Sofia Rosendahl 7/9/1895 d. 7/10/1994
Herbert George Rosendahl b. 3/8/1897 d. 6/20/1966
Robert William Rosendahl b. abt. 1898 d. 6/15/1961
Ruth Wilhomena Rosendahl (my mom) b. 1/13/1899 d. 9/29/1990

Carl John Rosendahl b. 2/19/1902 d. 9/10/1980
Lillian Susanna Rosendahl b. 1/7/1903 d. 5/31/1962
Einar Oscar Adolf Rosendahl b. 2/11/1906 d. 2/18/1991
Ellen June Rosendahl b. 6/10/1909 d. 12/21/1997

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I show this map just for grandpa. He loved the place.

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