Rohenbrock Family Tree
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Henry George Sr. Rohenbrock b. abt. 1826
wed 1. 1849
Frances Schulte b. 10/26/1821 d. 4/19/1904
They had six children:

Katherine Rohenbrock b. abt. 1850
Elizabeth Rohenbrock b. 2/11/1854 d. 2/4/1933
Caroline Rohenbrock b. 3/10/1857 d. 9/24/1947

Wilhelmina Rohenbrock b. 2/2/1858 d. 8/26/1932
Mary Rohenbrock b. abt. 1860
Henry George Jr. Rohenbrock b. 12/24/1862 d. abt. 1870


Emeran Maumann b. abt. 1824
wed 2. 6/18/1865
They had two children:

Catherine Baumann b. 10/29/1860 d. 6/1/1943

John Baumann b. abt. 1868

Take a pick, Germany, Poland, Russia, etc.
They cam from all over and spelled their name different

Most this data was compiled from what I got from a relative or two, and some copied from the net. I enter it here to benefit future researchers best I can. Send all additional data, old photos and stories to me, Marv Banker at Have a great day.