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Mathes Przybilla b. abt. 1776
wed. 2/14/1802
Judita Broma b. abt. 1782
They had eight children:

Albert Przybilla b. abt. 1800
Anton Przybilla b. 1/13/1803
Anton Przybilla b. 2/5/1804
Franz Sr. Przybilla b. 11/21/1807

Marianna Przybilla b. abt. 1809
Joseph Przybilla b. abt. 1811
Catherine Przybilla b. abt. 1813
Johanna Przybilla b. abt.1815

Most this data was compiled from what I got from Ruben Przybilla, excepts from Curtis Jendro Collections, a relative or two, and some copied from the net. I enter it here to benefit future researchers best I can.

I also took one bold step here and show that "Albert" b. abt. 1800 is also a part of this family. Dates and all seem to fit. Unlike O. J., it fits, quit.

Send all additional data, old photos and stories to me, Marv Banker at Have a great day.
Przybilla family 1939
Przybilla family 1981

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