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Where Did ILeave My Rocking Chair?
Grandpa Marv's Poetry Corner INDEX PAGE

The purpose of this site is to give anyone who writes poetry a chance to have them posted on the internet for all to read.
If you would like to see your works posted here, send them to me at Grandpa Marv.

Special thanks to my friend JoAnn who designed these pages
If anything is owned by You,please let me know so that I can give you credit for it or remove it. I do not make any money from this website and it is not my intent to take credit for anything that belongs to someone else. This includes gifs, graphics, and photos or jpg's I have borrowed, With Permission, to enhance the works of various poems you see here.

This poem took two years MemoriesAND the past two days
To make it look somewhat like it did when I first got it, MDB.

start 9/11/2002 at 34

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