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This particular family line information is placed here in memory of my wife, a former Klimek maiden. My "little Polish girl" rest in peace. We all miss you loads. This was done more on a whim than anything to prove I could research some one else's family ancesstry other than my own Banker family line. I have been told I can't possibly keep all this stuff in my head. My first reply is why not, it is always empty so there is lots of room for storage. Sorta like having an automatic delete on my memory. On the other hand, I should be all right until old himers sets in. In the meantime I shall hasitly try and get it all down for all to read and share.

Klimek Family
Holy Cross Cemetery, North Prairie, Minnesota
Polish LINKS (not sausages)
Klimek Farm Photos (before it was demolished)

Map of Silesia, Poland