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My HYDE Family Tales

The book "Kin of Mellcine Thurman Smith" mentions the following on the early Hyde Families:

Coat of Arms for Hyde: Azure, a chevron between three lozenges or.

Crest: An Eagle, wings endorsed sable, beaked and membered or.

This crest is given for Hyde in Welles and Allied Families, p.22, published 1927 by the American Historical Society, Inc., and also in the Harlein Society Pub., Visitation of Cheshire, Vol. 18. p. 131.

In Ormerod's History of Cheshire, Vol. 3, p. 394, the following is given:

Crest: On a wreath a crow, with wings elevated, proper. This is illustrated not colorored in Ormerod.

The coat and crest as given in the Welles Family History is colored. The coat of arms on display here, and the map are used with permission of Tameside MBC of England.
I thank them for the use.

Grandpa Marv.

Argent, a chevron nebuly argent between three lozenges Or; on a chief of the second a flake erect surmonted by a hatter's bow in bend sinister between a cog-wheel and two miner's pick in saltire, therefrom suspended a Davy lamp, all proper. Crest: On a wreath of the colours, Upon a pack of cotton prints azure, banded and semee of mascles Or, a sprig of the cotton-tree, slipped and fructed, in bend sinister surmounted of a shuttle furnished in bend proper.

Motto: Onward. Granted: July 18, 1882.

The Arms reflects the reasons for its establishment as an independent town- its industry, Cotton is shown by the cotton pattern and shuttle, coal by the miner's axe and the Davy lamp, and hatting by the hatters bow. The lower part of the shield contained the
Arms of the manorial family of HYDE.

Recon I can't hide(hyde) where they came from

Edward Hyde, Earl Of Claredon

Edward Hyde, Earl Of Claredon(1606-1674), had been one of the supporters of parliamentary rights against Charles I. But when the Parliament Party (meaning Puritans) attacked the established Church of England, Hyde joined Charles I and became one of his most distinguished and wise councilors. Charles II made him Lord High Chancellor and chief minister. The dissolute habits of the royal court, however, aroused Hyde's disapproval; and polictical enemies finally undermined him until he was driven from office and into exile. He was the future James II(disposed in 1688 for his Catholic views) and he was the grandfather of two queens, Anne I and Mary II.

Hyde Family Line

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