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Grandma's Diary

Marvin D. Banker

All Rights Reserved

Found grandma's diary in a trunk worn from abuse,
The lock was broken from years of use
Opened it and read the first page,
The binding was weakened,suffering from age.
Pages all faded, dog-eared and dirty,
Told of her life until she was thirty
Telling of a life she once knew,
The way it started and how it grew
One man, in her life, was all she had
Some entries were very sad
Her mother forbid this love
Prayed to God way above
Tear stained ink on one page
Entry told of her parent's rage
Very next page had a strand of rope
Small entry: "Today, we elope"
Two years latter mother was born,
Early one cold winter morn.
Mom was five when her dad went to war,
Tear-blurred words, "Just to see him once more."
I will never again ask how much freedom cost,
Brings memories of her only love and the life they both lost.

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