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     The following photographs were part of a large group that I have characterized as members of  the families of Ayres, Dunavent, Eads, Greene, Marston, McPherron, their relatives by blood and marriage, neighbors, and friends. Mostly these photos were taken in Owen County, Kentucky but there are some known exceptions. 006 & 007 are carte-de-visites probably taken Circa 1870-1875. On the back of 006 is written S J Dunavent but that only fits one known name in Owen County: Sarah Jane Dunavent implying the photo was given to her rather than being the name of the pictured. 007 appears to be an elderly man and if the photo was taken in 1875, he could have been born about 1820 or so. The reverse side seems to be addressed to a Miss B--- and give directions - pike onto a dirt road etc. 006 & 007 both were photographed by Wilder. 011 may have been taken in the 1940's possibly near Pleasant Home. 012, 013, & 014 are thought to be related to the Dunavent family. Is it the same man in the black hat in all three? The boy in overalls in 013 & 014 is thought to be Horace Judy. Sarah Dunavent is believed to be the woman partially hidden in 012. In 014 the man on the front left may be the same man as the one on the back left in 013. In 014 the woman holding a baby may be the same as the woman on the right in 012. In 014 there is also thought to be Walter, Ollie, and Addie Dunavent. Please email me if you can identify any of these or have comments.













The photos below are taken from the J. W. Marston Photo Album.

JWM Photo Album Mostly the photos [some identified and some not] appear to be Marstons, relatives, friends, and neighbors whose photos were taken about the 1870's to the 1890's. Many probably lived in the Pleasant Home area. It's unlikely anyone today could identify the unknowns but might see a family resemblance or have a matching photo.


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