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Squiresville Cemetery

      This is a photo taken on a beautiful fall day [27 Sep 2005]of a section of the Squiresville Cemetery containing the tombstones that follow. The cemetery is located about 4.6 miles down the Squiresville Road from the intersection with Highway 22.

      This is the stone of Christopher C. and Sarah Ayres. The location is N38/32/43;W84/57/45.

     This is the stone of Charles W. [son of C. C.] and Fannie C. Ayres. I remember when Fannie, my great grandmother was brought to the cemetery for burial in 1964. Snow flurries filled the air before we left. Fannie had lived as a widow for 55 years and raised 4 children. 



Jonesville Masonic Cemetery



This is a view of the Jonesville Masonic Cemetery in Jonesville, Kentucky in Grant County [N38/38/32;W84/46/27] ON 11 April 2003. The tombstone in the foreground is that of James Thomas Ayres.

Hillcrest Cemetery

This is the tombstone [C42] [N38/41/55;W84/35/19] of John and Laura  Ayres Beatty at Dry Ridge, Kentucky [one mile North on 25]. This photo was taken 7 May 2004 . 


Pleasant Home Cemetery 

This is a very old community cemetery with burials at least as early as 1826. It is about one acre in size and located in Pleasant Home Kentucky. It is situated along a gravel road about .1 mile from Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church on Highway 22. Until recent years this cemetery was so overgrown as to not be visible along the gravel road by it. My grandfather believed that his grandparents were probably buried here, although they both died before he was born. He and I went there and searched for their stones many years ago. At that time it was much like a jungle and my grandfather suggested that we come back with pruning shears and a billy goat. Years later we did find some Marston stones there. The above view of the "Marston Plot" is the view toward the East in 1992. This section is about 47 yards from the road and 20 yards from the West fence. Other stones in the vicinity are those of M. E. Stonestreet and J.T. Kemper (red in color). The above view from foreground to background shows the flat stones of John W. and Laura Marston and then the leaning stone of Sarah Kemper Marston. Between the stone of Laura and Sarah is a gravesite marked with upright fieldstones for head and foot stones. This undoubtedly is the grave of Cyrus W. Marston, husband of Sarah and father of Laura Marston.    

John W. Marston, grandson of Cyrus Marston

Laura Marston

Sarah Kemper Marston

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