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Marston Plantation

Family Histories of Owen County Kentucky

Allnutt                                          Glass                                                                           Russell                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Arnold                                          Greene                                                                        Slaughter

Ayres                                            Hammond                                                                 Smith

Baker                                            Hawkins                                                                     Smoot

Beatty                                           Hopper                                                                        Spicer

Bennett                                        Hunter                                                                       Thornton        

Boulton                                        Kemper                                                                     Threlkeld

Cull                                                Layton                                                                        Wainscott

Dunavent                                    Marston                                                                     Wheatley

Eads                                              Mason                                                                         Wilson

Estes                                             McCormick                                                              Wingate

Foster                                           McPherron                                                               Wright

Gardner                                       Perkins                                                                      Yancey

Gibson                                         Ransdell







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