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Lineage Comparison


          The chart on the left shows the descent from Thomas Marston to myself. The chart on the right shows “one” possible scenario for the descent from Thomas Marston down to James T. Mastin. Two of the descendants on the right are designated as Unknown 1 Mastin & Unknown 2 Mastin. Another possibility is that only one generation is unknown. That however would require 2 generations to span an average of 42.5 years each rather than an average of 28.3 years per generation with 2 unknown generations. These charts show a common ancestor back 8 or 9 generations or 200-225 years ago [25 years per generation]. The chart at the bottom shows that the 200 year range has a match probability of 84.92%. This chart is a Family Tree DNA Time Predictor based on Y-DNA results, which show no mismatches.


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