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†††† DNA has become a new tool in the genealogistís arsenal and its popularity is expanding rapidly. While DNA will not give you the name of your ancestor (s) [at least not directly], it has the potential to point you in the right direction for further research. DNA can help identify your ancestor even when there is a lack of records preventing the tracing of your ancestor in the usual way. The Marston surname project [Y-DNA] was started recently at Family Tree DNA and has both Marstons [New England and Virginia roots] and Mastens participating. DNA test results can also be searched against those testing individually and with other laboratories. This project is for males only as the Y chromosome is handed down from father to son and as such it lends itself to surname study. Females can however participate indirectly by recruiting their brothers or male cousins. The cost for the test is somewhat expensive but many genealogists will soon spend an equal or greater amount buying books, paying for various subscriptions, or traveling places to research. Thus far the Marston participants have fallen into several groups. There are two Virginia groups and neither match the New England Marstons. If you are a Marston, Masten, Mastin, etc. you are invited to participate. For more information see