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Christopher Columbus Sanford Bradford Ayres (1834-1913) and his wife Sarah Thornton (1841-1928)lived in Owen Co. Ky. He was the son of Lewis Ayres of Poplar Grove. He became a champion fiddle player.

James Thomas Paschal "Pack" Ayres (1828-1910)was a brother of Christopher C. Ayres. He was reported to be nearly seven feet tall and could outrun a horse. He served in the Confederacy as a messenger.

This is an Ayres "mystery photo". The original is a tin-type which was with photos of the children of Sam Ayres (brother to C. C. & Pack Ayres). Do they resemble anyone in your family? Do they resemble C. C. or Pack Ayres? They could be relatives of the Ayreses. Many of the Ayreses played the fiddle. It is estimated that this photo was taken about 1865-1870.


This is Mystery Photo #2 which is an ambrotype that was made about 1855-1860.

The following are excerpts from a letter dated 1791 from Samuel Ayres of Lexington, Ky. to his father, William Ayres of Essex County, Virginia.


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