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My name is Joanne Claire Warby nee Hooper. In 1972 I immigrated to Australia from New Zealand. In doing so I left behind a very large extended family. However my immediate family all came to Australia.

After the death of my mother, father and sister I felt that my family was shrinking and felt a need to return to my Roots. I travelled back to New Zealand with my husband and son. We visited relatives and traveled the North Island visiting places from my childhood. This visit back 'home' (to New Zealand) made me realize how time can pass leaving no trace of what was. Childhood homes have simply vanished, pulled down or had simply been ravished by time. This is my means of 'Marking Time', a keepsake for future generations because oneday, like the past generations, I will not be here to tell my story.

I will likely make errors along the way and would welcome corrections to our Tree. Likewise I would welcome additions so please feel free to contact me. I may include someone on the tree who would rather not be on it... if this is the case please contact me and I will ensure you are 'deleted' from our Tree.

I wish to invite my family members and possible undiscovered branches to contact me with their family trees. I will add names to our tree

My intentions are to bring together all my branches...HOOPER, WINTER, COMPTON, TACON, PAGE, NEAL, ELLERY, GLOVER and a very large number of connected families.

Here are some of my favorite websites:

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