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Please note that the photo is dated 1915 and also has the names "Orville and Lydia" written vertically across one end.  This is not seen in the scan.  "Those standing commencing on the left are in rotation from left to right, first Park, I don't know the next man and wife, Jenney Partridge, Emma Marker, Wilsie behind her, next man and woman don't know, Grace Marker Reed and husband above her, Emma's son, Mr. Frost, Emma's son's wife, Mrs. Frost, don't know, Jerre (?) and Eva, don't know, Park's girl.

(Seated) Jenney.  Park.  Marker, Al and Marry, Hugh and Frank, Minnie and Roy, Jenney's girl sitting down at the left, Willa May, the rest of the children are grandchildren of Al's."  transcription by Jeff

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