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The Henry Marker Mill
Somerset Co., PA
    Henry Marker settled in Somerset County, Pa. in the Garret area. He is first documented in the assessment list of 1779 in Brothersvalley Township. He purchased two plots of land, one from Henry Rhoads in 1780 (Somerset Co. PA Deed Book 5, page 618),  adjacent the Cassleman River (previously called the "Little Yough") and encompassing the mouth of Buffalo Creek.  This is the present day town of Garrett. The second plot was purchased from George Ringer in 1802, and was on the South side of the Cassleman River, and encompassed Biggs Run. (Somerset County, PA Deed Book 6 page 607)
    According to the deed (Book 6 p. 607), Ringer had built two mills on Biggs Run. "Whereas the said George Ringer hath bargained sold his gristmill and sawmill and one hundred acres of land ... and all the water courses and rights with the above named mill as far up said run ... a clear deed unto the said Marker for the above named mills and one hundred acres. ... Ringer is is to leave the brobir(?) with the sawmill and the key and the half bushel towl slith two pcik the  to the grist mill and to give peacable possession on the first day May in the year 1802 and said signer reserves the Grain now in the ground and the stove." (Book 6 p. 607)
    These mills have not been previously documented in Somerset County.  The following photo, taken in 1934, (courtesy of Floyd Brant) documents the existance of the mill.
    Whether Marker ever actually had the mills in production, or whether he sublet it is unknown.  The mill appears to have been leased or resold to Nicholas Brand/Barnd the same year, 1802, or so it is cliamed in court testimony  It appears that immediately after Henry Marker's death, in 1814, (Will proved May 14, 1814) there were a flurry of lawsuits over the land deals. Evidence that the disputes went into the Court of Common Pleas of Somerset County shortly after Henry's death,  "that the forgoing evidence of contract between Henry Marker and Nicholas Brand was exhibited at a Court of Commons pleas held at Somerset in and for the County of Somerset on the last monday in may Anno Domini and adjudged by the said Court to be sufficient and directed by the said Court to be recorded in confirmity to the act of assembly passed the thirty first day of March 1792." (Deed book 6 page 443)
    The location of the mill was just upstream from the Trimpey&Whipkey Bridge over Biggs Run on present day Decker Street near Garrett, in Summit Township.  Present day evidence includes man made stone walls on the stream, and a good drop of current to turn the wheel. Today, several older mobile homes sit on the site of the old mill, and the present owners have no idea what preceeded them.