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John Haws

John Haws is the father of:

 1.   Urania Haws           2.   Margaret Haws             3.   Evaline Haws                 4.   Mazy Thompson Haws  

deceased; Division of property among Heirs

Franklin County, Tennessee Deed book X,
(Dec.31, 1855 - Jan 14, 18 . pages 231-232

Page 231

Henry This indenture Made & entered into this 11th day of September 1854 between Henry Garvin for himself & Evalina S Garvin, Polly Williams the & Others wife of Joel Williams and Larkin Hall & Cyntha Hall his wife) Margaret Buntly formerly Margarett Briges, Bozeman Maze & To) D, C Urariah Maze his wife John McClure & Antelissa his wife, of ) the first part & Russell Brigess of the second part all of Franklin County & State of Tennessee.

Witnesseth that the parties of the Brigess first part for a Valuable Consideration to them in hand paid by the Said Russell Brigess the recpt Whereof is hereby acknowledged have this day bargained & Sold & doth by these presents bargin & sell unto the Said Russell Brigess all the interest that we have (the Said Garvins conveying the interest of Thos. & John H. Haws (something in small print) of them) in a certain tract or parcel of land Known as the Haws tract it being the tract on which John Haws deceased in district No 3th on the waters of Robinsons Creek in the County of Franklin & State of Tennessee & Bounded as follows (towit) Beginning at a Stake it being the SouthWest Corner of a 640.Acre land granted by the State of Tennessee to George Smith & Runs thense North 36~o East One hundred & eighty eight poles to a Black Oak & Ash Corner to L.L. Matthews land, thence (very small print) North 480 West Seventy eight poles to a white oak, thence North 42Y20 West thirty poles To a Stake, thence Seventeen & one half poles to a Stake, thence west Seventy four poles to a Stake, thence one hundred & sixty three poles.

To a Stake, thence east ninety nine poles to a Stake in George Smith 's line, thence South thirteen poles to the Beginning Containing about one hundred & Seventy Seven & one half Acres-With the exception of fifty five acres which was conveyed to Susan Haws now Susan Cox by John Haws in his lifetime, which is accepted out of this conveyance - To have & to hold the above described tract of land it being our interest in Said tract of land as the legal heirs of Said John Haws decd. Of Said County & State to the Said Russell Brigess his heirs & assigns

Covenant with the Said Brigess to warrant & forever defend the title to the above described tract of land against the Claim or Claims of all and every person Whatever - In Testimony whereof the parties of the first part have hereto Set their hands & Seals the day & date first written interlined before Signed

H.A. Garvin (Seal)   her   ESGX Garvin (Seal) Mark Test H A Garvin

Martha Mayes

Bozeman Mayes (Seal) Test HX Garvin

her Urariah X Mayes (Seal) mark

Test H A Garvin

Bozeman Mayes

John McClure (Seal)

her Antalissa X McClure (Seal) mark

Larkin Hall (Seal)

her Cyntha X Hall (Seal) mark

her Polly X Williams (Seal) mark

Page 232                                                              State of Tennessee

     Personally appeared before me Wm. E. Taylor Clerk of the County Court of Franklin County in Said State, E S Garvin, Urirah Mays, Antelessa McClure Cynthia McClure* & Polly Williams (the femes covert) Mentioned in the foregoing deed of Conveyance and being by me examined private and apart from their Said Husbands Acknowledged that they Signed the Same freely Voluntarily and understandingly without any Compulsion or Restraint from their Said Husbands and for the purposes Therein Contained

Witness My hand at Office this 11th day of August 1855

Wm E Taylor Clk

By Nath Frizzell D, C

State of Tennessee

I Adam Hancock Register of Franklin County in Said Sate do certify that the foregoing Deed of Conveyance from Henry Garvin & Others to Russell Brigess was filed in my Office for Registration a 4 O Clock PM October 18 1856 Entered on Note Book A page 185 and by me duly Registerd

Witness M hand at Office October-18-1856

Adam Hancock Regr.

*Written McClure, but should be Cynthia Hall. Also Garvin sometimes looked like Garwin.  Not sure about the word 'femes.' Spelling and sentence structure as shown on document.  Xerox copy of the original made in 1976 from Deed Book X in the Courthouse, Winchester, Franklin County, TN. Transcribed by Ms. C. Kelly

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