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James Wilson Seymour


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These are pictures of Jim and his second family

     Jim was born 5 October1846 in Washington County, Arkansas and he died 20 April 1932 in Oklahoma.  Jim served for the confederacy. He enlisted at Evansville, Arkansas. and served May 1862-June 1865 in the Company H, 2 Reg't Cherokee Mtd. Vols, C.S.A.
    Jim married Sarah Susanna ABERCROMBIE on January 25, 1867.  Sarah was born April 20, 1849 in Union County, Georgia and she died June 20, 1910 in Hulbert, Oklahoma.  She is buried in the  Lost City Cemetery.
    Jim married Lusie May RAMER on October 8, 1898 in Polk County, Arkansas.  Lusie was born May 1, 1868 in Georgia. She died November 13, 1931.  Jim and Lusie are buried in the Spencerville Cemetery, Spencerville, Oklahoma.
     Jim and Sarah were living in Benton County, Arkansas when the 1870 census was taken.  They had 2 children, Nancy and John David.
     1900 census, Sarah was living in Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, with children, Henry, Dave, Mack, and Nancy.
     1910 census, she and children, Dave, Mack, and Nancy were living at Peggs, Oklahoma.  According to the 1900 and 1910 census, Sarah had 8 children, with 7 living.
     1900 and 1910, Jim and Lusie was living in Choctaw County, Oklahoma.

Jim and Sarah's children:

1.    John David was born January 1868 in Arkansas, died in Oklahoma.  He married 1st:  Alice DOWNING March 13, 1915 in
       Cherokee County; 2nd:  Haley ___

2.   Nancy Alifair was born September 1869 in Arkansas, died March 3, 1958 in Ponca City, Oklahoma.  She married 1st:
      Herschel SMOOT April 9, 1896;  2nd:  Johan A. STOLHAND March 15, 1917

3.   Alsia Elizabeth was born September 11 in Arkansas died January 21, 1949 in Hulbert, Cherokee, Oklahoma.  She married
      John H. BUFORD July 26, 1887

4.    Mack Plumroy was born September 14, 1875 in Waco, Texas, died December 12, 1953 in Greeley, Colorado.  He married
      Mabel Eisadora STOLHAND September 1900

5.   Sarah Lucinda was born September 14, 1871 in Decatur, Arkansas, died January 24, 1959 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  She
      James Robert EARP June 21, 1889

6.   Henry C. was born  February 8, 1884 in Decatur, Arkansas, died Bet. February 15 - 24, 1969 in Wagoner, Oklahoma.  He
      married Nellie J. GRAY

7.   Amanda buried at Siloam Springs, Arkansas


Jim and Lusie's children:

1.  Robert Hunter was born  October 22, 1885 in Choctaw Nation, I. T., died May 28, 1959.  He married Josephine WRIGHT 

2.   Jesse James was born  October 26, 1890 in Choctaw Nation, died October 24, 1911

3.   William Pen was born  December 19, 1892 in Choctaw Nation, died July 12, 1965.  He married 1st:  Audry TRANTHAM
      April 26, 1941; 2nd: Mrs. Faye WATSON December 6, 1952

4.   Thomas Shad

5.   Zachariah D. was born April 25, 1898 in Choctaw Nation, died May 27, 1910

6.   Walter Lee was born  July 30, 1901 in Choctaw Nation, died August 6, 1992 in Tehachapi, Kern, California.  He married
      Mary Dell Scenia MONROE
2nd:   Mary Jane PALMER married about June 9, 1927;  3rd:   Hallie Bessie SMITH, widow
      of Thomas Shad


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