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Abbott, Asa
Built a sawmill before 1814.

Allen, Ethan
Son of the pioneer John Allen, settled on the next farm.

Allen, John
One of the first settlers of the town.

Atwater, Jesse
Settled at a very early day, died in 1829 or 30 leaving sons David, Jesse and Stephen.

Beach, Asa
Came form Waterbury, Conn. 1795, early judge of the county, had sons Harvey and John Beach.

Brown, David
Came in 1808 from Tompkins Conn., married Elizabeth Southerland, had seven children including Col. Robert Brown of Binghamton.

Eldridge, Deacon Benjamin
Came form Dutchess County, had eight children including George W.

Fuller, Benjamin
Came from Dutchess County in 1786, blacksmith, had son Orlando Fuller who married Sally Shipman and had fourteen children.

Hurlbert, John
Settled in 1794, one of the earliest pioneers, had son Chauncey Hurlbert.

Kinyon, Reynold
Born in Rhode Island , came to Albany County an to here in 1806, had son Spink Kinyon.

Lyons, Asa
Born in New London, Conn., went to Suffield, Mass and came to Binghamton in 1779, settled in Barker in 1813, had son Harry Lyons.

Mansir, Aaron
Came with Daniel Twiss from Tryingham, Mass 1816, his daughter married Charles B. Beach and had eleven children.

Newell, Nathaniel
Came from Otsego County, married a daughter of Benjamin Fuller.

Rogers, John
Came in March of 1810 from New London, Conn., had sons Charles and Benjamin.

Rummer, Elias
Settled very early just below the mouth of Halfway Brook, then with Mott Wright moved away.

Southwick, Jedediah
Early settler. Stoughton, John
Born in Lenox, Mass. Mar. 27, 1782, married 1805 Olive Davidson and had eleven children.

Stoughton, Lewis
Came a few years earlier than his brother John, built directly south of his brothers property.

Taft, Joel
First man who built a house and owned land that became part of Isaac Newmam's property.

Thurston, Joel
Came shortly before Mr. Kinyon in 1806.

Twiss, Daniel
Came with Aaron Mansir from Tryingtham, Mass.

Wood, Joseph
Came from Delaware County, operated a rope factory and had a large business.

Wright, Mott
Settled very early.


Butler, John
Came from Vermont

Green, Henry
Came 1787 from Columbia County with Joshua Whitney .

Hale, John
Came in 1797, went to Pa. , returned and died here.

Harding, Samuel
Settled early on the east side of the Chenango.

Ingersoll, Peter and Thomas
Came early.

Leonard, Capt. Joseph
Came from Wyoming valley area and previously, from Plymouth, Mass. in 1787, had son Amasa.

Moore, Solomon
Settled in Bingamton where the gas works later stood, had son John.

Ogden, David
Came early, took title from patentees for his land.

Rose, Col. William
Came 1787 from Conn., settled in Rose's Settlement later known as Nimmonsburg, his brother came at the same time and settled in Lisle.

Whitney, Joshua
Came 1787 from Hillsdale , Columbia County, NY, his brother William came at the same time.

Van Name, William
Came about 1797.


Prominent Early Settlers
Hon. William Seymour 1802, Dr. Elihue Ely 1805, Christopher Eldridge 1806, Judge Monell 1807, Daniel Rogers 1808, Hon. John A. Collier 1809, Colonel Oliver Ely 1809, Dr. Tracy Robinson 1810, George ark 1810, Lewis St. John 1811, Myron Merrill 1811, Colonel Joseph B. Abbott 1811, Major Augustus Morgan 1812, Hon. Thomas G. Waterman 1813, Dr. Ammi Doubleday 1812, John T. Doubleday 1812, General Julius Paige 1814, Samuel Smith 1815, Richard Mather 1815, Peter Robinson 1815, Major Martin Hawley 1818, Gilbert Thompson 1814, Hon. Hamilton Collier 1822, Henry Mather 1828, Levi Dimmick 1828, Hon. Ausburn Bridsall 1831, Lewis Seymour 1831, Hon. John R. Dickinson 1832, William Wentz 1833, Horatio Hand, M.D. 1835, Hon. Benjamin ewis 1835.

Bingham, William
The pantentee from whom Binghamton received it's name, came from England to Philadelphia, married daughter of Thomas Willing.

Clark, Thomas
Came in 1843., had son Thomas J.

Congdon, John
Came from Vermont in 1813, settled near Castle Creek, had sons, John, Ezra and Joseph.

Cooper, Thomas
Came before 1800, a farmer, had a son , Thomas.

Leroy, Daniel
Came in 1802, a lawyer.

Pratt, Eli
Born in Colesville 1807 son of Ezra, came to Binghamton in 1843.

Robinson, Peter
Came to Binghamton in 1815, was a lawyer.

Shipman, Henry T.
Came from Saybrook, Conn. in 1803, he was a charir maker and painter.

Squires, Lewis
Came 1804, was a carpenter, had brother, Selah.

Squires, Selah
Came in 1804, was apprentice to the hatters trade, had brother Lewis.

Smith, Samuel
Early settler, had a tannery, was justice of peace.

Stuart, Judge William
Came in 1803.

Townley, John
Came in 1801 from Elizabethtown, NJ.

Whiting, Mason
In 1804 erected a law office on Water St.

Whitney, Gen. Joshua
Came 1787 age 14, married Rhoda Jewell and had children: Pamelia born Apr.12, 1794, Virgil born Feb. 5, 1796, Vincent born May 23, 1799, George born Aug. 12, 1801, Washington and Franklin, twins, born July 22, 1803Joshua born Dec. 17, 1806, Rhoda born Apr. 14, 1808, William born Sept. 28, 1810, Mary Amelia born Oct. 2, 1812, Charles born Apr. 1, 1815 and Robert born Apr. 21, 1818,

Wildman, John R.
Came 1802 was a tailor

Woodruff, Wlliam
Settled in 1803, was justice of peace.

Yarrington, John
Settled in 1801, blacksmith, had shop at Court and Washington Sts., moved to Vestal.


Acham, Luther
Came in the early settlement with wife Rachel and after her death removed to Union, a Shaker fron New Lebanon, Conn.

Barker, John
Arrived 1792 or 1793.

Blair, Asa
Came early from Schoharie County, had sons Eli and Edson who married Caroline Pease, and had children; Mary B., Lewis P., Morris P. Harriet A., Helen B., Minnie B., and Arthur E.

Cary, Benjamin
From Dover, New Hampshire early, had son Walter.

Handy, Joseph
A soldier of the Revolution.

Keeler, Ira
Came 1790, had son Revillo

Lee, Ashbel
Came 1793 from Mass. died in one year, wife, Sarah, children; William married Anna Hubbard and had children, Cyrus, Charles, Chauncey and Samuel. Joshua, Samuel, Stephen married Betsey Tracy, Nancy married Elijah Pease Sarah and Polly married Lockwood Palmer

Lewis, Joseph
Born in 1747 and married in Renssaelaer County, died 1834 age 87 years.

Lewis, Richard
Came from Wales in 1801 to Northern Pa. with wife Catharine and young children, Catharine and Lewis who married Phoebe Miller. Children born in Broome County were John, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, William, Ellice and Nancy.

Livermore, Rev. Larnard
Early settler and Methodist minister buried in the Castle Creek cemetery died 1854 age 70 years.

Page, Tyrus
Settled at an early date, born in North Fenton 1794, had son John.

Parsons, David
Born Dec. 29, 1770, wife Hannah Ames born Aug. 1, 1774. Had two sons and three daughters. His wife died 1806 and he married Nancy Camp. Had sons, Chauncey , who married Catherine Owen, daughter of Solomom Owen, and Nelson who married Nancy Lewis. Came from Dutchess County and settled in the town of Greene, Chenango County, lived many years in Chenango Forks.

Port, George
Settle din 1817, soldier of the War of 1812, had sons John, George and Jesse.

Rogers, Simeon
Died in 1856, his wife 1858, Mary ,daughter of John Barker.both about ninety years of age.

Scofield, Ira
Settled in 1818, had son Ira L.

Stone, Charles
Came from Cambridge, Mass., was among the first settlers of Chenango, owned 640 acres just north of Binghamton. He had six children, removed to the western states. His brother Aaron Stone remained in Broome County and died at an advanced age leaving grandchildren to perpetuate the name.

Taylor, Crocker
Came from Mass. Removed to Ohio later in life, after death of his wife and children, his grand children remaining in Broome County.

Teal, Cornelius
Settled in 1839, born in Lower Canada.

West, Josiah
Early settler, had son Thomas.


Allen, Linus
Settled in town in 1806

Andrews, John
Settled before 1810 below Center Village.

Baker, Joshua
Settled in 1810 below Harpersville. His daughter married Addison Austin.

Badger, Lemuel and Nathaniel
Came in 1786

Brown, Jesse
Came from Rhode Island in 1820, was a shoemaker.

Chaffee, James A.
Born in Colesville in 1812, married as second wife, Eliza Jane Knox.

Cole, Nathaniel,br> Settled on Cole's Hill in 1795.

Collington, John
Settled in 1815, came from Vermont, had son George.

Crofut, David
Settled early near Cole's Hill.

Dickinson, Bateman S.
Settled near Center Village in 1795

Doolittle, John
Settled early.

Estes, Ahimaaz
Settled in 1810, had son S.F. Estes.

Fancher, Rufus
Bought 10 acres in 1802.

Goodenough, David
Settled before 1800., purchased 40 acres, some over the line into Chenango County.

Guernsey, David
Came 1788, had wife Abigail.

Harper, Robert
Settled at Harpersville in 1787, born in Ireland..

Hendrickson, Peter
A Germasn, settled early near Center Village.

Holcomb, Alvin
Settled in town in 1815, had George A. and a brother William.

Huminston, Titus
Came 1795.

Hurlburt, Isaac
Came in 1825, wife was Mary Parker, had son Isaas A.

Lamphere, John
Came 1785.

Manville, Levi
Settled in town in 1796, married widow of Isaac Tyrrell, had son Levi born 1814

Marsh, Jesse
Settled 1802, wife was Achsa Knowlton, had son Maurice.

Martin, Harry
Came with his mother, a widow, in 1804, had son Warren.

Merchant, Jed
Located on Cole's Hill in 1795.

Pratt, Ezra
Settled 1800 at Belden

Ruggles, John
Settled Cole's Hill 1795.

Shaffer, Frederick
Settled on the river opposit Harpersville in 1800.

Smith, Zenas
Settled as early as 1814.

Stringham, Charles
Settled early, had son James W.

Thompson, Henry
Settled in 1800, kept a store at or near Harpersville.

Tryrell, Isaac
Settled Cole's Hill 1795, settled Martins school neighborhood in 1796.

Vosburgh, Jacob
Settled below Harpersville in 1795.

Way, David
Bought 50 acres in 1801 west of Harpersville.

Way, Rev. "Billy"
Came from Northfield, Conn. 1817, he was a preacher, had son Lorenzo E.

Wedge, Amos
An old resident, born in Oneida County 1803.

Whitaker, Seth and Lyman
Brothers, settled in 1828.

Wilder, Henry
Settled in 1818, father of Addison S. Wilder.

Williams, Israel
Rev. War soldier, settled in town in 1800.


Bennett, Jonathan
Came 1788

Bishop, Isaac
Settled in 1828 form Conn., married Deborah Severson, daughter of John and Abigail Severson

Bound, David
Came from New Jersey in 1795, wife Catherine Snedaker daughter of Garret.

Brant, Amos
Came as early as 1825.

Brooks, Daniel
Early settler, had son Hiram born in the town 1827.

Burden, Philip
Settled before 1796, was one of the first arrivals.

Burr, Theodore
Spring of 1812 contracted with Joshua Whitney to build a sawmill and manufacture lumber from the Bingham patent.

Carr, Noel
Came 1800 or sooner, married Susan Tousley.

Coon, Jesse A. and Jesse J.
Came here 1830, cousins.

Corbett, Ira
Born in Conklin 1817, son of Cooper Corbett, married Juliette Boze in 1841 , had eight children.

Corbett, Robert
Came from Mass. in 1796, father of Cooper and Sewall and grandfather of Ira Corbett who was born 1817 son of Cooper and Cornelia (Bayless) Corbett.

Gardner, Ira
Came in 1826, married Almira Pardee and had five children.

Hance, Waples
Came 1788, had son Asher.

Horton, Benjamin
Came in about 1830.

Lathrop, Ralph
Came 1788, no other record other than he was insane.

Lawrence, Edmund
Came from Mass. in 1813, he married Helen Dewey, had son Mortimer.

Leach, Daniel
Married Ruth Corbett.

Rood, Asa, Jr.
Settled 1807 or 1808. after moved to Michigan.

VanWormer, Aaron
Came in 1838.

Wentz, William
Taught school at Corbettsville in 1814.

Winans, Cornelius
Came as early as 1825, was a shoemaker until 1878.


Baldwin, Sylvester
Came from Conn. 1835, wife Candice Ives, had ten children, among them Samuel Baldwin who married Elizabeth Wheeler.

Barker, John
Settled 1791 at Chenango Forks.

Cook, Simon
Soldier of the War of 1812, born in Dutchess County, had six children among whom was Matthew who married Harriet DeMonstoy, sister of Lewis N.

Crocker, Ebenezer
Born in Fenton in 1814, son of David Crocker, who settled in 1790, married Sophia Ann Prentice.

Cross, Timothy
Settled in 1807.

DeMonstoy, Lewis
Early settler in Delaware County had son Lewis N. who was born in 1826, and came to Fenton in 1847, wife of Lewis N. was Rachel Parsons, one son.

Hinds, Hon. Roger Wing
Son of Jess Hinds, a Revolution War soldier, settled in Binghamton with his parents in 1816, came to Fenton in 1864, married Catherine Dayton of Chenango, had two sons, married second Ann Eliza Williamson daughter of Garret Williamson.

Holcomb, Luman
Settled in town in 1801, died in 1873 age 95.

Holt, Jeremiah, Jr.
Son of Jeremiah and Levina (Williamson) Holt who came from New Hampshire 1830, Jeremiah, Jr. married Hattie Bowen and had one daughter.

Kales, John
Early settler of Chenango County, came tio Fenton in 1851, wife Mary Ann Armstrong, among their children was Henry Kales who married Angeline Page daughter of William Page.

Ketchum, Caleb
Early settler built his house on 1812.

Lewis, Richard
Early settler in Chenango Forks, a native of Wales, came here 1800, had eight children among them Lewis and Nancy who married a Parsons.

Lounsbury, Gideon
Settled in 1826, a brother-in-law of Mr. Ketchum, married Polly Archer, son Simmons J.

McDaniels, Reuben
Came from Washington County in 1806, settled first in Colesvill, then came to Fenton in 1834, wife Millicent Osborne.

McDonald, Michael
A man od Scotch descentcame before 1800, an early sea captain, died in Stueben County age 90, he had eight children including Asa who married Elizabeth Yates.

Miller, Elias
Came into town same time as Garret Williamson and was his brother-in-law.

Miller, William
Came from Westchester County, NY in 1807, was a judge, had son John F. Miller.

Ogden, Joseph
Came in 1790, among his children were Joseph who married Mary Van Name and had ten children among them William who married Ann Maria Smith, Ambrose who married Harriet Dyer and Charles.

Pease, Elisha
Settled 1788, has son Chester born 1793.

Randall, Freeman
Came as an infant in 1816 with his father Rephah Randall from Washington County.

Shaw, Peter
Came to Port Crane in 1804 age 80 years, sons were Frederick, Curtis, Richard, and Dewitt.

Watrous, Samuel B.
Settled in the county in 1821 with his father David Watrous from Conn., married Rosetta Merrill and second, Eunice Parker.

Williamson, Garret
Came from Westchester County, NY 1805 had twelve children.

Wilson, Gardner
First marriage in the town was that of Gardner and Polly Rugg in 1800.


Bayless, Henry
Came with his father in 1808

Bell, John
Came about 1790.

Bennett, Levi
Came 1800 or earlier, children, Elizabeth, John, Mary Ann, Abigail, Nancy, Jane and Margaret

. Berkalew, Abraham
Came 1806, his children were, John, James, Peter, Nancy, Hannah married Asa Rood, Mary, Margaret married Samuel Conklin, Jane married Jonas Brandt , Abigail , and Anna, married C. Bayless.

Bevier, Isaac
Early school teacher.

Bird, James and Isaac
Came 1859.

Bowker, Silas
Came 1793, later went to the western part of the state.

Brownell, Jacob
Born in Albany County in 1806, came 1834

Carr, Noel
Came 1794, died 1797.

Carroll, Thomas
Had son William.

Chapman, Daniel
Came early, a carpenter.

Chase, Silas P.
Farmer in the town, held office of supervisor.

Compton, David
Came 1798, kept a tavern, a military captain, his daughter was second wife of William Wentz.

Conklin, C.M.
Settled in the town 1827, son of Elias, he married Sarah A. Reed daughter of John E. Reed.

Dwight, Horace
Came about 1830.

Fitch, Jonathan
Settled in 1789. Came from Wyoming.

Hays, James, Richard and Adam
Came 1840.

Jones, William
Came from Trenton, New Jersey, his children; Barney, Samuel, John, Edward, George, Elias, Mary and Lydia.

Lamereaux, Joel
Came about 1798, later moved to Windsor.

Langdon, David
Came from Conn. 1842, had son Myron.

Park, Ebenezer
Came 1815/1816 His daughter married Jonathan Miller.

Rood, Asa
Came 1796 from Freehold, Mass. children were; Aaron, Sylvia, Ira, Amos, Penina, and Asa Jr.

Snedeker, Gerrit
First settler within the limits of Kirkwood. Came from Tom's River, New Jersey. His daughter Catherine married David Bound, Elizabeth Snedeker married Andrew Johnson and Abigail married David Bayless. Gerrit's sons were, Isaac, David and James.

Squires, Asa
Came 1798 from Conn., children; Asa Jr., Zaccheus, Bird, Stephen and one or two others.

Squires, Henry
Settled in 1828, kept a hotel, had son Marshall.

Taggart, Captain Nathaniel
1802 occupied a farm two miles below the village of Kirkwood, was in Revolution, a brickmaker and hunter.

Wells, Chester
Came from New Hampshire 1812, was a builder and teaxher.

Wentz, John Peter
Came from Water Gap, Northampton County, Pa. 1793. He and his wife both died 1833. His children were; Elizabeth, John, William, Justus, Peter,Catherine, Jacob, George, Sally, Julia and George Harrison.


Abbey, Capt. Abel
Came 1806, thought to be an officer in the Revolution.

Adams, Moses
Leading farmer ,married Sylvia Johnson, daughter of Edwrad and Abigail (Stoddard) Johnson, had six children, move to Marathon, NY.

Atwood, Stephen
Settled early, had son Charles.

Burghardt, Peter
One of the first settlers near General Coe.

Coe, Gen. Samuel
One of the first settlers of northern Broome, had children, Ursala married a Weeks, Polly married Dr. Benjamin Woodruff, William died single and Betsey married Russell Blakeslee.

Cole, Henry
Was a shoemaker.

Cook, Colonel William
Came 1798 from Stockbridge, Mass., had two sons, William and Charles A.

Cowdry, Jonathan
One of the first settlers in the northern part of Broome.

Dickinson, Anson
Settled at Millville, a musician, died in Illinois.

Edmister, John
Settled where Ebenezer Carley now lives, a farrm located on the river with two never failing springs near the house , very valuable land for dairying.Edmister, Joseph
Had son James

Gleason, Whittsley
One of the first settlers of Yorkshire, had a large family.

Hartshorn, Capt. Abel
Came early, settled on Owen Hill. Hill, Jacob Hoard, William
Early settler at Yorkshore.

Ketchum, Benjamin
Came from Norwalk, Conn, had a soldiers claim of 160 acres in 1800.

Leach, Elder David
Born Torrington, Conn. 1781 had eight children.

Owen, Major Solomon
Came 1798 from Stockbridge, Mass., blacksmith, married Sylvia Cook. daughter Ruth married Rev. Lilly, Marchia married Dr. E. Eldridge, Catherine married Chauncey Parsons, Frances married Anson Thompson., John married Frances Hollenbeck and lived in NYC, George, a twin to John was killed in Battle of Lookout Mt.

Parsons, Eliphalet
Had two sons, Jonathan and Erastus

Parsons, Jonathan
Early settler at Millville.

Pierce, Robert
Settled early before 1816, operated a distillery, had no children, adopted Moses Adams.

Rose, Elijah
Early settler, had brother Salmon Rose who settled in Triangle.

Sessions, Leonard
Came in with Captain Abbey in 1806.

Stanley, Noadiah
Settled early, large family.

Had large family, later moved away

Stoddard, Orange, Solomon, and James.
Came in 1800.

Williston, Rev. Seth
Born Suffield, Conn. in Apr. 4, 1770, son of Consider and Rhoda (King) Williston, married Mrs. Sybil (Stoddard) Dudley, had son, Rev. Timothy Williston.

Wood, Peter
Came from Middleborough, Mass. to Tioga County and Broome Countyin 1831, had son David.


Caswell, Timothy
One of earliest settlers of the town. Curtis, Asa
Of Stockbridge, Mass married Roxanna Barnes, settled in Union, now part of Maine in 1800. He was a tanner, had son Luke Curtis born in Maine 1811 married Emily Ufford. His father was Asa U. Curtis.

Curtis, John
Settled in 1825 from Stockbridge, Mass., wife Bethia Monroe.

Delano, Moses
Born Oct. 6, 1788 Kent, Litchfield, Conn. Settled in 1812, blacksmith, married in 1815 Anna Slosson, had son Marshall who married Lydia Ginson and second, Lucy Jane Mooers, daughter of Nicholas.

Gates, Alfred
Came in town 1796 or 97 from Washington County, wife was Lucretia Tubbs of Otsego County.

Howard, Amos
Settled in town 1794, wife Polly Ward, had son James.

Howard, Daniel
Settled in 1797

Ketchum, James
Came from Conn. 1802, had son Lewis.

Lewis, Thompson
Came in 1813 from Rhose Island, wife Sophia Hal, had son Benjamin

. Marean, John
Came in town 1810.

Marean, Joseph
From Berkshire County, Mass where he was born 1789, son of Thomas and Esther (Patterson) Marean, wife Joanna Bundy, had son William.

Payne, Herman
Settled about 1815 from Conn. had sons Amos and John who lived in Binghamton.

Stone, Samuel
A brother-in-law to Mr. Payne, first settler in northern part of town.

Taylor, Andrew
Came 1824 or 25.


Ames, John
Came in after the first settlement was made from Luzurne County, Pa.

Beachtle, John
Came early, from Conn.

Butler, Elijah
Came early.

Cook, George
An early settler from Rhoda Island.

Councilman, Phillip
Came in 1793 , settled where Glen Aubrey is now, then known as Councilman Settlement, consisting of Phillip, Jr., Peter, Henry and John Councilman.

Hemminway, Silas
Came in 1814, from Orange County, NY, and died in Michigan, settled just south of Japhet Hollow, had daughters Eliza who married Richard Canfield, Fanny who married F.S. Griggs and sons, Harry who married Lovenia Belknap and Silas who married Caroline Wilbur.

Hyde, James L.
Came before1815

Horton, Thomas
Came in early, had son Edgar.

Japhet, Stephen
Came before 1822 from Mass. to what became Japhet Hollow.

Lamb, Isaac
Settled on the site of Lamb's Corners in 1804.

Lane, Jesse
Came prior to 1815

Stoddard, James
Came in soon after the first settlement.

Wilson, Albert A.
Came from Mass. in 1833.


Aplington, James P.
Settled Sanford 1800, married only daughter of Nathan Dean and had a large family.

Austin, Nathan and Eliab
Settled two miles west of Deposit 1809.

Blakesley, Nathaniel
Setled as ealry as 1800 two and a half miles west of Deposit.

Corbin, Benjamin
Came 1800 with brother James to Sanford.

Corwin, Alfred
A Revolutionary soldier, settled Gulf Summit soon after 1812. Wife Rachel Lamboureaux, had twelve children.

Farnham, Moses
Son of Jeffney came about 1800 to McClure Settlement, had son George and several other children.

Hall, Seth
Located very early , had son Joel M. Hall who married Eliza Stiles and had nine children.

Hempstead, David
and wife Eunice Murray came from Long Island with five children including Nicholas who married Prudence McClure.

Philley, Luman
Settled at North Sanford early in the century, a noted hunter.

Pinney, John
Father of Gover Pinney, settled at beginning of the century at Sanford, married Sally Hulce daughter of Joseph from Orange County and had thirteen children.

Radeker, John
Came from Colchester.

Seward, Silas
A Revolutionary War soldier, came 1809 from Litchfield, Conn. to Sanford, with wife Charlotte Way , had ten children including Luman P. who married Harriet Shaffer in 1837, she died 1857, he married Mrs. Lurana Jennings McClure widow of Thomas McClure.

Underwood, Jonas
settled about 1800 in Deposit, married Sally Pine daughter of Phillip Pine who came from on the Hudson 1791, had son Jonas who married Polly Stiles and had four children.

Whitaker, Stephen
Son of Squire married Doras Gordinier in 1836, had children; Daniel, Nelson, Sarah, Phoebe, and Frank F.

Whitaker, John
Son of Squire, married 1783 Katherine Weaver from the Mohawk Valley, died 1868 age 95.

Whitaker, Squire
Came 1787, with brothers John and Benjamin, married in Orange County, NY, Elizabeth Ogden of New Jersey, had sons, John, Benjamin, Jesse and Stephen, daughters, Mary married William Fullerton, Sally married Henry Sampson and Margaret Elizabeth married Conrad Edick


Barker, Phineas
Settled in 1794 in Upper Lisle.

Chapman, Dr. Isaiah
Came from Conn. 1803, pioneer physican in the town, died of cancer 1812.

Gordon, George
Built a log house as early as 1796.

Harrington, Daniel
Came before 1810 from Buttrenuts, Otsego County.

Hatch, Reuben
Came before 1810 from Butternuts, Otsego County.

Landers, John
Came from Coventry, Chenango County in 1802, a native of Lenox, Mass., children, Charles, Eban, Betsey, Mahala and John.

Lull, Daniel
Came before 1810 from Butternuts, Otsego County, NY.

Lull, Elder Abner
Born 1806, father settled in town 1801 or 1802

Munson, Moses
Came from Bainbridge in 1802, a native of Conn., built a saw-mill, had two sons and three daughters, move to Rochester.

Rogers, Asa
Came in 1794, married Betsey Smith, children, Sally who married John Hinman, Hannah, Abram, Edmund, Harriet, Lavina and Amanda.

Rogers, Noah
Brother to Asa and Simeon Rogers, came before 1800.

Rogers, Simeon
Brother to Asa and Noah Rogers, came before 1800.

Rouse, Joel
Born in Saratoga County June 29, 1785, son of Simeon Rouse, a Revolutionary soldier,married in 1817 Fanny Perkins, had four children.

Shepard, Timothy
Came before 1797 from the Catskills, formed a Baptist church in 1802, had eleven children.

Smith, Benjamin
Had son Isaac.

Smith, Jacob
Settled in 1794, sons Nicholas and Hendrick J.

Sweet, Elijah
Came before 1810 from Butternuts, Otsego County.

Thurston, Amos
Settled at an early date, died in Butternuts, Otsego County on a visit.

Thurston, Daniel
Came before 1800.

Thurston, Reuben
Came before 1810 from Butternuts, Otsego County.

Vanardsdale, Vincent
Came before 1810 from Butternuts, Otsego County.


Allen, Samuel
Settled early in town.

Allen, William
Born in Binghamton in 1810.

Badger, Samuel
Came from New Hampshire, had many children including Marcus who settled in Vestal.

Baker, Russell
A native of Bennington, VT, came in 1840, had son Harrison T. Baker.

Bassett, Eldad
One of the early settlers, had son Stacy Bassett.

Bradley, Elisha
Came in 1793 from Berkshire County, Mass.

Bradley, Medad
Came from Berkshire County, Mass., settled in Union Center.

Broas, Peter
Came from Ulster County 1816, had son Isaac Broas.

Chambers, Moses
Came early, settled in eastern part of town, had sons, Joseph, Moses and Benjamin. Joseph married a daughter of Winthrop Roe.

Crocker, Ezekiel
Came from Richmond, Berkshire County, Mass in 1785, one of sixty propieters of the Boston Purchsase, had son Oliver.

Crocker, Richard
Settled 1800, came from Saybrook, Conn., was a blacksmith.

Crocker, Samuel
Lived in Eastern part of town, had nine sons.

Davis, Rowland
Settled 1794 from Mass.

Day, Jonathan
One of the early settlers of the town, overseer of the poor.

Denison, Luther
Came in 1816.

Devoe, Henry
Came from Tompkins County in 1834.

Gibbs, Manly
Came in town when eleven years old with his father.

Gray, Arthur
A native of New Jersey, came in 1802.

Johnston, John T.
Settled on lot 17 in 1822, had son H.M. Johnston, a prominent farmer.

Keeler, Lewis
Settled in 1789

Lashier, Aaron
Came from Dutchess County as early as 1795

Came from the eastern states, had son Smith LeBarron.

Martin, Isaac N.
Came 1793.

Norton, Elnathan
Came from Stockbridge, Mass. settled in Union Center, kept a tavern

Robbins, Denison
Born in town, had son Van Buren, prominent farmer.

Rockwell, Abner
Came in 1792, settled near Union Center.

Russell, Oliver
First settler on lot 55.

Sawyer, Joseph
Settled early, had son John H. Sawyer.

West, Martin
Settled in 1849, farmer and stock dealer.

Weston, William
A Revolutionary War soldier, came from Amboy, New Jersey in 1798, had sons James, Henry, William and Samuel.

Whittemore, Orin
One of the earliest settlers of the town, settled on lot 111 north of the village.

Woughter, John
Came earlty settled below Nanticoke, had son Jesse Woughter.


Barney, Major David
Said to be the first settler of Vestal, came from Copperstown in 1785 with his family.

Baty, John
A native of Ireland came to Vestal 1800, had son Ransom Baty born 1806.

Camp, Asa
A Rev. War soldier, came in 1787 from Columbia County, NY

Crane, Jonathan
Came from Elizabethtown, New Jersey in 1799 or 1800, he married into the Winans family; children, Elias, Jane born 1803, Jason born 1806, Abigail born 1808, Julia A. born 1810, Patty born 1812, Stephen D. born 1815, Ryerson W. born 1817.

Davenport, Rev. William
DuBois, Bethias
Came 1794-1795 with his son Daniel born Staten Island, NY, other children were Lewis, John and Matthias.

Eldridge, Thomas
Came from New London, Conn., children; John and three daughters.

Fairbrother, John
Came in 1796.

LaGrange, John
Came about the same time as the Winans family, also from Elizabethtown, New Jersey, married a sister of John Winans.

La Tourette, Peter
Came from Woodbridge, New Jersey in 1802. He was born in 1754., children; Peter, Jr. married Anna Quigley, of Cayuga County, Susan married Daniel Mersereau, William married Mary Eldredge, Catharine married Elias Winans, Elizabeth married Amos Hungerford, Henry married Mary LaGrange, John who went west, and Mary who married Albert Goodnough

Locke, John
A Rev. War soldier, came with sons, Nathaniel and Edmond, had son James.

Morse, Samuel
Came from New Jersey in 1797, had son Amos born 1808.

Murdock, Samuel
Lived on Tracy Creek near the Ross place.

Park, Thomas
Settled down the river below James Williams

Platt, Stephen
Settled in Vestal Center 1800.

Randall, Samuel
Settled early on the farm below Henry La Tourette

Rounds, Alfred
Came with his father, Alfred, from Rhode Island

Seymour, Colonel Charles
Came with his brother Daniel, probably 1785.

Williams, James
Settled down the river Willis, Elias
Came with his mother Elizabeth, a sister of Abraham Winans. Elias married Elizabeth Winans, daughter of Abraham Winans .

Winans, Abraham
A Rev. War soldier, came from Elizabethtown, New Jersey about 1796.


Doolittle, John
First settler in Windsor, came 1788 , possibly 1786.

Doolittle, Jesse
Came either with John or soon after.

Hotchkiss, David
Son of Gideon Hotchkiss came from Waterbury, Conn. in 1787 with sons Amraphel, Cyrus, Charles and Gilead. Settled in village of Windsor on site later known as the Hotchkiss Tract.

Garnsey, John
Came in 1788 took up a patent of 1000 acres on the west side of the river south of the Hotchkiss Tract. He had several sons to whom he left his land, but they all removed from the area.

Guernsey, Joel
A Rev War soldier, settled in Windsor in 1791 coming from Conn., postmaster at Griggs Settlement.

Stow, Samuel
Settled in Windsor 1793 coming from Waterbury, Conn., his wife was a daughter of Ammon Atwell. They had 10 children, among them was Abel Stow, a prominent man and father of J.B. Stow, merchant of Deposit and Merritt Stow, a farmer in Windsor. Major Josiah Stow was an early settler of about this period, on whose land was the Indian orchard.

Goodell, Frederick
Settled in the town in 1787 coming from Conn. He located on the river about 3 miles above Windsor. In 1798 he removed to the Randolph section, which was then a dense wilderness, where he cleared a farm and reared a family. His wife was Rhoda and one of his sons, Ezekiel was a Methodist preacher.

Comstock, Sebastian
Son of Abner Comstock was born in Windsor in 1805. His parents settled in 1787 between Lanesboro and Great Bend in Penn., coming to Broome County later in 1787.

Atwell, Paul
A Rev. War soldier, drew a land warrant and located in Windsor soon after the close of the war. He came from Conn. with his wife Abigail Male, they had 5 daughters and 3 sons.

Knox, Captain James
One of the earliest settlers of the town, settling in 1786, but was probably a little late . He was a Rev. War soldier and died in 1839. He located near the northern end of the town .

Knox, George
Lived in the northern part of town, a grandson of the old pioneer and a cousin to Miltom Know, a retired farmer who was also engaged in the milling business. He married Jerusha Brown of Chenango County, NY, they had 3 children.

Weeks, Stephen
Came from Dutchess County, NY in 1805 and settled on the road to Binghamton about 6 miles from Windsor. He had a son Joel.

Russell, Leverett
Came early, was a prominent citizen, lived near the mouth of the Tuscarora Creek and owned a grist mill.

Springsteen, Jacob
Came from from the Hudson River country, certainly before 1790, with his brother Hans (John) and located near the Indian Fort . he had son Uriah who was the father of Gurley Springsteen who married Frances Vosbury, d/o Oramus and Lucy Vosbury. Eli and Abram Springsteen lived in the northern part of the town are descendents of Jacob and John.

Beecher, Justus
who married daughter of David Hothckiss came about 1790 settling 2 miles west of Windsor on the Randolph road and raised a large family.

Edwards, Jasper
A Rev War soldier with Washington at the Battle of Trenton, settled in the town about 1794, on the east side of the river, 2 miles below the site of the village of Windsor, near Tuscarora. He had with him 4 sons, two of whom were Cyrus Edwards who was father of William Eugene and William who was father of Alvin.

Higley, Roswell
An early settler of the town but the date is not accessible. He located at what is known sa the Higley Settlement, about 2 miles west of Windsor on the road to Binghamton. He had a son Isaac .

Barton, Ezra
Settled in Windsor before 1800 in the neighborhood known as Bartonville. He was a soldier of the war of 1812 and had a son Hiram.

Mason, Colonel Leman
Came to the town with his father Capt. Luther Mason, a soldier of the Rev. War, before 1800. The located in the northern part of town on the west side of the river.

Eggleston, John
Came before 1800. His wife was Irena Edwards. He had a son Harry who located between Windsor and Bartonville.

Whitmore, Elias
An early settler in Windsor and became the chief instrument in founding the village of Windsor. He had one child, who married George Dusenbury.

Stewart, James
Settled below the Edwards place on the river in 1795.