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Beech, Asa

Born Dec. 16, 1759 d. Sept.29, 1832, buried in Riverside Cemetery in town of Union, wife Elizabeth.

Beecher, Amos

Born May 16, 1749 d. Aug.29, 1832, came from New Haven, Conn., settled in town of Chenango age 83. Served as private in Col. Willet's Regt. in 1775, also Capt. Shipman's, was in the Battle of White Plains. Buried in Willard Cemetery, Chenango Forks, NY.

Benedict, Aaron

Born April 15, 1755 died Jan.21, 1845. Settled in Lisle, Broome County, New York in 1808. Enlisted in 1775 as Private , Conn. Militia., served two years. Buried Sessions Cemetery just over the county line in Marathon, Cortland County. His wife Betsey died March 20, 1840 and is burdied in the Sessions Cemetery.

Bentley, Azel

Date of birth and death is unknown, came from Cooperstown, Otsego County, New York settled in Vestal, Broome County, New York in 1885. He is buried in Windsor, Broome County, New York.

Bevier, Elias

Born March 28, 1863, died July 28, 1838, came from New Platz, New York settled in Conklin, Broome County, New York in 1815. His wife's name was Sarah. He was buried first in the Bevier Cemetery and later moved to the Kirkwwod Cemetery to make room for a school.

Blanchard, Jeddidiah

Born about 1769, settled in Lisle in 1815, buried between Chenango Forks and Whitney Point.

Boyles, George

Born between 1748 and 1760, settled in Windsor, Broome County, New York. Buried in the Revolutionary War Plot at Deposit, New York

Boynton, Caleb

Settled on Perch Pond Hill Road, Nineveh, New York. General Harper spoke with a Mr. Terry and Mr. Buffington who wanted to buy land from a Boynton. A grave on the Terry farm appears only with a G.A.R. marker and legend that it was the grave of a Revolutionary War soldier.

Brewer, Ambrose

Died Feb.6, 1833 buried in Chenango Cemetery.

Brewer, Henry

Served as a private in the New York Line.

Coates, Christopher

Coe, Samuel

Born 1744, died July 15, 1824, settled in Killawog, Broome County, New York, was Col. and Maj. in Conn. Lines. Wife maiden name was Smith. Buried in State Bridge Cemetery in Chenango County, NY.

Cole, Nathaniel

Born May 5, 1747 and died Oct. 1, 1832, settled in Colesville, Broome County, new York in 1795, buried on Cole's Hill Road, Colesville Cemetery 3 miles from Harpersville, NY, has SAR marker.

Compton, Capt. David

Born May 10, 1756 died Aug.24, 1805. Erma Sheppard Griffith Kirkwood Town Historiannotes that he is buried in the Layton cemetery Upper Court St. Binghamton, NY.

Conklin, Elias

Born 1758, died Feb. 20, 1839. Came from Manukating, settled Conklin, Broome County, New York, wife's name Charlotte. Enlisted at age 19 in 1779 buried in Kirkwood Cemetery in village of Kirkwood.

Conklin, John

Birth date unknown, died Aug.17, 1813. Settled in Conklin Hill 1802, served as Capt. in the Army. Came from Ulster County, NY. Served in the Rev. War and War of 1812. Heirs: Cornelius, Catherine and Susannah. Buried in Conklin cemetery.

Conklin, John

From Rockland County, NY to Broome Copunty, NY 1818. Born May 8, 1756 died April 3, 1846 married Ursulla Van Noy 1780. His father was Nicholas Conklin. Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Riverside, NY near Penna. line.

Conklin, Joseph

Birth date unknown died Nov.7, 1854, wife' name was Emily. Settled in Kirkwood. Is buried in Kirkwood.

Cook, Caldwell

Served as private in Capt. Thomas Robbins Co. Buried in the Baptist Church Cemetery in Castle Creek

Cook, William

Settled in Lisle, Broome County, NY 1798. Served as Private in Massachutes Troops, wife Sally Burghart, reported to be buried in two places Whitney Point and Chenango Cemetery in Willards.

Corbett, Robert

Born 1745 died May 6, 1823, came from Hendon, Mass., wife Elizabeth Daniels, buried in Corbettsville Cemetery.

Corwin, Alfred

Died 1858 wife Rachael Lamerearex born 1787 died 1876, settled in Gulf Summit 1812, buried in Gulf Summit Cemetery, this cemetery could not be found in 1958.

Crandall, Azel

Born Mar. 31, 1755, date of death unknown, moved to Chenango 1822 buried there. Enlisted in 1775 under Capt. Buckley in Conn. Line.

Crane, Jonathan

Born May 27, 1750 settled in Vestal 1799, ran first ferry across the river at Vestal, wife Esther Winans (gravestone says Hettie), buried at Riverside Cemetery in the Town of Union.

Crane, Simeon

Born 1765 died 1835, wife Anna Easton, settled in Sanford, New York, buried in North Sanford.

Crawford, Thomas

Died Aug.11,1824, settled in the town of Chenango, enlisted in Townsend's Artillary 5th Reg. N.Y., received pension of $96. Apr.2, 1816.

Cronk, Garrett

Enlisted 1776 in Virginia Corps of horse under Co. Henry Lee, age 67 years resident of the town of Lisle, discharged in 1783, buried in Lisle.

Cross, Timothy

Born Nov.5, 1760, date of death unknown. Settled in town of Chenango in 1819, originally came from Ashford, Conn.

Harpur, Robert

Born Jan.25, 1731 d. Apr.15, 1825, came from Ireland, wife Myra Lackey b. Sept.1, 1713 and d. June 27, 1806, settled in Harpursville, owned 60,000 acres in town of Colesvile. Educated in the University of Scotland and was a Professor at Columbia University in New York City. Was a General in the Rev. War Buried in harpersville.

Harris, William

Died May 16, 1833, settled in town of Chenango, served in the Mass. Line John Harndon's Company and Col. Bridges Reg't. , was discharged June 1779 then re-enlisted for 9 months.

Hyde, Caleb

Hyde, Charles

Born 1763 died Oct.3, 1806, settled in town of Barker, NY, held a commission from Wasgington , died in Indian Territory and buried in Indian Cemetery.

Hyde, Chauncey

Born 1769 died Oct.15, 1847, settled in Hyde settlement town of Barker in 1793, wife Alice Stoughton. Served as Major in Mass. trops. Buried in Riverview Cemetery , Whitney Point.

Ingraham, Samuel

Died June 19, 1847 age 88 years buried on East Maine Road back of Carmel Grove.

Jewell, John

Settled in Union on the southside of the river, served as a private in Battle of White Plains, buried in Spring Forest Cemetery in Binghamton.

Jewett, David

Settled in town of Barker served in Mass. Troops, served in the Battle at Valley Forge.

Johnson, Benjamin

Born Apr.6, 1755 died 1831, settled in Triangle 1810, served in Colchester, Conn.1777 under Capt. Farion, Major Ayers and Col.Mason and Gen. Knox. Buried in Upper Lisle Cemetery.

Johnson, Edward

Born 1734 d. Nov.2, 1819 age 85 years. Settled 1800 in Lisle, wife Abigail Stoddard, she died Apr.23, 1831 age 81 years. Enlisted as a private in 3rd Reg't New York Line. Buried in Center Lisle Cemetery.

Johnson, John

Born 1744 died May 1, 1834, came from New Haven, Conn. settled in Triangle 1802, enlisted as a private in the 1st. NY Line under Col.VanScheick. Buried in Johnson Hill Cemetery near Whitney Point, NY, cemetery originally abandoned by Whitney Point Dam Control. Stone was found on the Pier Farm in the center of the field.

Johnson, Orringh

Born 1732 died 1819. The grave marker gives date as Mar. 17, 1840 age 79 years which would make his date of birth 1761, wife Unice died Feb.13, 1837 age 72 years. Settled in Lisle , served in the Reg't commanded by Capt. Joseph Vose in the Mass. Line, was in the Battle of the taking of Burgoyne and was in the Monmouth Battle in New Jersey. He owned 32 acres in Lisle, had son Orange age 23, daughter Amanda age 19, he is buried in Center Lisle Cemetery.

Handy, Joseph

Swift, Josiah

Settled in Lisle, enlisted as a private under Capt. Williams, served till the close of the war. Buried in center Lisle Cemetery.

Terry, Isaac

Born Rochester, Mass. Oct.16,1755 died in Harpersville, NY April 1845, married Heildale Taber who died in Dartmouth, Mass. he removed to Colesville, NY 1832, he had four sons: Isaac, Thomas, Charles and John.

Thomas, Joseph

Born May 2, 1761 died April 24,1831, settled in Conklin 1817, private in Mass. Lines under Col. Baldwin, wife was Phebe Tyler of Cohacken, NY daughter of Capt. Benzaliel Tyler of Great Bend, Pa.