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from Family Records owned by Ken Whittemore 1970
Ira Keeler s/o______ and Mary d. Dec. 13, 1798 age 67 Binghamton, NY) b. Feb.24, 1771 d. July 19, 1837 of Scotch descent, lived in Binghamton 1798-1800 then Town of Union, married Nov.24, 1791 Conn. Rosabella King of French descent b. Feb.17, 1773 d. Apr. 1837
Andrew K. Jan.23, 1793-Feb.17, 1877
Hiram K. Nov.13, 1795-Aug.14, 1851 m. Feb.18, 1823 Mariah d. Aug.23, 1877 no children
Revillo Dec.15, 1797-Aug.5, 1882
Lasa 1800-1836
Nancy 1803-1832
Charles 1805-1872
Harriet 1807-1870
Ira 1810-1870
Albert 1813-1889
Eliza 1818-1818 age 1 day

from Mrs. John Tyne, Sidney, NY 1969
Ira Keeler s/o ______ and Mary (b. 1731, d. Dec.13,1798) b. Feb.24,1771 Conn. d. July 19, 1837 Union Center, m. Nov.24, 1791 Rosabella King b. Feb.17, 1773 d. Apr. 1837 Union Center
Andrew K. b. Jan.23, 1793 Cooperstown, NY d. Feb.17, 1873
Hiram K. b. Nov.13, 1795 Cooperstown, NY d. Aug.14, 1851 m. Violet, m. 2nd. Mariah
Revillo b. Dec.15, 1797 Binghamton, NY d. July 1882 m. Polly Miller
Lasa b. Feb.20, 1800 d. Sept.19, 1836 m. Cayuaga County, NY Jan. 10, 1824 Zilpha King b. Aug.12, 1802 d. Sept.26, 1874, lived Chenango Forks, Broome County
Nancy b. Apr.23, d. Jan.11, 1832
Charles b. Apr.18, 1805 d. May 1872
Harriet b. Feb.12, 1807 d. July 3, 1870
Ira b. Dec.25, 1810 d. July 19, 1870
Albert b. Apr.10, 1813
Eliza b. Dec.10, 1816 d. Dec.10, 1816
Note: Ira's mother Mary came with family to Binghamton and is buried on English Farm on Chenango River bank, stone has been removed but not the body. Keelers are of Scotch Descent.

from Family Record of Ken Whittemore
Revilo s/o Ira and Rosebella (King) Keeler b. Dec.15, 1797 Binghamton, NY, miller at Chenango Forks, d. Aug.5, 1882 m. c1824 Polly Miller b. Oct.24, 1804, d. July 1857
Samuel Melvin Apr.26, 1825-July 1857
Lavinia O. Dec.26, 1828-June 5, 1907
Herrod Miller May 26, 1831-Jan.1914
Oliver Orby Oct.26, 1833-Jan.3, 1899
Lewis L. Sept.16, 1835-Jan., 1860 no children
Mary Elizabeth Sept.6, 1827-Oct.14, 1843
Emma 1841-1842
Job Forest Francis 1843-1914
Revillo 1845-1846

from family record of Ken Whittemore 1970
Lasa s/o Ira and Rosebella (King) Keeler b. Feb.2, 1800, d. Sept.19, 1836 lived Chenango Forks, m. Jan.11, 1824 Zilpa King b. Aug.12, 1802 Wayne County, Pa., d. Sept.26, 1874 (possibly his cousin) married in Cayuga County, NY
Alexander Porter 1824-1907
John Mortimer 1826-1874
Dourleski b. Aug.30, 1828 m. Apr.7, 1853 William Blakeslee, no children, m. 2nd. O.L. dudley had dau Lasa
Harriet b. 1831
George S. lived Calif.
Lasa Eugene b. 1836

from Broome County Historian's Office
Lasa s/o Ira and Rosebella (King) Keeler b. Feb.20, 1836 Chenango Forks, d. Sept.9,1836 m. Cayuga County, NY Jan.10, 1824 Zilpha King b. Aug.12, 1802 , d. Sept.26, 1874
Alexander P. 1824-1907 m. Mary Elizabeth Whittemore
John M. 1826-1874 m. Rachel Odell
Dourleski 1828 m. Will Blakeslee, 2nd. O.L. Bacon
Harriet E. 1831-1898 m. Solomon Bacon George S. 1833-
Lasa 1836-1913 m. Sarah Whitemore

from Mrs. John Tyne, Sidney, NY 1969
Lasa s/o Ira and Rosebella (King) Keeler b. Feb.20, 1800 d. Sept.9,1836 Chenango Forks, m. Jan.10, 1824 Cayuga Co., NY to Zilpha King b. Wayne Co., Pa. Aug.12, 1802 d. Sept.29, 1874 Chenango Forks.
Alexander P. b. Sept.30, 1824 Chenango Forks d. Sept.1, 1907 m. Mary Eliza Whittemore
John M. b. July 25, 1826 d. June 18, 1874 in Minn., m. Rachel Odell
Dourleski A.( daughter)b. Aug.30, 1828 m. William Blakeslee, m 2nd. O.L. Dufley
Harriet E. b. Mar.5, 1831 d. Feb.8, 1898 m. Dec.22, 1853 at Scott, NY to Solomon Bacon
George S. b. Oct.15, 1833
Lasa b. Mar.28, 1836 d. Sept.13, 1913 m. Jan, 1858 Sarah Whittemore

Charles s/o Ira and Rosebella (King) Keeler b. Apr.18, 1805 d. May 14, 1872 m. Anna b. Oct.24, 1811
Nancy A. Jan.30 1830 d. June 21, 1901 m. J.C. Bradley d. June 14, 1878, had children Emma D., Cora M. and Ira L.
Hiram E. 1831-1838
Julia A. b. Mar.18, 1834 d. July 2, 1901 m. 1st. George Curtiss, m. 2nd. ___________ Chaddon
Adaline L. 1836-1855
Sarah b. July 28, 1838 m. Royal P. Wood lived Flemingville, NY, had Edmund, Adelbert b. Jan. 8, 1866 m. Ava Fuller, had Royal C., Lucille and Wallace, Porter , Clarence b. May 23, 1870
Emma b. May 28, 1841 m. Oct.1, 1873 George Wyatt Smith, had Fern Wyatt, Anna , Winfield and Anna Sarah
Hial Egbert b. Feb.6, 1843 m. Mary Delano b. Aug.11, 1846 had Charles, Ros and Ruby
Mary Elizabeth b. Aug.11, 1846 m. George F. Cameron b. 1842 d. 1903 had Maudeb. 1867 d. 1896, Harry b. 1869 d. 1909, Paul b. 1873 m. Edna King
Harriet R. 1849-1870
Charles E. 1850-1855

Ira s/o Ira and Rosebella (King) Albert s/o Ira and Rosebella (King) Keeler b. Apr.10, 1813 d. Oct.5, 1889, was a miller lived in Caroline, Thompkins County, NY, m. Oct.6, 1833 Abigail Thurston b. Oct.10, 1816 d. Sept.2, 1850, m 2nd. Phebe Moore Butts b. Oct.27, 1824 d. May 3, 1852, m. 3 rd. Sarah Dean b. Apr.5, 1829.
Children by 1st wife:
Albert Harrison b. Aug.28, 1834 d. July 22, 1914
Abigail b. Oct.20, 1836 d. Mar. 1909
David Thurston b. Homer, NY 1838-1914
Squire Edward b. 1842 Lisle, NY d. 1844
Olive b. 1845 Chenango d. 1888
Addison 1848-1850

Child by 2nd. wife:
Charles Porter 1852-1920

Children by 3rd. wife:
George Cameron b. 1853
Georgianna b. May 3, 1855 m. E.R. Dean, no children
Ira William 1858-1859
Robert Arthur b./ Aug.23, 1860
Amelia M. b. Nov.20, 1863 m. Arthur Knock
Ines Eugenia 1865-1876
Alice Frances 1868-1892

from family record of Ken Whittemore 1970
Samuel s/o Revilo and Polly (Miller) Keeler b. Oct.26, 1825 Binghamton, NY, d. June 5, 1907 Chenango Valley, NY, m. Oct.26,1848 Watervliet, NY Myra Pratt b. Apr.19, 1829 Ashland, Mass, d. Dec.7, 1902 Cortland, NY.
Sarah Elizabeth b. Feb.11, 1850 Albany, NY,d. May 14, 1917, m. Joseph Hodges no children.
Mina Eliza b, June 23, 1851 Chenango Bridge, NY
Frank Ellis b. 1853 Albany
Willis Melvin b. Aug.7, 1855 Albany, NY d. Nov.20, 1878 Goshen, Conn.

from family Record of Ken Whitte more 1970
Herrod Miller s/o Revilo and Polly (King) Keeler b. May 26, 1831 Union, NY, lived Kattelville and Chenango bridge d. Feb.3, 1814 m. Mercia Sprague b. 1828 d. June 25, 1876, m. 2nd. Alice Parsons b. 1845 d. Dec.20, 18__?
May Amelia b. 1861 d. Mar.11, 1882 (Mercia left all of her estate to her brother Charles in trust for her daughter May.

from family record of Ken Whittemore 1970
Oliver Orby s/o Revilo and Polly (Miller) Keeler b. Oct.26, 1831 Union lived in Fenton, d. Jan.3, 1899, m. Jane Whitney who d. Oct.31, 1875
Charles M. , jeweler, b. Aug.6, 1861, m. Grace Lamb b. Jan.25, 1864 d. 1938, had Louise and Florence m. 2nd. Ellen Bosworth
George b. Mar. 1873 Kettelville m. Mabel Delong lived Binghamton R.F.D. had Othello and Ruth b. Apr.1, 1915

from family record of Ken Whittemore 1970
Job Francis s/o Ira and Polly (Miller) Keeler b. Nov.25, 1843 in Union, d. Nov.7, 1914 m. Harriett Dutcher b. Mar.7, 1843, d. June 14, 1882 Civil War Soldier
Sylvester Irving married Alice Eastman, had Alice, Gordon, Paul, Waldo Ruth and Louise, lived South Carolina, a M.E. minister.

from book "War Letters Written During The Rebellion" by Francis D. Keeler 2nd Lt. Co. E 16th Michigan Volunteers published 1895
Lewis S. Keeler farmer and contractor from New England to Union m. sarah had 4 children, all born in Union.
Dexter D. b. 1836 in Civil War from Mich.
Sanford b. 1837
Francis D. b. June 16, 1842 Union, in Civil War, lived at Saginaw, Mich., worked on R.R. m. Oct.18869 Mary Baliey d/o Leman and Rachel Baliey of Ionia, Mich
. Children:
John W., dy, Julian b. 1872, Francis D. b. 1877, Rachel b. 1882. Family moved to Michigan in 1855

family records of Ken Whittemore 1970
David Thurston s/o Albert and Abigail (Thurston ) Keeler b. Jan.15, 1839 lived in Owego, NY was in Civil War died Nov.30, 1913 (or15), m. June 7, 1865 Hannah Meeker Gage b. Aug.2, 1843 Knoxville, d. 1915
1. Nettie b. Feb.25, 1867 m. Feb.29, 1888 Odell Jay Watrous of Owego
2. Ida b. Mar.22, 1870d. Sept.20, 1929 m. 1893 George Thurston b. June 21,1867 d. 1926 had Arlene 1898 m. Chauncey M. Briggs lived in Ill., Ruth b. 1903 m. Paul Williams of Ithaca
3. Carrie b. Jan.13, 1873 m. Mar.22, 1893 W.F. Fletcher b. 1870 d. 1947 had 1) David b. 1899 m. 1925 Emily Moravac 2) Arlton b. 1908
4. Zaidee b. Apr.13, 1876 m. 1895 Arthur Walters Bunzey b. 1873 lived Saranac Lake, NY,
from family records of Ken Whittemore 1970
Albert Harrison s/o Albert and Abigail (Thurston) Keeler b. Aug 28, 1834 in Barker d. July 22, 1914 lived in Owego, NY, m. June 17, 1858 Sarah E. Hill b. July 30, 1840 d/o James and Harriet Emily
James Brunnell b. Oct.1, 1859 d. Mar.15, 1889 lived in Owego m. Jan.24, 1888 Clara Steele b. June 12, 1864
Minnie b. Oct.18, 1862 Owego, NY m. 1878 John Alton Maybee b. 1860 d. 1899, lived Wash., D.C. had James, and Thelma
Julia b. Apr.8, 1867 Owego, NY m. Frank Lester Brand b. Dec.11, 1865, had Margaret b. Apr.26, 1896 m. Weldon Young.

from Keeler family file Broome County Historian's Office
Thomas s/o Thomas and Anna (Squires) Keeler of Noprwalk, Conn. b. Feb.1, 1791 d. Mar.22, 1854 Union m. 1810 Elizabeth Smith, m. 2nd Lucinda Wheeler Oct.19,1823
Henry m. Emily Howard
Caroline m. and had Sarah who m. Edwin Mercereau, Serena, single, George, Egbert and Hannah.

Henry s/o Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith) Keeler of Union b. Oct,18, 1818 Union d. Jan. 1889 Lake Benton, Minn. m. Emily Howard b. Apr.26, 1819 in Union d. Oct.4, 1886 Lake Benton, Minn. lived Omro, Wisc. 1853 Horican, Wisc.1856 Juneau, Wisc. 1871 Winnebago, Minn. 1873
Heve-Lyn Richard b. Mar.3, 1848 Union m. Luella Barrett at Wisc. , m. 2nd Nettie Shuttleworth of Minn.
Jasper b. Union d. 1873 single at Little Rock , Ark in R.R. accident.
from "Genealogy of the Whittemore Family" page 49
Porter Keeler (d. 1907) m. Mary E. Whittemore b. Feb.8, 1829 d. Feb.24, 1899 d/o Orrin and Mary (Stanley) Whittemore, brother Lasa Keeler m. Sarah Whittemore sister of Mary.
Fred went west had one child b. St. Paul, Minn.
Frank went West had 6 children , d. No. Dakota
Fayette b. 1854 d. Mar.12, 1882 m. Ida Smith b. July 7, 1857 d. Oct.1, 1840 had Louis b. 1878 and Jane b. 1880

from "Genealogy of the Whittemore Family" page 50
Lasa Eugene brother of Porter, b. Mar.28, 1836 d, Sept.12, 1913 m. Sarah Whittemore b. Sept.12, 1836 d. Sept.11, 1928 d/o Orrin and Mary (Stanley) Whittemore of Union.
Hib b. 1862 m. Emily Balch b. 1860
Nellie b. 1863 m. Clark Rogers d. 1938
Grant b. 1866 m. Mary Whittemore b. 1868
Mary D. b. 1868 m. John Townsend 1873-1909 m. 2nd. Frank Mesick d. 1920

from Emily Keeler Kime Dimondale, Mich.
Melvin Julius Keeler b. Sept.18, 1850 Cuyler, Cortland Co, NY d. Oct.1, 1910 Chicago, Ill., buried in Binghamton, NY, was a lawyer in Binghamton, m. 1st. Estelle Gilbert Sheak, m. 2nd. Margaret Kelly b. 1860 Montrose, Pa. d. 1946 Chicago, Ill.
Children by first wife:
Harris 1877-1932
Mary 1879-?
Fed Nelson b. 1881 Binghamton d. 1854 Spokane, Wash.
Estelle died young

Children by second wife:
Jay Marvin
Lewis b. 1892

Charles Porter s/o Albert and Phebe (Butts) Keeler b. Apr.12, 1852 d. July 6, 1920 m. Fannie b. Nov.1, 1855 d. Oct.31, 1927
Lottie b. July 23, 1874 m. July 7, 1898 William Strong b. Mar.20, 1875 Bath, England d. 1933 Owego, NY had Dorothy b. Mar.5, 1901, Raymond b. 1904, Will b. 1906 and Robert b. 1911 dy

from family record of Ken Whittemore 1970
John Mortimer s/o Lasa and Zilpha (King) Keeler b. July 25, 1827 d. June 18, 1874 Minn. m. Sept.7, 1848 Cortland Co, NY to Rachel Odell.
Ina m. Geogre Nelson and had son Howard
Fred d. Buffalo, Minn.1926 married and had a daughter

from family record of Ken Whittemore 1970
Alexander Porter s/o Lasa and Zilpha (King) Keeler b. Sept.12, 1824 d. Sept.1, 1907 ran mill in Union, m. Mary Elizabeth Whittemore Nov.18, 1849
Frank E. lived Dakota and Washington territory
Fayette b. Sept.16, 1853 d. Mar.17, 1882 m. Ida Smith b. July 7, 1857 had 1. Lewis m. Jeannette Wing 2. Jane b. Nov.18, 1881
Fred lived Minn.

from family record of Ken Whittemore 1970
Grant Lasa s/o Lasa E. and Sarah B. (Whittemore) Keeler b. July 16, 1866 d. Nov.19, 1911 m. Nov.14, 1888 to Mary Isabelle Whittemore b. Feb.23, 1868 d. July 13, 1951
Winnifred Lorena b. Jan.16, 190 m. Oct.27, 1917 Herbert Mapes b. 1893 hadn Robert Whittemore, Lawrence Grant, Elizabeth , Mary Katherine, and Donald
Ernest Leslie b. Sept.6, 1892 m. Dec.25, 1922 Gertrude Aitkin Stevens b. 1899
Ruth Amelia b. Dec.17, 1897 m. June 1921 Arthur Franklin Mapes b. 1898 had Loris Jean b. 1924 m. Harold Cook
Lasa Earl b. Dec.2, 1902 m. 1930 Dorothy Snyder aand had Grant L.

from family record of Ken Whittemore 1970
George Cameron s/o Albert and Sarah (Dean) Keeler b. Aug.18, 1853 d. 1916 m. Alice Vorhis b. Apr.20, 1855
William Fred lived Los Angeles married twice had 1 child that died young
George A. m. Sonya Cotony
Earl Oct.9, 1877 lived Ithaca, NY m. Florence Stevens
Lewis b. Oct.25, 1885 lived Brooklyn married ahd 1 child

from family record of Ken Whittemore 1970
Hib E. s/o Lasa E. and Sarah B. b. Feb.18, 1862 m. Emma Balch b. Oct.4, 1860 d. May 22, 1943
Gertrude b. Feb.16, 1887 n. Sept.1907 to Philip Shafer b. 1886 had Richard b. Sept.11, 1908, Albertg b. Oct.25, 1910 and Jack b. Feb.3, 1913
Harold b. June 7, 1897

Will of Lewis Keeler of Union
Will Book D page 696
written: Feb.28, 1842 recorded Sept.19, 1842
dau's: Amelia, Sarah and Eliza Wheeler; gr son James Newell; gr dau's Harriet Newell, Maria Newell and Elizabeth Keeler
Executors: son William H. Keeler, Charles E. Keeler,and son-in-law Charles Squires
Zenas Pratt of Binghamton, Lucy Halstead of Binghamton

Mr. Keeler first husband of Roxiene Heath d/o Aaron and Rhoda (Edson) Heath of Mass. and Windsor, NY

from family record of Ken Whittemore 1970
Orrin L. s/o Samuel and Myra (Pratt) b. Mar.30, 1860 Chenango bridge m. Lettie Fritts had Fritz and Florence.

Riverside Cemetery Town of Union

Eilpha w/o Lasa b. Aug.12, 1802 d. Sept.26, 1874
Dora K. (a sister) b. Dec.6,1825 d. June 24, 1882
Ella w/o Mr. Fritcher b. May 18, 1847 d. Sept.11, 1883
Lewis W. b. June 12, 1795 d. May 28, 1879
Elizabeth Wheeler d. Jan.13, 1842 age 76
William H. d. Nov.1, 1868 age 64
Jane Jannette w/o William H. d. Apr.20, 1880 age 69
Mary b. Feb.14, 1801 d. Apr.7, 1876 (buried next to her Gr. Mother Sarah Wheeler
Anna w/o Isaac DeHart d. Nov.3, 1870 age 49

Union center Cemetery Town of Union

Hiram K. d. Aug.24, 1877 age 82
Violet wife d. July 28, 1850 age 50
Rosabella d. Apr.1, 1837 age 68
Ira d. July 20, 1837 age 66

Kattelville Cemetery Town of Chenango

Revillo Dec.15, 1797-Aug.5, 1892
Elizabeth w/o Revillo b. Ireland, d. July 9, 1885 age 80
Polly w/o Revillo Oct.24, 1804-July 30, 1857
Mary E. d/o Revillo and :Polly d. Oct.11, 1743 age 16
Lewis L. s/o Revillo and Polly d. Jan.11, 1860 age 24
Revillo, Jr. s/o Revillo and Polly d. Oct.22, 1846
Emma d/oRevillo and Poplly d. Feb.15, 1842
Herod 1831-1914
Alice M. Parsons w/o Herod 1845-1918
May A. d/ Herod and Alice d. Mar.11, 1882 age 21

Glenwood Cemetery Town of Dickinson

Jane book 1 page 21 bur. Nov.2, 1875
Louise book 2 page 6 Apr.23, 1889 to vault
Lovice book 2 page 11 bur. Oct.31, 1889
W. book 5 index only no info
Florence J. book 5 page 42 infant bur. Oct.11, 1897

Glen Castle Cemetery Town of Chenango

Job T. d. 1914 b. 1843 Eddie d. jan.27, 1873 age 4
Jessie d. 1876 age 1
Addie d. 1869 age 1

1865 Town of Barker

Ann age 81 b. Conn. single
aunt of E.H. Edwards

1865 Binghamton

Nathaniel S. * age 36 b. Orange Co shoemaker married twice
Maria age 20 wife b. Pa. 2 children
Mary J. age 2 dau b. Broome Co
Child age 2 days male b. Broome Co
*61st. NY Vol. joined Jan.1, 1862, health permently impaired

Daniel age 58 b. Orange Co wool manufacturer mtwice 3 children
Sarah age 48 wife b. R.I. married twice 2 children

1855 Town of Chenango

Herrad M. age 34 b. Broome Co farmer landowner
Mercia age 37 wife b. Broome Co 1 child
May S. age 5 dau b. Broome Co
Carrie Warfull age 22 servent b. Broome Co

Revillo age 48 b. ? farmer
Polly age 50 wife b. ?
Herrod age 24 son b. ? farmer
Olive A. age 21 dau b. ?
Lewis age 19 son b. ?
Joab age 10 son b. ?
Elziabeth Youngs age 14 servent b. Broome Co

1865 Town of Chenango

Oliver age 31 b. Broome Co farmer landowner
Jane age 31 wife b. Broome Co 1 child
Charles age 4 son b. Broome Co

Samuel M. age 40 b. Broome Co wagon maker landowner
Mira A. age 36 wife b. Broome Co 5 children
Sarah age 15 dau b. Broome Co
Mina age 13 dau b. Broome Co
Frank age 11 son b. Broome Co
Orin age 5 son b. Broome Co

Revillo age 66 b. Broome Co farmer landowner married twice
Elisebeth (as spelled) age 60 wife b. Cortland Co no children
Jobe F. age 21 son b. broome Co Army ( no service)
Chester Pettis age 13 b. Broome Co pauper

1855 Town of Colesville

William H. age 34 b. Conn. farmer lived this county 24 years
Jane age 25 wife b. Chenango Co lived this county 18 Years
Hebry W. age 4 son b. Broome Co

1865 Town of Colesville

William H. age 43 b. Conn. farmer landowner
Jane age 35 wife b. Broome Co 1 child
Henry N. age 14 son b. Broome Co
lived with Leroy Tyrell

1855 Town of Maine

George M. age 27 b.Broome Co farmer lived this county 1 year
Ann Eliza age 26 wife b. Broome Co lived this county 1 year
John W. age 1 son b. Broome Co
Sanford age 17 help b. Broome Co
Abner Willis age 24 help laborer lived this county 1 year
Nancy age 16 help b. Broome Co laborer lived this county 2 years and 6 months

1865 Town of Sanford

Henry E (?) *. age 22 b. Broome Co mar. 1 child
Frank age 1 and 3 months b. Michigan
*dau of Edward L. Austin

1855 Town of Union

Louis W. age 60 b. Broome Co farmer
Mary age 56 wife b. Broome Co
Sidney age 28 son b. Broome Co
Edward age 20 son b. Broome Co
Ellen age 8 dau b. Broome Co
Jenett King age 16 servent b. Broome Co
Henry Flin age 17 servent b. Pa.

William age 51 b. Broome Co farmer lived this county 49 years
Jenett age 44 wife b. Conn. lived this county 22 years
Hellen age 18 dau b. Broome Co
Jenett age 14 dau b. Broome Co
Edward (or Edgar) age 12 son b. Broome Co

Hiram age 60 b. Broome Co farmer lived this county 40 years
Maria age 45 wife b. Broome Co lived this county 4 years
Mathias Hansbrook age 73 father b. Albany wdiower lived this county 3 years
Margaret Quigken age 16 servent b. Ireland alien lived this county 2 years

Lucinda age 51 b. Dutchess Co widow lived this county 32 years
Sarah age 29 dau b. Broome Co
Serena age 17 dau b. Broome Co
Egbert age 25 son b. Broome Co farmer

1865 Town of Union

Lewis W. age 70 b. Broome Co farmer landowner
Mary A. age 65 wife b. Broome Co 7 children
Sidney A. age 38 son b. Broome Co farmer
Edwin P. age 30 son b. Broome Co farmer
Ella age 18 dau b. Broome Co
in same house with William Doane and family

William H. age 61 b. Broome Co farmer
Janette W. age 54 wife b. Conn. 4 children
Helen M. age 28 dau b. Broome Co
Nettie W. age 24 dau b. Broome Co
A nn Malona age 24 servent b. Ireland

E. Serena age 27 b. Broome Co
sister of Edward C. Mercereau

A. Porter age 40 b. Broome Co farmer
Mary E. age 35 wife b. Broome Co 3 children
Frank E. age 14 son b. Broome Co
Fayette age 12 son b. Pa.
Frederic A. age 10 b. Pa.

James age 51 b. Broome Co painter
Susan age 45 wife b. broome Co 2 children
Alice I. age 9 dau b. Broome Co
Brian F. age 7 son b. Broome Co
Rosannah Lashier age 79 mother b. Tioga Co widow 11 children
Chester Lashier* age 43 brother b. broome Co soldier
* 68th NY Vol. joined Oct. 1863 for 3 years

George M.* age 37 b. Broome co farmer
Ann Eliza age 36 wife b. Broome Co 1 child
John age 12 son b. Broome Co
* formerly in Army 50th Engineers joined 1864 as Pvt. served 11 months, discharged, health pre mentaly impaired, no wounds.

Charles E. age 59 b. Broome Co merchant landowner
Grace age 52 wife b. Conn. 2 children

Lasa E. age 29 b. Broome Co
Sarah B. age 28 wife b. Broome Co 2 children
Hib E. age 3 son b. Broome Co
Nillie B. (as spelled) age 1 yr.and 10 months
Zilpha age 62 mother b. pa. widow 6 children
all lived with Solomon Adamy