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From “American Ancestry” by Munsell, article “Conklin Families” by Frank J. Conklin
John Conklin, a Rev. War Soldier, s/ Nicholas & Elizabeth (Ditmars) Conklin b. May 8, 1756 near Havestraw, NY d. Apr.23, 1846 Conklin, NY, m. 1780 Ursula Van Noy b. Sept.27, 1759 Orange County, NY d. Mar.22, 1823 Conklin, NY
1. Benjamin b. Aug.27, 1785 m. Mercy Comfort
2. William b. Mar.2, 1785 m. Sarah Thomas d/o Joseph Thomas
3. Joseph b. May 27, 1801 m. Emily Thomas d/o Joseph Thomas

From “American Ancestry” by Munsell, article “Conklin Families” by Frank J. Conklin
Benjamin Conklin s/o John & Ursula (Van Noy) Conklin b. Aug.27, 1785 Cochecton, Sullivan Co., NY d. Aug.29, 1837 Wayne Co., Pa., m. Oct.9, 1806 Mercy Comfort b. Dec.7, 1790 d. 1870.
1. John Henry b. 1807
2. David b. 1809 Phebe Drake
3. Eliza b. 1811 m. William Thomas
4. Sallie E. b. 1812 m. Amos T. Mitchell
5. Ursula b. 1814 m. Milton Lilley
6. Andrew Jackson b. 1816 m. Helen Reed
7. Jacob Brown b. 1816 m. Hannah Ellis
8. Clarissa I. b. 1818 m. Herman Brown
9. Benjamin b. 1819 m. Mary Mon_ington
10. Hannah b. 1820 m. Hiram Martin
11. Nancy b. 1822 m. John Atkinson
12. Catherine b. 1825
13. Anna b. 1827 m. Joel Dickinson
14. Henry b. 1827 m. Alvaline Grover
15. James V. b. 1829 m. Lois Ellis
All but # 4 & #9 went to Rockford, Illinois

From “Binghamton Press” Sept.5, 1925 Article by Frank J. Conklin
William Conklin s/o John & Ursula (Van Noy) Conklin b. Mar.2, 1787 d. 1850 Conklin, NY, married Sarah Thomas d/o Joseph, a Rev. War Soldier of Wayne County, Pa.
1. Thomas b. 1807 m. Rhoda Ensign, settled in Illinois, had Ensign (Civil War) lived in Binghamton, Grace m. ______ Frey lived in Binghamton & NYC 2. Alvin b. 1811 m. Sarah Hazzard , lived in Windsor
3. John b. 1817 m. Eleanor Johnson lived in Binghamton
4. Moses b. 1815 m. Margaret Headley lived in Binghamton
5. Wilbur b. 1819 m. Julina Jones lived in Michigan
6. George b. 1822 d. 1901 m. Hannah Balis of Dutchess County, NY
7. Solon b. 1826 inventer and bridge builder
8. Fidelia m. Rev. Hiram Hazzard
9. Lerinda m. mason Lacox

From “Binghamton Press” Sept.5, 1925 article by Frank J. Conklin
Joseph Conklin s/o John & Ursula (Van Noy) Conklin b. May 27, 1801 d. 1854, m. Emily Thomas d/o Joseph, a Rev. War Soldier of Wayne County, Pa. Children:
1. Thomas b. 1829 m. Sarah Van Buren had Edgar b. 1861 d. 1887 age 26, m. Ernestine Mosher of Greene, NY had William T. of Earlville, NY and Edgar B. of San Francisco, Calif.; FrankJ. Of Jersey City, NJ; Henry T. of Earlville, NY; a dau who m. John H. Cline of Riverside, NY
2. Theodore lived in Pa. m. Sarah Gardiner

From Mrs. Edward Long, Sheridan, Mich. 1979
Lawrence Conklin b. Oct.5, 1787 in NY d. Apr.27, 1872 Broome County, NY, m. Samantha Heath she d. Dec.13, 1877
Children (all b. Broome County)
1. Washington
2. Erriah
3. Rida
4. Dorcas
5. Polly
6. Charlotte m. ___Cole
7. Liza m. ____Taylor
8. Harriet b. Oct.29, 1820 d. Apr.12, 1901
9. Charles b. Apr.20, 1828 d. Oct.21, 1904 m. Sarah Jane Taylor b. Nov.29, 1827 d. Nov.4, 1896

From Mrs. Edward Thorn, Dearborn Heights, Mich. 1973
Charles H. Conklin b. Oct.8, 1831 Conklin, NY d. July 8, 1904 Niles. Mich., went there in 1849 with his father by covered wagon, father was possibly William b. 1810 and mother possibly Delia Kellogg, Charles had son William Murdock

From “Revolutionary War Veterans in Broome County” S.A.R. 1960 page 32
Elias Conklin b. Sept.15, 1758 d. Feb.20, 1839 age 80, settled in Conklin, NY 1817 m. Charlotte buried in Kirkwood Cemetery

From “Revolutionary War Veterans in Broome County” S.A.R. 1960 page 33
John Conklin d. Aug.17, 1813 settled Conklin Hill 1802, Capt. From Ulster County, NY also served in War of 1812, died in service, buried in Conklin Cemetery, heirs: Cornelius, Catherine and Susanna.

From Mrs. Edward Thorn, Dearborn Heights, Mich
Isaac Conklin, Jr. b. 1772 s/o isaac and Mary (Lockwood) Conklin d. Jan.16, 1827 Ohio, m. 1797 Elizabeth Williams b. Dec.1, 1777 d. Aug.7, 1823
1. Isaac b. 1795 Conklin, NY m. Charity Campbell ( 1802-1887) had son Charles H. b. 1831

Riverside Cemetery Kirkwood, NY

Orvil S/ s/o Joseph & Emily d. Dec.25, 1852 age 16 yrs
Ranson s/o Joseph & Emily d. illegible
Jane d/o Joseph & Emily d. July 1821 age 2-6-0
Infant son of Joseph & Emily d. Nov.8, 1821
Judge John b. Rockland County, NY 1756 s/o Nicholas , both on Rev. War, from Cochecton, NY, line goes back to Salem, mass 1638, died 1846 Town of Conklin which was named after him.
Ursula w/o Judge John d. Mar.22, 1828 age 68-6-0
Fedelia w/o Edward F. Hopkins d. (no date)
Lorinda w/o Rev. Mason Jaucox d. Apr.11 or 14, 1861 age 48
Lacy s/o Rev. Solon d. Oct.5, 1851 age 2 months
Infant son of _____& Julia d. Feb.13, 1841
John E. 1848-1926
Dora M. w/o John E. 1849-1927
Ida E. d/o Thomas & Sarah d. Sept.18, 1873 age 15-10-21
George s/o Thoams & Sarah d. Nov.27, 1869 age 7-2-0
Thomas s/o Joseph Mar.11, 1829-July 11. 1907
Sarah D. Van Buren w/o Thomas Nov.8, 1830-Feb.27, 1923
Amanda d/o Joseph & Emily and w/o J.H. Greeley Sept15, 1822-July 13. 1867
Joseph s/o Hon. John d. Nov.7, 1854 age 53
Edward W. 1869-1940
Mary E. w/o Edward W. 1871-1940
Ursula d/o A.& S. 1845-1898
Infant d/o J. & Sally d. June 17, 1852
Alvin d. July 31, 1885 age 71-6-21
Sally Hazzard w/o Alvin d. Dec.8, 1885age 73-11-24
Emily E. d/o A. & S. d. Nov.4, 1875 age 35
William A. d. Oct.9, 1850 age 63-7-7
Sarah Thomas w/o William A. d. Mar.10, 1870 age 82-4-2
Adelia A. d/o J.E. & Isadora 1874-1889
Charles D. s/o J.E. & Isadora 1882-1883
Charles Mitchell 1888-1908
Lovina d/o Oliver & Lucinda d. May 18, 1858 age 13-8-16

Village Cemetery Kirkwood, NY

Elias A. d. June 15, 1861 age 11-8-0 s/ Samuel and Margaret
Ellen w/o Adam Hayes Nov.12, 1822 – Mar.11, 1888
William J. d. Dec.15, 1856 age 1-5-6 s/o Charles M. and Sarah
Lena V. w/o John H. Cole 1875- ?
Cholbeel s/o Charles and Sarah d. Mar.10, 1862
Elias d. Mar.20, 1839 age 80
Charlotte w/o Elias d. Feb.3, 1841 age 80
Charles A. 1819-1895
Sarah L. w/o Charles A. 1827-1887
Elias d. Aug 17, 1872 age 84 (or 87)
Mary w/o Elias d. June 16, 1878 age 82

Kattelville Cemetery Town of Chenango, NY

Lawrence 1865-1926
Mary Boughton w/o Lawrence 1874-19__?
Eleanor M. d/o L.W. & M.L. and w/o Clarence Ashley prob. 1896-1918
Emma w/o Herbert Strickland 1869-1911
Lawrence Oct.6, 1787-Apr.26, 1873
Samatha w/o Lawrence Oct.12, 1793-Dec.13, 1877
Washington 1823-1902
Sarah J. Palmer w/o Washington 1834-1907
Abigail d. Oct.26, 1881 age 57
Reuben Augustus 1848-1917
Maria Elizabeth Hall w/o Reuben 1859-1940
Mary Jane w/o Reuben 1851-1881
Willie d. Aug.13, 1870 age 11
Mary Elizabeth 1859-1940 (same as above?)

1855 New York State Cencus Town of Conklin

Thomas Conklin age 26 born Broome Co farmer
Sarah C. age 23 wife born Chenango Co lived this Co 13 years
Edgar B. age 4 son born Broome Co
Ida E. age 7 months dau born Broome Co

Emily Conklin age 54 born Sullivan Co widow lived this Co 30 years
Oscar age 15 son born Broome Co

Moses E. Conklin age 39 born Sullivan Co farmer lived this Co 36 years
Margaret J. age 30 wife born Pa. lived this Co 7 years
George age 9 son born Pa.
Jane A. age 5 born Broome Co
Joseph H. age 3 son born Broome Co
William A. age 3 son born Broome Co.
Ernest H. age 10 months born Broome Co

1855 New York State Cencus Town of Windsor

Alvin Conklin age 44 born Sullivan Co farmer lived this Co 19 years
Sally age 43 wife born Otsego Co lived this Co 23 years
Eunice age 13 dau born Broome Co
Ursala age 9 dau born Broome Co
Philelia age 4 dau born Broome Co

#298 Oliver Conklin age 33 born NJ blacksmith lived this Co 1 year
Lucinda age 34 wife lived this Co 1 year
Mary age 11 dau born NJ
Walter age 9 son born NJ
Elbert age 7 born NJ
Oliver age 4 son born NJ
Lorina age 1 dau born Pa.

1855 New York State Cencus Town of Chenango

Jane Conklin age 60 lived this Co 40 years
Edgar age 24 son born Broome Co

Lawrence Conklin age 66 born Dutchess Co farmer lived this Co 40 years
Samantha age 63 wife lived this Co 40 years
Washington age 30 son farmer born Broome Co
Polly age 18 dau born Broome Co
Riley age 22 son

C.M.Conklin age 36 born Sullivan Co farmer lived this Co 11 years
Sarah E. age 28 wife born Sullivan Co lived this Co 11 years
F.D. age 10 son
J.E. age 7 son
W.J. age 3 son

Elias Conklin age 65 born Sullivan Co farmer lived this Co 30 years
Mary age 63 wife born Dutchess Co
M.J. age 23 dau born Broome Co

Wilbur Conklin age 35 born Broome Co farmer
Julina age 37 wife born Broome Co
William J. age 5 son born Broome Co