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Broas Bible
Peter b. Oct.22, 1762
Phebe Raynor b. Sept.8, 1755
Caty b. Oct.19, 1790
Charles b. Dec.22,1790 s/o Peter and Phebe
Townsend b. July 13, 1793 s/o Peter and Phebe
Rebecca b. Nov.9, 1795 d/o Peter and Phebe
William C. b. Apr.10,1800 s/o Peter and Phebe
Mary W. b. Sept.14, 1802
Elizabeth b. Feb.14, 1805
Isaac V. b. Feb.7, 1808
Maria A. b. Mar.4, 1812
Peter C. b. Aug.26, 1814
Rachel b. Apr.5, 1816
Sarah D. b. May 22, 1817
Levi b. Dec.31, 1821
Redding G. b. Jan.14, 1836
John L. b. Apr.16, 1843
James P. b. Oct.27, 1845 s/o Isaac V. and Maria
Harriet A. b. Aug.17, 1849 d/o Isaac V. and Maria
Alson b. Apr.22, 1853 s/o Isaac V. and Maria
Albert b. Apr.22, 1853 s/so Isaac V. and Maria
Guy H. b. Mar.10, 1884 s/o Alson
Raymond b. July 6, 1894 s/o Alson

Peter m. Phebe Raynor Mar.8, 1790
Charles m. Caty Rose Apr.25, 1813
Townsend m. Rachel VanEtten Nov.7, 1813
Rebecca m. Abram Van DeMmark Ssept.10, 1815
William C. m. Sally Howard Aug.27, 1820
Elizabeth m. Luther David Sept.14, 1824
Rachel m. Mathew Coons Aug.10, 1833
Peter C. m. Maria Ketchum Aug.17, 1834*
Mary W. m. James Hammond Oct.27, 1835
Isaac V. m. Maria Broas July 10, 1842*
*Maria was married to brothers
James P. m. Alice Fretingberg Dec.31, 1868
Hattie A. m. Jacob Swartout Jan.26, 1869
Alson m. Nettie Hawver Nov.12, 1879

Peter C. d. Nov.14, 1836
John C. d. Mar.18, 1836
Redding G. d. Nov.9, 1838 s/o Peter C. and Maria
Albert d. Nov.24, 1853 age 7 months and 2 days
John L d. Dec.9, 1853
Phebe d. Mar.15, 1858
Peter d. Feb 23, 1859
Isaac V. d. Aug.13, 1873
Guy d. July 29, 1895
John C. d. Dec.19, 1900
Nettie A. d. Nov.18, 1903 w/o Alson
Harriet A. d. Nov.12, 1932 age 83 w/o Jacob Swartout
Maria Ketchum Broas b. Mar.4, 1812 d. in 1853, buried in Union Center Cemetery with her 1st husband

from Broome County Historian’s Office
Broas Cemetery Records
Peter Oct.22, 11762-Feb.23,1859
Phebe Rayner wife Sept.8, 1766-Mar.15, 1858
Townsend s/o Peter and Phebe July 13, 1793-Dec.24, 1828
Rachel VanEtten w/o Townsend d. Apr.18,1857 age 62-6-0
Townsend G. s/o Townsend and Rachel d. Dec.2, 1831 age 3-3-6
Benjamin V. 1823-1825
William C. s/o Peter and Phebe Apr.10,1800-Oct.22,1832
Isaac V. s/o Peter and Phebe Feb.7, 1808-Aug.13, 1873
Mary Hammond d/o Peter and Phebe Sept.14, 1802-Oct.21,1894
Rebecca Van DeMark d/o Peter and Phebe Nov.9, 1795-May12,1842
Elizabeth Davis d/o Peter and Phebe no dates w/o Luther Davis
Albert s/o Isaac V. and Maria Apr.22,1853-Nov.24,1853
John L. s/o Isaac V. and Maria Apr.16, 1843-Dec.9,1853
Julia and two sons, w/o Franklin French d/o Townsend and Rachel d. 1860’s
Maria d. Nov.24, 1853

from the “Owego Gazette” Jan.14, 1976
Peter Broas b. Oct.22, 1762 d. Feb.23,1859 m. Phoebe Raner (Raynor) b. Sept.8, 1866 d. Mar.15,1858.
1. Isaac V. married Marier (as spelled) Ketchum
2. William
3. Charles
4. Townsend
5. Rebecca m. Abraham Vandemark
6. Mary
7. Betsey m. Mr. Davis, had nine children

Isaac V. Broas s/o Peter and Phebe Broas m. Manier (as spelled) Ketchum . She was b. Mar.4,1812 d. Apr.7,1903
1. Harriet m. Jacob Swartout
2. James P.
3. Alson b. Apr.22,1853
4. Albert b. Apr.22,1853 d. Nov.24,1853
5. John L. d. Dec.8, 1858 age 10 years

William E. Broas s/o Peter and Phoebe Broas b. Apr.10, 1800 d. Oct.22,1831 m. Sally Howard b. Nov.9, 1797 at Neversink, NY d. July 7, 1883 Nanticoke, NY, she m. 2nd Mr. Vandemark
1. Phebe b. Apr.21, 1821 d. Sept.17, 1904 m. Mr. Dunham
2. Nancy Lee b. Jan.22,1825 d. June 14, 1888 m. Washington Johnson
3. Josephine Grant b. Feb.4, 1828 Maine, NY d. Oct.17, 1920 McLean, NY m. Charles Mortimer Ford Jan.31, 1849 in Union.
4. William C. b. July 26, 1830 d. Sept.22, 1905 m. Mrs. Elliott
5. Rebecca b. Feb.1, 1832 d. Nov.1, 1854

Alson Broas s/o Isaac V. and Marier (Ketchum) Broas b. Apr.22, 1853 d. Dec.25, 1844 m. 1st. Nettie Hawer b. Apr.9,1860 d. Nov.18, 1902, m 2nd Mamie (Marian) widow of John Adriance b. July 11, 1857 d. Apr.6, 1925
1. Guy b. Mar.14, 1884 d. July 19, 1895
2. Raymond d. Sept.17, 1918 age 24 World War 1
3. Eda May b. May 2, 1885 d. Sept.7,1941

William Charles Broas b. Mar.27,1820 in Union s/o William and Lucinda (Cleveland) Broas, d. 1888 Wisconsin, m. Dec.1, 1844 Tioga County, NY to Emaline R. Shepard b. 1828 Cortland, NY d. Sept.1892 Sauk, Wisc. d/o Robert and Polly (Burton) Shepard.
1. Allen Alva b. Nov.10, 1847 Maine, NY d. Minn. m. Susan Thorton in Minn.
2. Benjamin Burton b. June 25, 1850 in Maine m. Mary Mohler
3. Chauncey Townsend b. Jan.1, 1853 Wisconsin m. Elcina Atkinson in Wisc.
4. Phoebe Ann b. Oct.9, 1855 Wisc. m. William Stansfield
5. Mary Jane b. 1859 Wisc.
6. Lucy Maria b. 1861 Wisc. m. Alex Bowens
7. John died young
8. Albert died young