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Alderman, Talcott, Castle Creek, born in Chenango in 1832, was a highway commissioner and postmaster, went to Minnesota and later returned; wife, Mary J. Dunham born in 1835 daughter of Nelson and Nancy ( Gaylord ) Alderman, married January 1857. Children; Fred L. born 1858, Ella E. born 1861, Minnie A. born Minnesota in 1863 and one adopted son, Paul S. Alderman born 1876; Fred L. married Nettie L. Dyer in June 1880, Minnie A. married David B. King in October 1884 and Ella A. was a school teacher. Parents : Bradley and Sarah ( Phelps ) Alderman.

Allen, John H,. p.o. Whitney Point, born in Barker in 1837 highway commissioner three terms; wife Alvira Howard born in Maine in 1842 daughter of Miner and Lusina Howard. Parents: Squire and Bestey ( Underwood ) Allen , the former born in 1802 and died in 1871 and the latter born in 1801 in the Catskills and died in 1880; children, eight, James, Polly, Samantha, Abigail, Squire, Jr., Lewis, John H. and Christopher C.

Allen, Squire, Jr.p.o. Whitney Point was born in Lisle in 1831; wife, Elvira Dunham , daughter of George and Esther ( Bennett ) Dunham born in Barker in 1836 and married in 1856. One son, Truman E. Parents: Squire Sr., and Betsey ( Underwood ) Allen Grandparents: John and Rachel ( Hendrickson ) Allen who settled in Barker 1789 a former Revolutionary War soldier who died in Barker.

Beach, Franklin p.o. Whitney Point, a farmer, born in Barker 1823; first wife, Mary Councilman married in 1846, died in 1851, two children; Charles and Frederick; second wife, Mrs. Susanna ( Norton ) Newton who had one child, Luna Newton , children two; Mary F. and Ellen M. Allen. Charles married Alice Hall, had one child and was drowned April 4, 1875, Frederick married Ella Church. Mary F. married James L. Bump and had two; Ellen M. married Arthur H. Brown, four children. Parents: Harvey B. and Maria ( Ross ) Beach , the former of Barker , the latter of Vestal, married in 1820. Harvey died June 30, 1833 age 37 and Maria died June 25, 1838 age 38. Children; Franklin, Asa, Washington, Harvey, Sophia, Catherine, Martha, and Lucia M.

Beach, William p.o. Whitney Point, farmer, assessor eight years and an early river pilot running rafts. Wife, Mary D. Rooks daughter of Daniel and Delaney ( Boldman ) Rooks, the former born in Essex County, the latter in Montgomery County. Mary D.was born in Penna. 1833 and married 1863; children Myrta E. born 1864, John L. born 1865, and Flora born 1871. Parents: John and Alma ( Seymour ) Beach the former born in Conn. in 1790 and died 1861; the latter born Mass. 1792, married 1813; children, John Jr., Mehitable, William , Eliza, Harriet and Caroline. Grandparents: Asa and Elizabeth Beach.

Brown, Parley p.o. Whitney Point, born in Barker 1843, wife Charolette J. Fuller born in Barker 1840 married 1866, daughter of Orlando and Sally ( Shipman ) Fuller ; one child, La Forest F. born 1879. Parents; David and Mariam ( Kenyon ) Brown, the former born in Conn. 1794, the latter born 1830. David's first wife was Eliza ( Sullivan ) Brown, died leaving four children of which was Capt. Robert Brown of Binghamton, . Parley M. enlisted in the 1861 in Company F 89th Reg. NYSVol., wounded and discharged, re-enlisted in the 14th Artillery was wounded again, discharged and received a pension.

Carr Dr. Henry A.p.o . Chenango Forks, physican and surgeon born in Chenango Forks 1851, wife; M. Ella Paddock, daughter of John and Julia Paddock born in Great Bend, Pa. 1854, married in 1879. Children two: Mamie B. and Jennie L. Parents; Dr. Royal R. and Jane ( Katell ) Carr, the former born in New Hampshire a graduate of the Geneva Medical Society. He had a very large practice in Chenango Forks until 1870 then he moved to Binghamton where he had one of the largest practices in the city until his death in 1879. Dr. Henry A. was a graduate of New York Medical College.

Conklin, Washington p.o. Chenango Forks, born in Chenango County 1823; first wife, Sarah Jane Palmer born in Chenango County in 1833, married in 1863, children three; Lawrence, Sarah Elizabeth and Emma. Parents; Lawrence and Samantha ( Heath ) Conklin. Grandparents; John and Susan Conklin of Dutchess County. The former was a soldier of the Revolution.

Dunham, Hiram p.o. Whitney Point, born in Amenia, Dutchess County in September 14, 1814; wife Lucy Eldridge, born in Barker in 1818, married in 1842 and died 1884. Children; two, Louisa M. who married Eugene Joy and Edgar S. who married Hattie Adams of Triangle. Parents; John and Wealthy ( Barber ) Dunham born in Dutchess County and settled in Broome County in 1831, children eleven, the former died in 1852 and the latter died 1841.

Ellerson, Hamilton p.o. Whitney Point, born in Schoharie County in 1824 highway commissioner and tailor, first wife; Anna M. Terwillger of Greene, Chenango County born in 1823, married 1854 and died 1865 leaving four children, Josephine A., Eddie M., Mary E., and James. Sceond wife; Mrs. Elmira Blair married in 1866, one child, Lodicie and one daughter by former marriage Ette Blair. Parents: John and Elizabeth ( Collier ) Ellerson, the former born in Schoharie County , settled in Broome in 1837, children, nine.

English, David p.o. Chenango Forks, born in Greene, Chenango County in 1818; first wife, Cynthia Tickner of Triangle born in 1816 married in 1838 and died in 1853 leaving six children, three living, Clark, Benjamin, and Ann; One son, George killed in the Battle of Antietam in 1861; second wife, Mrs. Sarah ( Hill ) Birch, born in Windsor in 1830, married in 1854 children, Morris and Morgan, twins, born in 1856, Wakeman and Washburn, twins, born in 1858, Eva born 1861 and Asa born in 1864. Parents; Jonathan and Isabella ( Niles ) English who settled in Chenango County in 1812, the former was drafted in 1812 leaving a wife and four small children in a log cabin wilderness until he was discharge . The former died in Broome County and the latter died in Chenango County, eleven children.

English, Jonathan, Jr. p.o. Chenango Forks, born in 1805; wife, Aminda Marsh born in Delaware in 1807, married 1830, children eleven, five living, Jerome, Victrine L., Emalenda, Maranda and Harriet. Parents; Jonathan and Isabella ( Niles ) English, settled in Broome County in 1810, children eleven, living, Jonathan, William, David and Isabel. Jonanthan Sr. died in 1853 age 77.

Fuller, Edgar p.o. Whitney Point born in Barker in 1851; wife, Albertine R. Todd, daughter of Samuel and Addie Todd, born in Marathon 1850, married 1882. Parents ; Orlando C. and Sally ( Shipman ) Fuller, the former born in 1791 in Otsego County and the latter born in 1809, married 1827, fourteen children. Grandparenrs; Benjamin and Mary ( Chamberlain ) Fuller, the former one of the first settlers in Broome County, a native of Connecticut, a surveyor and blacksmith.children fourteen.

Gaylord, Elias p.o. Whitney Point., born in Barker in 1809, wife, Sally Ann Stephens of Yates County, born in 1821, married in 1844, children Adelaide married James Wooster and Fanny married Dorus Westover. Parents; Aaron and Elizabeth ( Shevalier ) Gaylord natives of Dutchess County, settled in Barker in 1812, children eleven, six living, Elias, Charles, Aaron, James, Nancy, and Caroline.

Hall, Charles p.o. Chenango Forks, born in Barker in 1853; wife, Ida Frances Emmons born in New York and married 1878, children Raymond and Frank. Parents; David and Catherine ( Knapp ) Hall, the former born in Massachusetts in 1819 and died in 1873 , the latter born in Columbia County 1821 and married in 1844 in Barker. Children ; Mary, Charles and an adopted daughter. Parents; Arunah and Achsa (Lyon ) Hall who settled in Maine in 1822, children, four.

Harrington Dr. Salphronius H. p.o. Chenango Forks, physician and surgeon, born in Green, Chenango County in 1829: wife , Margaret Hagaman born in 1837 daughter of Maurice and Margaret ( Upham ) Hagaman. Married in 1862; children Mary E. born in 1869, died in 1876 and Maurice S. born in 1878. Parents; Benjamin and Mary ( Smith ) Harrington , natives of Vermont. Dr. Harrington a graduate of Union College in 1853 began his studies under Dr. French of Lisle and was graduated from the Albany Medical Center in 1855. He settled in Chenango Forks where he opened a drugstore and continued his profession.

Hatfield, William p.o. Chenango Forks, born in Schoharie County1832; wife, Mercy E. Handy daughter of Ezekiel and Aura ( Heath ) Hatfield, born in Chenango County in 1844, married in 1863, children eight; Robert, Lucius S., Mary E., Lester, Willie, Gertrude, Flora May and Estella. Parents; Peter adaughter of Ezekiel and Aura ( Heath ) Hatfield, born in Chenango County in 1844, married in 1863, children eight; Robert, Lucius S., Mary E., Lester, Willie, Gertrude, Flora May and Estella. Parents, Peter and Anna (Gates ) Hatfield, married in Schoharie County and settled in Maine in 1835; the former died in 1843, children, David, Horatio, Robert, William, Emily and Martha A.

Hyde, Charles, Jr. p.o. Whitney Point born in Barker in 1825; wife, Mary Caroline daughter of Rev. William and Mary (Stevens ) Gates, born at Great Bend , Pa. in 1835, children four, William G. born 1864, John Merton born 1867, Julien Seymour and Lucien Stevens, twins, born 1875 . Rev. Gates was a Baptist minister and taught school in Bingahmton. He died in Barker in 1882. Parents; Charles Sr. and Ann ( Seymour ) Hyde; the former born in Barker in 1797, the latter in Lanesboro, 1801, married in 1825, children, three,Charles, Jr. Caroline R., and Frederick. Grandparents, Chauncey and Alice ( Stoughton ) Hyde married in 1791, settled in Barker in 1792 or 1793. He died in Barker in 1847, seven children.

Hayes, Augustine, born in Greene, Chenango County in 1807, died 1877. His first wife, Betsey Fuller married in November 1831, died 1840: children, Jacob, Sarah, Matildy and Libbie; second wife, Hannah Fairchild married May 1842 died October 1848, children Henry and George; third wife, Martha ( Loomia ) Doubleday married July 6, 1849, children Charles J., Ella D. and Idella C.

Hayes, Charles J. p.o. Castle Creek, born in Barker in 1850; first wife Mary R. Howland married in 1873 died 1874; second wife, Arvilla A. Spencer married 1876, died 1879; third wife, Mary J. ( Peck ) Stamptler of Illinois born in 1846 married in 1880, one child, Henry C. Hayes, and one child by a former marriage, Floyd A. Grandfather Caleb Hayes married Anna Cooke, he was an early Baptist minister in Barker, twelve children.

Kenyon, Nathaniel Jr., p.o. Chenango Forks, born in Barker in 1844; wife Electa Taft of Triangle born 1846 married 1864, one child, Willie born in 1874. Parents; Nathaniel and Hannah ( Smith ) Kenyon, the former of Rensselaer County, the latter of Albany County, children four sons and three daughters. Grandfather, Reynold Kenyon and wife with a family of six children settled in Broome County in 1800.

Page, Enos p.o. Whitney Point, born in Guilford, Chenango County in 1826; wife Melissa Crowell daughter of John and Hannah Crowell , born in Cobleskill, Schoharie County in 1835, married 1857, children three, Frank H., Alta A. and Delbert E. Parents; Stephen and Anna ( Weeks ) Page, the former born in Westerlo, Albany County and the latter in Guilford, Chenango County, settled in Broome County in 1836, children, nine.

Parsons, Franklin p.o.Chenango Forks, born in Barker in 1837; wife, Mary Hale daughter of David and Catherine Hale, born in Barker in 1845, married in 1870, three children, Arthur Nelson, George Sherman, and Charles. Parents; Chauncey and Catherine ( Owen ) Parsons, the former born in Greene, Chenango County in 1810, the latter in Lisle in 1813 , married in 1835, the former died in 1873, children Franklin born in 1837, Charles in 1840 Henrietta and Sarah Elizabeth. Grandparents were natives of New England and early settlers in Chenango County.

Parsons Horace p.o. Whitney Point, farmer born in Barker in 1826; wife, Maria Hadsell of Massachusettes, married 1850, children three, Charles H., who married Hattie E. Reynolds of Chenango Forks, Elois W. and Samuel S.who married Adelaide Johnson of Martinez, California. Parents; Lorenzo and Polly ( Stoddard ) Parsons, natives of Mass. the former born in 1797 and died 1879, the latter born 1798 and died in 1873, children six , four lived , Joseph S., Horace W., Eliza and Clarissa. Prandparents; Jacob and Loraine ( Sedwick ) Parsons, the former a Captain in the Revolution and one of the Boston Purchasing Company of Mass.

Pease, Alonzo, p.o. Whitney Point, born in Windsor in April 1839, justice of the Peace for twelve years and town supervisor; wife, Mary E. Sines, daughter of Joshua and Abigail ( Fosgate ) Sines of Chenango County, born in 1841, married in 1861, children, nine, Harvey P., Louis, Rafford, Fanny, Jessie, Lilla, Dolly, Catherine, and Mary. Parents; William and Eliza ( Wait ) Pease, the former of Mass. the latter of Chenango County, married in 1837, children Alonzo, Sidney, Isaac, Austin, Edgar and Amelia. William Pease and Sons erected a steam mill in 1874 for a custom flour and feed mill, and a lumber sawing and planing mill, a manufactureer of all grades of building lumber, located one mile south of Whitney Point.

Pierce Walter B. p.o. Chenango Forks, farmer and tobacconist, born in Herkimer County in 1824; wife, Julia A. Hawes born in Hudson, NY in 1822, married in 1848; children Charles H., who married Phebe A.Clark; Julia A. who married Horatio O. Williams; Helen G. who married Adolf Harold Bierck; Florence B. who married Charles F. Baker; Frederick H. who married Minnie E. Palmer ; and an adopted daughter , Gertrude Kingsley Pierce born in 1878. Mr. Pierce purchased a farm of 340 acres for the manufacture of better grades of tobacco, having his own brands as Walter B. Pierce and Sir Isaac Newton.

Puffer, Moses p.o. Castle Creek, born in Tompkins County in 1824, son of William and Sally Puffer; one of seven children He spenttwo years in Will, Illinois, move dto Castle Creek, was postmaster, assessor and blacksmith; enlisted in the NY Volunteers, Company F 89th Regiment in 1861 and was 1st Lieutinent under Colonel Fairchilds. He married Cloe A. Gray daughter of John and Harriet Gray born in Barker in 1827 in 1849. She was one of seven children and the last of her fathers family when she died in 1883 ; two children, Charles D. who married Pluma P. Emens in 1878, and William R. who married Mary E. Bolster in 1883.

Potter, Eugene p.o. Chenango Forks, born in Greene Chenango County in 1830; wife, Martha J. Boughton daughter of David and Anna ( Crofoot ) Boughton, born in Cayuage County in 1837, married 1858, children Emmet C., Arthur E., Myrtle A. and DeForest who died in 1870 aged seven years. Eugene was commissioner and collector. Parents; Lyman and Mirian ( Thurston ) Potter natives of Washington County, married 1829 and settled in Broome in 1839, children, five; Eugene, Harriet, Ann, Frances and Florence A. Lyman died in 1869 age 60.

Root, Myron S. born in Oxford, Chenango County in 1833, constable and collector; wife, Jennie P. Westover, daughter of Ozias and Eliza ( Hadsell ) Westover, born in Barker in 1840, married 1863. Parents; Sylvester and Maria S. ( Miller ) Root, children nine, five who lived, James H., Myron S., Mary E., Sarah A. and Helen M.

Rogers, Charles p.o.Whitney point farmer, born in Barker in 1836, highway commissioner and assessor; wife, Jane Ticknor, of Triangle, born in 1841, married in 1862. Parents; Benjamin and Fildelia ( Atwater ) Rogers,the foormer born in Conn. in 1801 and the latter born 1810 in Broome County, married in 1831; children six; David, Charles H., Lewis, Mary, and Angeline. Grandparents; John and Mary ( VanDusen ) Rogers, natives of Conn., the former purchased his farm of the Boston Land Company in 1809. Charles Rogers and Joel Johnson are founders of a stock company called the Barker Valley Salt and Mining Company and engaged in sinking a well to pursue salt and oil.

Rogers John Barker p.o. Chenango Forks, born in Lisle in 1796; wife, Harriet L. Meloy, born in Conn. in 1799, married in 1820 and died in 1873; children, nine, six lived, Mary Ann, Julia, Caroline, Theodore, Norman S. and George W.Parents; Simon and Mary ( Barker ) Rogers, natives of Conn. who settled 1790 in Tioga County in that part which became Broome County . John B. was a member of the Assembly in 1844 and postmaster thirty years. He began the lumber trade as a boy and later began a merchantile business from which he retired.

Thurston, Alfred p.o. Whitney Point, born in Barker in 1810, first wife, Olive Freeman, of Lisle, married in 1839, died in 1847, leaving three small children; Henry, Clara and Libbie. Henry married Sarah Mix; Clara married E.A. Saxton and Libbie married F.T. Newcomb; second wife Laura Osborne married in 1848, children Edith Leona married M.O. Eggleston, and Elsie Medora married R.H. Deyo. Parents; John and Abigal ( Tripp ) Thurston, who settled in Barker, married in 1839, died in 1847, leaving three small children; Henry, Clara and Libbie. Henry married Sarah Mix; Clara married E.A. Saxton and Libbie married F.T. Newcomb; second wife Laura Osborne married in 1848, children Edith Leona who married M.O. Eggleston and Elsie Medora who married R.H. Deyo.

Walter, Asaph B. p.o. Whitney Point, farmer, born in Triangle in 1818; first wife, Mary E. Dibble of Tompkins County , married in 1840 and died in1873 leaving two children, Amelia and Emmett; second wife, Sarah A. Wooster , daughter of John and Amanda (Boyce) Wooster born in Chenango County in 1837, married in 1875. Parents, Horace and Phebe (Morse) Walter. Horace was born August 12, 1790 and died June 16, 1869; Phebe Morse was born September 23, 1798 and died July 10, 1866; children twelve.

Walter, Philo G. born in Whitney Point in 1834, died in 1880; wife, Harriet Pendell. daughter of Warren and Louisa Pendell of Nanticoke, born in 1840, married in 1860; children, Fred O., Frank, James, George, Delos, Robert and Hattie. Parnets, Horace and Phebe (Morse) Walter, married in Oneida County, settled in Broome in 1814.

Westover, Dorus p.o. Whitney Point, born in Barker in 1844; wife, Fanny Gaylord, daughter of Elias and Sally A. Gaylord, born in1850, married in 1872; children, Alice born in 1876 and Elmer G. born in 1873. Parents, Ozias and Eliza (Hadsell) Westover, natives of Mass. who settled in Chenango County in 1829; children, Polly, Jane, and Dorus.


Bolley, Henry p.o. Binghamton owns 145 acres , born in Germany in 1834, settled in this town in 1855 , son of Charles Bolley; wife, Mary Miller daughter of Frederick Miller, two children; George H. and Carrie L. Cortsey, Carlos, p.o. Binghamton was supervisor of the city born in Switzerland in 1831, settled in the Town of Binghamton in 1858 and in the City in 1871, son of James Cortsey; wife, Dominga Gandolfo; second wife, Emma Gandolfo, two children, Mary A. and Emma.

Davis, Cyrus p.o. Binghamton, farmer, owns 100 acres, born in Ulster County in 1853, settled in this town in 1855, son of Abram and Jane ( Haskins ) Davis; wife, Hattie Beard daughter of Wiley Beard of Delaware County born in 1853, one child, Earnest D.

Drake Morgan p.o. Hawleyton and born there in 1831, son of William T. Drake of Dutchess County who settled here in 1820; first wife, Louisa Gage died in 1875 leaving one child, James M.; second wife, Lizzie Thomson, daughter of Gilbert H. Thomson, two children, Willie and Dedie.

Hance, Ashley p.o.Binghamton, farmer, owns 140 acres, born in Susquehanna County, Pa. in 1818, son of Waped Hance, a native of New Jersey and one of the first settlers of this county ; wife Johanna Whipple daughter of Joseph Whipple of Duanesburg; children, Cornelia, Augustua, John and Jennie.

Hance Augustus p.o. Binghamton overseer of town, born in Liberty, Susquehanna County, Pa. in 1846 settled in the town of Binghamton in 1863, son of Asher Hance, a resident of this town; wife Livona Mathewson, daughter of George Mathewson, a resident of the Town of Vestal; one son, Spencer W.

Howard, Henry p.o. Binghamton, farmer, owns 263 acres, born in Auburn Township, Pa. in 1852 son of Samuel B. of Brooklyn, Pa. , who was son of Samuel Howard; first wife Lottie Cook who died April 27, 1879, second wife, Mary L. Addison, daughter of Robert Addison, one child, Robert W.

Jaycox, Henry W. p.o. Hawleyton, farmer owns 50 acres, born in Albany County im 1811 son of David Jaycox of Dutchess County; wife, Jane Hannay born December 15, 1808, daughter of Andrew A. and Mary ( Swap ) Hannay , children five, four lived, Henry L., Harriet D., Emily J. and Ebenezer M. Keator, George N. Cottage Hotel, born in Sussex County, New Jersey, in 1837, settled in Binghamton in 1866, built the present hotel in 1877; father, Peter Keator of Sullivan County; wife Augusta Dodge, daughter of John W. Dodge of Gennes County, married in 1866, children ; Eugene L., Ettie, George R., Welden B., and Gussie D. George N. enlisted in 1861 in Co.A 15th Reg of Penna. Volunteers.

Pierson, I.F. p.o. Binghamton, farmer and creamery, owns 1000 acres, born in ASlleghany County in 1832, settled in Vestal in with his father in 1836, came to farm where he resided in 1858, son of John K.Pierson a native of Morristown , NJ, who was son of Darias Pierson; wife Ruth Gage daughter of Wesson Gage; children, Katie, Mattie, Charles H. and Delbert.Vosburg, Jacob p.o. Binghamton, owns 96 acres, born in Schoharie County in 1825, settled here in 1847, son of Peter Vosburg who was son of Adam Vosburg; wife, Sarah E. Butler daughter of Joel Butler, children, Francis, Henry, Morris, Ella, Ada, Isaac, and Libbie.

Wansor, John p.o. Bimghamton, born in 1815 in Fairfioeld County, Conn. settled here in 1876, son of Joseph and Sophia ( Lewis ) Wansor; wife, Theresa Stratton, children; John L., George S. and Charles H. John Wansor enlisted in Co. I. 12th Reg of Conn. Volunteers in 1862 and discharged in 1863.

Whitney, William p.o. Binghamton, farmer, owns 75 acres, supervisor and commissioner of highways, justice of peace, overseer of the poor for Towns of Binghamton and Conklin, born in this town in 1819, son of John Whitney who came here with his father John, one of the first settlers of this town; wife, Rhoda H. Blakeslee daughter of Zebulon Blakeslee; children Burt E.


Alderman, Bradley p.o. Castle Creek, born in West Springfield , Mass. in 1822, settled in Broome in 1828; wife, Elizabeth M. Dimmick, born in Union Hill in 1823, married in 1846; children, S.J. Alderman born Sept. 29, 1848, died Jan. 3, 1849 and Mary E. married George Young and had one child, Rhoda. Parents; Bradley and Sarah ( Phelps ) Alderman of Conn., settled in Broome in 1828; children, Bradley J., Israel P. Edwin B. Talcott, Judson, Abigail, Amarett, and Juliette. The father Bradley died in 1870.

Alderman, Israel P. p.o.Castle Creek, born in Mass. in 1824 married in 1847 to Caroline Griffin of Granby, Conn. born in 1825;children, Margaret, Henry J., Edwin H. and Fannie E. Edwin J. died in Florida in 1880 age 28 years. Parents, Bradley and Sarah ( Phelps ) Alderman.

Amsbury, George W., p.o.Chenango Bridge, born in Fenton in 1849; wife, Alsie Sprague, daughter of Albert and Almira ( Moore ) Sprague born in 1849, married in 1872; children Henry and Edith; Parents, Israel D. and Prudence( Statts) Amsbury, the former born in Manlius, Onondaga County in 1814 and the latter borrn in Broome County in 1824, married in 1845; children, Henrietta, George, Fanny, Lydia, Merritt, Gertrude , Alonzo and Lizzie.

Brown, James p.o. Chenango Forks, born in Barker in 1844, was assessor, constable and sheriff, enlisted in Co. F. 89th Reg. NY Vol. in 1861 and discharged in 1864 at Albany, was wounded and received a pension; wife, Elizabeth Parsons born in 1843 and married 1868; children, Bertha, Edith, Maggie, Roland, and Elmer.Parents, Lot and M argaret ( Smith ) Brown, the former born 1817, the latter in 1819, married in 1838; children, Mary E., Agusta, James, Charles and Lot, Jr.

Carpenter, William p.o. Kattelville, born in Broome County in1843, married in 1870 to Laura Adaline Kattel daughter of Alonzo E. and Elma ( Moore ) Kattel; children, Charles M. born in 1871 and Elma J. born in 1873.

Carey, Walter p.o. Glen Castle, born in Dover, Dutchess County in 1810, married in 1835 to Sarah A. Booth, she died in 1879; children, Mary E. born August 24, 1840 married Charles A. Tompkins and died August 22, 1866, leaving one child, Libbie M., Jane H. born April 7, 1843, married to James Siver April 7, 1861, children, Carrie E. and Walter H.; Anna S. born December 7, 1844 married to William H. Ransom. Walter Cartey married in 1880 as his second wife, Abbey ( Cunningham ) Ducher. Parents; Benjamin and Polly Carey, children, Walter, William , Abbey and seven children not living.

Cole, Ambrose p.o.Kattelville, born in Chenango, Broome County in 1829, married Ruby Keyes, born in Kirkwood in 1837, married in 1864, children Walton Cole and Delphene. Ambrose went to California in 1854 for five years returned and settled on the Jesse Cole farm for five years, then settled in Fenton. Parents, Jesse and Prudence ( Shepardson ) Cole , the former born in Chemung County, married in Windsor in 1825, the latter died in 1856 leaving five children.

Collins, Charles p.o. Binghamton, born in Chenango County in 1819 highway commissioner and general farmer; wife Loretta M. Scofield born in1823, married in 1845; children , Aphrillia, Delia and Adelbert. Parents, Charles and Deborah ( Fox ) Collins born and married in New Hampshire, settled in Chenango in 1824 where he died in 1858 and she died in 1876, children Nancy, Roswell, Charles , Deborah and three not living.

Dorman, Lewis R. p.o. Glen Castle, born in Chenango, Broome County in 1838, a farmer and instrumental music teacher; wife, Gertrude Winfield born in 1842 and married in 1862, daughter of William and Sarah Westfield (?). Parents, Gersham and Hannah ( Ross ) Dorman, the former died in 1841 abd the latter in 1857, children Jerome G. born in 1833, Lewis R. born in 1838 and three not living.

Frazier, Mrs. Polly p.o. Chenango Bridge married Elkanah Hinckley, who was born in Broome County in 1821, married in 1848, he died leaving two children; William Ernest born in 1848 and Alice E. born in 1851. Elkanah died in California while on a business trip in 1852, his widow married Eliphalet Frazier, born in 1824 and died in 1871, leaving one son, Charles E. born 1861. Parents, Charles and Luanna ( Bennett ) Sprague.

Frier, Eddie D. p.o. Chenango Bridge, born in Chenango, Broome County in 1857; wife, Adelia Prentice daughter of Hiram and Emaline ( Warner ) Prentice, born in 1857, married in 1878, one son, Ralph l.. Parents; Elisha and Phebe Anne ( Cole ) Prentice, the former born in 1820 and the latter born in 1846, one child Eddie D. Phebe Anne was daughter of Calvin and Martha ( Pine ) Cole.

Goodspeed, Philarman p.o. Castle Creek, born in Massachusettes in 1807; wife, Julia M. Judd , born in Massachusettes in 1821, married in 1843; children three, Oliver Morris, Julia Frances, and Florence Ozina. Oliver married Eva Blair, Julia married Royal Blair, Florence married Frank Bolester. Parents; William and Luruma ( Chappell ) Goodspeed of Bershire County , Mass. married and settled in Broome with nine children. Julia M. was daughter of Samuel and Sylvia ( Sackett ) Judd.

Harris, Lyman p.o. Binghamton, born in Cayuaga County in 1835, married Jane Camp who was born in Tioga County in 1832, married in 1860, three children; Henry, Mittie, and Burton, two died in infancy. Parents; Howard and Malinda ( Hurlbert ) Harris , the former of Mass. , the latter of Conn.The former died in 1860 and the latter died in 1858 leaving ten children.

Hatch, Moses C. p.o. Kattelville, born in Chenango, Broome County in 1853, son of Oliver and Cornelia ( Cole ) Hatch, the former born in 1815 and died in 1861, the latter born in 1818, married in 1840; four children, Clarissa, Julius F., William M., who died in the Army and Moses C. Cornelia was a daughter of Cornelius and Sally (White) Cole.

Hawks, Elihu S., p.o. Castle Creek, born in Chenango, Broome County in 1828, wife, Electa Lewis, born in 1831, married in 1853; four children, Louisa S., Samuel S., Bertha and Estella. Parents; Samuel and Ruby ( Jones ) Hawks, married in Mass. , settled in Broome in 1820 with one child; children, Dexter, James, Elihu S., Simeon W., Angeline and three who died. E.S. was engaged in the lumber business.

Howard, Darwin p.o. Castle Creek, born in Maine, Broome County in 1844, wife, Addie Pitkin born in Maine in 1840, married in 1867; children, Matie M. and Fred D. Parents, James and Marion ( Lyon ) Howard, the former born 1808, the latter born in 1813, married in 1833. Grandparents, Amos and Polly ( Ward ) Howard, settled in Broome 1794, ten children, Darwin enlisted in Company E 50th NY Engineers, in 1862 for three years.

Johnson, Joseph p.o. West Chenango, born in New Haven, Conn. in1810, settled in Broome in1817; married Polly Brooks born in New haven , in 1835; children, Amasa, Watson A., Josephine, Georginia, Polly, Cecelia, Martha A., Joseph B., and two who died. Parents, Lent and Esther ( Tuttle ) Johnson.

Johnson, Leonard , p.o. Glen Castle, born in Chenango, Broome County , son of Lent and Esther ( Tuttle ) Johnson, the former born 1776 and the latter in 1786, settled in Broome1817. Children, Joseph, Isaac, Ezra, Leonard, William, Samuel and five who died.They crossed the Hudson thru the Catskills on ox team. Mr. Lent died in 1866 and his wife the same year, Leonard and Samuel were bachelors and lived on the old homestead.

Johnson, Orville D. p.o. Chenango , born in Dover, Dutchess County in 1820, married Mary Jane Nimmons, born in 1828, married in 1844; children, Charles H., Rachel, Orville Jr., Wealthy D. and Mahlon E. Parents, David and Hannah Johnson, of Dutchess County, settled in Broome in 1841.

Judd, Samuel, Jr. p.o. Castle Creek, born in Lenox, Mass. in 1811, married Anna Maria Sears, of Pittsfield, Mass. born in 1816, married in 1834, one child; Samuel E., Jr. who married Jennie Layton in 1874.Samuel E. settled in Broome in 1834, his wife died in 1879. Parents, Samuel and Sylvia ( Sackett ) Judd, the former died in Mass. , the latter in Broome in 1853, seven children.

Judd, Sylvanius p.o. Binghamton, born in Berkshire County, Mass. in 1822 married Olive Dimmock born in Broome in 1824, married in 1842, one son Samuel H. born in 1851, and two daughters, Rissa O. and Mary F. both deceased. Samuel H. married Minnehaha Allen born in Maine, Broome1856, married in 1878, one son, Sylvanius Buckingham Judd born in 1883. Parents, Samuel and Sylvia (Sackett) Judd of Mass. who settled in Broome in 1835.

Kattell, Thaddeus A. p.o. Kattelville, born in Chenango, broome County, in 1859, married Louisa Van Trump, of Lancaster, Ohio, born in 1841, married in 1873, one son, Thomas Blair born in Binghamton in 1875. T.A. enlisted in1861 for three years , serving in the Northwest. He joined a company that purchased 26,000 acres of land for cotton growing which was not successful. He was a deputy in Tennessee and in the oil trade in Chicago, returning to Broome County in 1883. Parents; Alonzo Elias and Elma ( Moore ) Kattell, the former born in 1813 and the latter in 1813 and married 1833, seven children .

Keeler, Herod M. p.o. Chenango Bridge, born in Chenango, Broome county in 1831, married Mercia Sprague, daughter of Charles and Luana Sprague born in Chenango in 1828, married in 1858 died in 1876, one daughter, Mary A. born in 1861 and died in 1882; second wife, Alice Parsons, daughter of Oliver and Eunice Parsons born in 1845,married in 1878. Parents, Revillo and Polly ( Miller ) Keeler, the former born in Bingahmton in 1797 and the latter born in Conn. in 1805, five children. Grandparents, Ira and Rosabella Keeler.

Lee, Daniel D. p.o. Chenango Forks, born in Broome in 1821, married Rhoda Ann Miller daughter of Herod and Sophronia Miller of Kattelville, born in 1825, married in 1845; children, Grace F., Elmer H., and Sophronia. Mr. Lee was a teacher, farmer and justice of the peace.His wife died in Oct. 9, 1878. Parents, William and Anna ( Hubbard ) Lee, the former of Mass. married in New York , settled in Kattelville in 1794, the former died in 1841, the latter died in 1856, seven children.

Lum,, Samuel born in Schenectedy, New York in 1807 son of Jehiel and ( Prendell ) Lum who settled and died in Otsego County, ten children. Wife, Patience Luther of New Hope Bay, married in 1822, died in 1874; second wife, Mercy Mills, married in 1876died in 1884. Samuel settled in Nanticoke, Broome County in 1827, moved to Castle Creek in 1865.

Martin, Clarence Eugene p.o. Kattelville, born in Chenango in 1864 son of Judah and Sarah J. Martin, who was the dauighter of Jacob and Maria Bowman , early settlers , who owned the present homestead of Mr. Martin. Judson was born in 1832 and his wife in 1840, died in 1874, leaving children Arthur B.. Ella P., Florence C. and Clarence E.

Martin, Judson p.o. Kattelville, born in Colesville in 1832; first wife, Sarah J. Bowman, born in Chenango in 1840 died in 1874; second wife, Emily Palmer, born in 1840, married in 1877, three children. Parents, James and Mary ( Robinson ) Martin, the former of Conn, and the latter of Otsego County, married in Colesville, the former died in Fenton , the latter died in Chenango County leaving four children.

Murphy, Patrick p.o. Binghamton, born in Ireland in 1827, son of William and Johanna Murphy, who had five children, four of whom came to America and settled in New York city. Patrick married Catherine Farral, born in Ireland in 1827, married in 1851, and settled in Broome County in 1851. Children, William J., Johanna Agnes, John N., Anna C. and Catherine T., twins, Patrick L., Mary Louisa and Elizabeth F.

Newman, Elias p.o. Kattellville, born in Westchester County in 1799; first wife, Nancy Crane, daughter of John Crane born in 1805, marries in 1824 and died in 1833, leaving two children: Sarah E., and Julia Ann; wife, Mary Hart, married in 1835 and died in 1860 leaving three children, George, Gilbert and Benjamin Franklin, the latter enlisted in the war and died on the Battlefield in 1864. Third wife, Olive Palmer born in 1814, married in 1864, daughter of Lockwood and Polly ( Lee ) Palmer early settlers of Broome County.

Page, John p.o.Glen Castle, born in Chenango, Broome County in 1821; wife, Alice Lyon, born in Barker in 1828, married in 1849, five children, Fanny A., Isaac H., George L., Eugene E., and Melvin E. Alice was daughter of John and Permelia ( Gaylord ) Lyon. Parents, Tyrus and Fanny ( Birdsell ) Page, the former born in North Fenton in 1794, died in 1881, married three times, children, John and Henry .Grandfather, Isaac Page settled in county early, married twice and had twelve children.

Phelps, Apollos N. p.o. Castle Creek, born in Conn. in 1822, married Sarah Ketchum of Binghamton, born in 1824, married in 1848, four children, Roger W., Noel T., Judson R., and Calista L. Apollos was assessor, owned 168 acres, purchased a sawmill. Parents, Israel and Mercy ( Stephens ) Phelps, of Conn., eight children.

Port,, Jesse p.o. Chenango Forks, born in Conklin in 1822,; wife, Esther T. Gray, born in 1822, married in 1845, she died in 1848 leaving two children, Delphene and Jennie; second wife, Mercy A. Heath of Windsor daughter of Squire Asa Heath born in 1831, married in 1849, children ; Frederick, Julia, Frank E., Mary A., Irma G., and Goerge L. Parents, George and Mary ( Carroll ) Port, the former born in Northern Ireland in 1776 , married in Montgomery County , settled in Broome County in 1817, nine children.Prentice, William p.o. Kattelville, born in Windsor in 1816, wife, Caroline Miller born in 1813, married in 1839, one son, Malcom U. who married Fances Kattell, children, William,Jr., Ann and Thaddeus. Parents, Elisha and Lamey ( Huver ) Prentice.

Ross, William p.o. Castle Vreek, born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1827, wife, Lovisa A. Hall, born in Brookfield, Madison County, in 1833, married in 1858, three children, Sarah Jane, Ida Lovisa, and Willie Hall. Parents, John and Isabella ( Melvin ) Ross of Glasgow, the former died in Scotland in 1829, the latter with her family of five came to America and settled in Otsego County and died in 1868 age 86. Children who lived , Isabella, George and William. Parents of wife, jess W. and Barbara ( Clark ) Hall, the former born in 1810, died in 1874, three children, Louisa A., Sarah J., and Jesse W.

Roselle, Garrett p.o. Castle Creek, born in Dutchess County in 1828, married Sally Ann Satchwell of Barker in 1852, one son, Elihue Ernest born in 1853, five children died in infancy. Elihue married Rebecca Jane Vreeland of Allegany County, five children. Parents, William and Ruth ( Barton ) Roselle of Dutchess County , the latter died in 1829 leaving four children: Charles, Jeremiah, Garrett, and Mary; second wife, Sarah E. Higgins, married in 1831 twenty-two children, eighteen of which lived. Garrett enlisted in 1862 for three years and was wounded, losing his left eye and was discharged in 1865, drew a pension.

St. John, Sylvester p.o. West Chenango, born in Schoharie County in 1802; wife, Helena Wood, of Schoharie County, married in 1829, died in 1851 leaving three children: Moses, Almira, and Orlando; second wife, Sarah J. Burliston of Guilford, Chenango County, born in 1819, married in 1852, one son, Charles and by her former marriage one son, James W. Cary. Sylvester settled in Broome County in 1842.

Schofield, Ira Lewis p.o. Chenango Bridge, born in Chenango, Broome County in 1835, married Susan Robinson, born in Colesville in 1838, married in 1861. Parents, Ira and Delia ( Cole ) Schofield, the former born in 1797, died in 1875, the latter born in 1803, died in 1865, children, Loretta, William Wallace, Ira L. and three who died. Ira was a miller and settled in Binghamton when he retired.

Swan, Thomas p.o. Binghamton, born in Parish Dumfries, Scotland in 1835, son of James and Jane ( Atchinson ) Swan, married and settled in Broome with three children in 1842, the former died in 1878, the latter died in 1872, children, Betsey, Thomas, Margaret, Agnes, and James.

Teal, Cornelius M. p.o. Kattellville, born in Lower Canada in 1805, wife, Sally Groat, born in 1805 in Columbia County, daughter of Jacob and Catherine Groat, married in 1829, settled in Broome in 1839. They adopted one daughter, Louisa Karl married Charles Cary of Binghamton, children, three. Parents, Abram and Jane ( Miller ) Teal, natives of Columbia County, married and settled in Canada, returned to Columbia County in 1812. The parents died leaving nine children.

Thomas, Charles F. p.o.Chenango Bridge born in Chenango, Broome County, farmer and drover. Parents, Wiley and Maria ( Gilmore ) Thomas, the former born in Coventry in 1806, the latter in 1810 , married in 1831, children, Charles F., Sarah M., Martha A., Virginia, Abby D. and two who died. Grandparents, William and Betsey Thomas who settled in Broome 1831, six children.

Thomas, George H. p.o. Chenango Bridge, born in Broome in 1838, wife, Clarissa L. Tyler, born in Dryden, Tompkins County in 1844. Children, Mary L., Julia, Olive, John H., and Edith L. Parents, Hawley and Olive ( Munsell ) Thomas, the former born in 1811, the latter in 1815, married in 1836, children George and Julia.


Abbott, Henry M. p.o. Nineveh, born in Colesville in 1837. Parents, James P. and Sophronia ( Kingsley ) Abbott, natives of Mass. who came to this country in 1837. Henry M., youngest of ten children married in 1864 to Elmira V. Knox, of Colesville, who died in 1880 leaving one daughter, Phoebe Sophronia, born in 1867. He afterwards married in 1881 Mrs. Louisa ( Knox ) Allen, sister of his first wife who died leaving five children, Jennie L., William H., George H., Mabel E. and Ida Allen.

Appley, Dr. James Gow p.o. Harpersville, was born in Hancock , Delaware County in 1845, at age twenty-one he began his studies with his cousin, Dr. Asa Bennett of Sullivan County, in 1871 he received his diploma, settled in Nineveh, he accepted a location in Penna. until 1884, then purchased a residence in Harpersville. Wife, Delphine Doolittle of Colesville, born in 1849, married in 1873, one child, Nettie. Parents, Lawrence and Lovina ( Barber ) Appley, the former of Delaware County and the latter of Ulster County who died in 1852.; children, seven.

Allen, Bennett B. p.o. Harpersville, born in 1841; wife, Nancy Doolittle daughter of L. Danton and Rebecca ( Crary ) Doolittle, born in 1851, married in 1880, children, Bessy Roe, John Dayton, and an infant. Parents, John B. and Fanny ( Brown ) Allen, the former born in Conn., the latter in Long Island; children, three. Grandparents, Linus and Mabel ( Blakesley ) Allen of Conn. who settled in Broome about 1806 with nine children.

Baker, Egbert A. p.o. Belden, farmer, born in Otsego County in 1837, wife, Elizabeth Holcomb born in Colseville in 1834, married in 1856; children, one died in infancy and Allie May born in 1877 died in 1879. Parents, Read and Julia ( Harrison ) Baker, the former born in 1795 and the latter in 1800, married inOtsego County in 1820; children , Sarah A., Clarissa C.. Mary A. and Egbert A.. One son was a prominent lawyer in the office of Leon S. Chatfield, addmitted to the bar in Otsego County, died in Titusville, Penna. in 1870. Grandmother Harrison was a Dwight before marriage , a sister of Israel Dwight, who was grandfather to Col.Walton Dwight of Binghamton.

Beardsley, Dr. Harvey F. p.o. Tunnel, physican and surgeon, began practice of medicine in North Colesville, justice of the peace for twenty years; wife, Jane Cornish of Coventry, Chenango County, born in 1831, married in 1851, seven children, Jennie T., Mary, Bertha, Clara, Ray, Guy W. and Frank. Parents, Harvey and Lydia ( Martin ) Beardsley of Richfield, Otsego County, one son, Dr. H.

Beman, Aaron G. p.o.Tunnell, born in Conn., assessor, ship builder , carpenter and a farmer with 160 acres; wife, Lydia Church, daughter of Uri and Martha ( Cowdry ) Church, born in 1810, married in 1833; children, Elbert A. who married Emily Watrous and Emily M. who marriedNelson Baker. Parents, Reuben and Elizabeth ( Dates ) Beman, married in Hartford, Conn., settled in county in 1823, the former died in Colesville in 1834 and the latter in 1873; nine children.Booth, John Waldo, M.D. p.o. West Colesville born in Washington, Dutchess County in 1835, was graduated from Chicago Medical College in 1870, began his practice in Colesville in 1872; wife, Almira Leake of South Dover, Dutchess County ; one child, who died in infancy. Parents, Sylvester and Maria ( Dutcher ) Booth born and married in Dutchess County, settled in Broome in 1854, the former died in 1884, children ten.

Bush, Riley p.o. Nineveh, born in Bainbridge in 1818, was a supervisor, road commissioner and merchant, retiring to attend the four farms he owns, wife, Jane Denison of Oneida County, born in 1820, married in 1845. Parents, William and Sally Bush, the former died in 1857, the latter in 1830.

Butler, Dr. Andrew J. p.o.Ouaquaga, physican and surgeon, born in Roxbury, Delaware County in 1832; first wife, Amanda Starks who died leaving one daughter Addie; second wife, Mary Jane Booth, daughter of Sylvester and Maria ( Dutcher ) Booth born in Dutchess County in 1843, married in 1865; children, Carrtie, Andrew, Charles, Wright and Maude. Parents, S.W. and Mary ( Nesbet ) Butler, married in Delaware County, settled in Colesville in 1866; children, Andrew J, and Stephen W.

Chaffee, James A. p.o. Harpersville, born in Colesville in 1812; first wife, E,eline Harris, daughter of George and Sarah Morris, born in 1810, married in 1835, died in 1869; children, James M., Frank D., Alice, and four who died; second wife, Mrs, Eliza Jane ( Alden ) Knox born in 1822, married in 1871 ; children by first children, Edgar E., Ellen E., Ruth M. Knox and two who died. Parents, Zebediah G. and Patty ( Knox ) Chaffee, the former born in Conn. 1781, the latter in 1788 first white girl born in Windsor, the daughter of James and Lydia ( Stratton ) Knox of Conn.; children, eleven. James was a Revolutionary War soldier and one of Gen. Washington's body guards. Grandparents, Zebediah and Mehitable Chaffee.

Collington, George o.p. Center Village, born in Essex County Vermomt in 1812 first wife, Mary Roberts of Colesville born in 1817, married in 1837 and died in 1854 leaving five children, one living, Harriet wife of Charles Mason of Binghamton; sceond wife, Mrs. Susan ( Martin ) Whitman, born in 1824, married in 1855 and died in 1874, leaving two sons,: Harry born in 1859 and Burr W. born on 1866, one son by former marriage, Martin J. Whitman. Parents, John and Lydia ( Pease ) Collington the former born in Ireland in 1772 and the latter of New Hampshire, settled in Colesville in 1815, five children.Doolittle, Edgar p.o. Ouaquaga, born in Binghamton in 1844; wife, Betsey Allen born in 1848, married in 1868, children, Fred and James. Parents. Lyman Dayton and Rebecca ( Crary ) Doolittle, the former born in 1815, married in 1839 , the latter died in 1851 leaving two children,: Edgar and Nancy; second wife, Edith Crary, born in 1827, married in 1852. Grandfather,David Doolittle born Dceember 27, 1786 in the town of Windsor, was the first white child born there. His wife, Milla ( Barnes ) Dooltiile was a native of Broome County, but her parents were Conn. people. Great Grandfather, John Doolittle came with his wife from Conn., to Windsor in 1786.

Comstock, Joseph D. p.o.Center Village, was born in Washington County in 1831, moved to Rensselaer County in 1843 with his parents, spent years teaching, admitted to practice from the office of Hon. Gardner Stow , attorney general for the city of Troy; married the only daughter of John Flagler . In 1875 he removed to Colesville. His wife, Julia Flagler was born in 1829 and they had children, Jennie F., James J., and Charles J,.the latter two died .

Davidson, James p.o. West Colesville, born in Duanesburg in 1816; wife, Jane Hungerford of Albany County, born in 1813, married in 1840 and died in 1857; children, nine; second wife, Jane Amann born in 1821, married in 1858 died in 1877, children, Hiram and Samuel. Parents, Peter and Margaret ( Young ) Davidson.

Davenport, John p.o. Doraville, born in Ulster County in 1804; wife Orlina Smith of Colesville, born in 1802, married in 1823; children : Charles G., John W., and Roxanna. Parents, William and Nancy ( Pembleton ) Davenport, born and married in Litchfield, Conn., and settled in Windsor in 1812; children, Pattie, Fanny, John, Eliza and five who died. Grandfather William Pembleton settled in County with his family very early.

Dye, John P. born in Jefferson County in 1820, died in 1876, settled in Broome 1864; wife, Sarah Higley born in Windsor in 1825, married in 1845; children, Electa P. and Emily H. Parents, James and Sally ( Topping ) of Jefferson County, the former born in Windsor in 1800 and the latter born in 1803 and died in 1833, children, Sarah, Henry and Roxey.

Estes, Shervin P. p.o. Center Village, born in Colesville in 1835, served in the late Rebellion in the 137th Regiment; wife, Julia Ann Panne, daughter of Randolph , married in 1857, children, Flora, Bird, Monnia, Romeo, and Ross. One son George died in 1882 age twenty two years. Parents, Rev. Ahimaaz and Elma ( Whitmore ) Estes, the former born Mass., in 1799 and died 1883, the latter born in Conn., in 1803 died in 1877; children, Amanda, Lorenzo D., and Shervin F. Ahimaaz came to Cherry Valley age ten then to Colesville, where he was local preacher for over forty years, son of Dr. Estes.

Flanburg, John W. p.o. Center Village, born in Sharon, Schoharie County in 1807; wife, Polly Wilds of Sharon born 1801, married in 1825; one child, Calista married William H. Butler. They settled in the county in 1828,a captain for many years in the independent military, his wife died in 1877. Parents, Conrad and Christine Flansburg, born in Montgomery County, the former was wounded in the War of 1812.

Ferris Darius p.o. Osborn Hollow,born in Chenango, Broome County in 1825; wife, Mary A. Pulver, daughter of Christopher and Hannah ( Rule ) Pulver born in 1832, married in 1850; children, Elisha A., Guerdon H., Nellie M., and Mabel. Parents, Elisha and Betsey ( Babcock ) Ferris, married in 1816, the former died in 1881, the latter died in 1876; children, Rebecca J., Jane, Darius, James H. and eight deceased.

Francis, William M. p.o. Ouaquaga , born in Ketchumville, Tioga County in 1852; wife, Ada Jane Butler daughter of Dr. Andrew Butler, born in 1857, married in 1879; one child, Alice Amanda. Parents, Robert and Elizabeth ( Smith ) Francis of Otsego County , they settled in Broome in 1864.

Fuller James p.o. Vallonia Springs, born in Delaware County in 1817; first wife, Mary Ann Robinson daughter of Barnett and Eunice ( Birdsell ) Robinson, married in 1841 and died in 1859 leaving one son, George R.; second wife, Barbara Robinson of Troy, NY married in 1860, died in 1873; third wife, Mrs. Juliette Pinney of Newark Valley, married in 1874. Parents, Joseph and Margaret ( Brezzee ) Fuller, the former born in 1785 and died in 1879; children,nine.

Guernsey David B. p.o. Ouaquaga, born in Colesville in 1822, postmaster in 1868; wife Nancy Dickson, daughter of David and Laura ( Watrous ) Dickson of Conn. born in 1825, married in 1846; children, Marvin W., married Millia Ellsworth, Harmon D. married Alice McCracken, and Will H. born in 1861. Parents, Ezra and Ann ( Buck ) Gurnesey from Litchfield, Conn.

Guy, Dr. Ezekiel o.p. Harpersville, born in Guilford, Chenango County in 1816, graduated from the Geneva Medical College in 1842, settled in Susquehanna County, Pa. and in 1845 to Harpersville; first wife, Mary N. Perry born in 1821, married in 1844 ans died in 1871children, Fred F. , Harry P., Geraldine and Albert A.; second wife, Mrs. Ethel Northrup Olendorf, born in 1828, married in 1875. Parents, Timothy and Elizabeth ( Phelps ) Guy, married in Warren County, settled in Chenango County, where they died, nine children.

Harper, Hon. Robert was born in Ballabay, County of Monaghan, Ireland, Jan. 25, 1733, arrived in New York City in 11761, professor of Kings College, moved his family to Broome County in 1795 and settled in Colesville where he died in 1825 age ninety three; first wife, Elizabeth Crygier of New York City, married in 1773, one son, John Warren Harper; second wife, Myra Lackey, married in 1789, three children. The son Robert was born in 1793, married Permelia Betts Sept., 1816, the former died in 1872, the latter in 1862, children Myra, Robert G., Sarah K., Edward and Anna.

Hobbs, Joseph W. p.o. Nineveh, born in Andes, Delaware County in 1821, blacksmith and carriage maker ; wife, Mary E. Williams born in 1823, married in 1842; children , Goerge W. and Charles H.. Parents, Samuel and Catherine ( Williams ) Hobbs, the former died in Delaware County in 1829, the latter in Syracuse in 1836.

Hurlburt, Isaac A., p.o. Harpersville, born in Colesville in 1833; wife, Ellen Holcomb, born in Colesville in 1842, married in 1859; children, Edwin I., Abbie E., Douglas E., Nellie A., and Clarence A. Parents, Isaac and Mary ( Parker ) Hurlburt, the former born in 1804 and died 1879, the latter born in Mass. in 1809, married in 1827; children Malcom D., Isabella, Isaac A., Abigail, Edmond, Sarah and D.P.

Holcomb, George A. p.o. Tunnel, born in Colesville in 1837 owns 134 acres; wife, Eunice Ann Warner daughter of John and Deborah ( Miller ) Warner, married in 1861; children , Estella, Abbie D. and Alvin J. Parents, Alvin and Lucy ( Watrous ) Holcomb.

Laughlin William L. p.o. West Colesville, born in Orango County in 1830, blacksmith; wife, Amy Edwards, daughter of John and Sally ( Benn ) Edwards born in Colesville in 1826, married in 1853; children, Ann, John and Lewis P. Parents, James and Lucinda ( Crummell ) Laughlin of Orange County.

McCullough,, Horace W. p.o. Harpersville, born in Greene, Chenango County in 1855, agent at Harpersville for the Albany and Binghamton Railroad; wife Mary Watrons, daughter of Lyman and Caroline ( Torry ) Watrons born in 1858, married in 1876. Parents, Charles L. and Polly ( Webster ) McCullough of Chenango County. Grandparents, Harvey and Jane ( Torry ) McCullough; children , Charles L., Emily Haynes, Mary Race and James.

Manville, Levi, Jr. p.o. Belden, born in Colesville in 1814, was a Colonel of the 200th Regiment and pilot on the Susquehanna River for many years; wife, Lydia Shay, daughter of Squire and Charlotte ( Martin ) Shay , married in 1844, the latter died in Colesville in 1880, leaving three children. Parents, Levi and Lucy ( Tyrell ) Manville, married in 1812; children, Levi, Jr., Lucy, Sally, and Henry.

Martin, Warren E. p.o. Center Village, born in Colesville in 1831; wife, Anna Guy, daughter of Henry and Jane ( Andrews ) Guy, born in Otsego County in 1837, married in 1857; children, Floyd G. born in 1859, Lynn A. born in 1864 and Birdsley L. born in 1872. Parents, Harry Martin and Betsey ( Marsh ) Martin, the former born in 1799, died in 1869, the latter born in 1806, married in 1823 and died in 1865; children nine.

Marsh, Maurice O. p.o. Harpersville, born in Colesville in 1833, supervisor and other district offices; wife, Rosette Merchant born in Colesville in 1839, married in 1859; children, Maurice F. and Alfred J. Parents, Jesse and Achsa ( Knowlton ) Marsh, natives of Conn., the former born in 1780 and died in 1854, the latter born in 1789 and died in 1883; children, D.K., M.P., J.B. and M.O.Mumford, Oscar F. born in Otsego County in 1833, railroad engineer; first wife, Melissa Lee , married in 1868, died in 1876; children, Dutie born in 1869, died 1881, and Fred born in 1870; second wife, Esther Hicks of Guilford, born in 1852, married in 1879. Parents, Orville and Gerusha ( Edson ) Mumford, married in Otsego County, the former died in Colesville in 1882.

Northrup, Edwin p.o. Harpersville, born in Washington, Dutchess County, in 1804, married in 1827 and died in 1882; children, Edwin H., and Jane E. who married Robert Harper who died in 1879 and Jane died in 1882.. Parents, Daniel and Betsey ( Reed ) Northrup, natives of Dutchess County, the former settled in Colesville in 1833, purchasing a hotel in Colesville.

Odell, E.H. p.o. Osborn Hollow, merchant, born in Delaware County in 1824, was postmaster and justice of peace; wife, Elizabeth Hamilton, daughter of Dr. H.R. Hamilton, married in 1853; children, Ida, Lena, Harry and Frank. Parents, Abijah and Hannah ( Hubbard ) Odell, both of Delaware County, nine children, those who lived were Daniel, Michael, Cynthia and E.H. Mr. Odell was in the merchantile and hotel business.

Pease, Charles p.o. Nineveh, born in Tioga County in 1829 had been collector and held many public offices and purchased the Nineveh Hotel; wife, Lucyette Wilcox who died in 1851; second wife, Martha Blanchard, daughter of Arnold and Martha Blanchard, born in 1830, married in 1853 . Parents, Anthony and Lydia ( Taylor ) Pease, married in Conn. settled in Owego where they died, nine children.

Reynolds, Angus S. p.o. Osborn Hollow born in Colesville in 1842, a telegraph operator ; wife Mary English, born in Washington County in 1847, married in 1871; children, Cornelius, Luke and Rosette. Parents, Cornelius and Sally Ann ( Lewis ) Reynolds, the former born in 1810, the latter in the same year, six children. Grandparents, John and Susan ( Palmer ) Reynolds from Westchester County.

Robinson, Georgep.o. Vallonia Springs, born in Sanford in 1823, blacksmith and farmer; wife, Eliza Seward, daughter of Aaron and Maria Ann ( Seeley ) Seward of Delaware County, born in Meredith in 1823, married in 1848; children Francis A. and Ella E., the former married Almiron Crane in 1878 and had one son, Arthur born 1879. Parents, Barnet and Eunice ( Birdsell ) Robinson married in Rensselaer County; children, four who lived, Lucinda, Eunice, David and George.

Skinner, Stanley J. p.o. Center Village, born in Otsego County in 1820 was assessor and commissioner, settled in county in 1870; wife, Caroline Babcock, born in 1826, married in 1848; children, Carlton J. born in 1850 married Mary Cobey in 1870; one child, Raymond; and Alice born in 1860 married Rufus Bush in 1878, one child, Bertha born in 1881; Alice died in 1882. Parents, Jesse and Martha ( Lee ) Skinner, the former of Rhode Island, and the latter of Mass. seven children.

Stringham,, Charles H. p.o. Doraville, born in Colesville in 1845, owns 417 acres; first wife, Rosetta Hurlburt of Colesville born in 1849, married in 1866 and died leaving one son, Glen W.; second wife, Ella Teller daughter of Squire Jacob Teller, born in 1877; children, Athea M. born in 1880 and Fannie L. born in 1885. Parents, James W. and Atha ( Judd ) Stringham, one child, Charles H. Grandparents, Charles and Fanny ( Davenport ) Stringham, natives of Conn. and early settlers of this county.

Seward, Daniel S. p.o. Vallonia Springs, born in Delaware County in 1820, balcksmith and dairy farmer; first wife, Phebe Hurlburt of Colesville, born in 1824, married in 1848, and died in 1854, one son, Chauncey O.; second wife, Phebe Ruggles born in Colesville in 1825, married in 1855 three children, William H., Aaron D., and Lucy M. Parents Orrin and Chloe ( Seeley ) Seward, the former born in 1798, married in 1819, settled in Colesville in 1835 and died in 1857, the latter died in 1877.

Smith, Charles S. p.o. Nineveh, born in Otsego County in 1833, settled in Colesville , started a merchantile business and was postmaster; wife Margaret Funston born in Ireland in 1835, married in 1859. Father, Captain Thomas D. Smith who died in 1876 leaving a wife and three children.

Smith, Hiram p.o. West Colesville born in Bennington, Vermont in 1823; first wife, Marinda French married in 1848, died in 1862, children that lived were George M., Mary A., and Alice V; second wife, Sarah A. Gray of Saratoga County married in 1867. Parents, Jeremiah and Julia A. ( Burnet ) Smith, who died in Vermont leaving ten children.

Terwilleger, Silas B. p.o. Ouaquaga, born in Chenango, Broome County in 1845was a practical miller owning the Ouaquaga Mills; wife Ella Dewey born in Chenango County in 1846, married in 1865, children Effie and Nellie. Parents, Joseph I. and Catherine ( Skillman ) Terwilleger, natives of Orange County, settled in Broome in 1830, the former died in 1862, seven children.

Warner, John p.o. North Colesville, born in Chenango County in 1816, a farmer owning 700 acres; wife, Deborah Miller daughter of John and Hannah Miller born in 1820, married in 1839; children , Eunice Ann, George Jay, John Henry, Rose and Charles C. Parents, Bela and Phoebe ( Adkins ) Warner, born in Conn., married and settled in Chenango County in 1813, came to Colesville in 1827. The former died in1880 and the latter died in 1860; children, seven.

Warner, Henry J. p.o. Tunnel, born in Colesville in 1850; wife, Mary Beardsley, daughter of Dr. Harvey and Jane ( Cornish ) Beardsley born in Colesville in 1854, married in 1873; children, Frank J., Jennie B., and Mabel C. Parents, John and Deborah ( Miller ) Warner.

Way, Lorenzo E. p.o. Harpersville, born in Colesville in 1820; first wife, Elmina R. Foote , married in 1848, died in 1856; children, Chloe C., Albert P. and John F.; second wife, Lillis D. McCullough, married in 1858, died in 1866; children, William A. and Elmina L.; third wife, Mrs. Harriet Edmonds, children, four by a former marriage. Parents, Billy and Sally ( Tuttle ) Way, natives of Conn., settled in Colesville in 1817; children , William E., Sally M., Lorenzo E. and Alonzo A.

Watrous, John born in Granby, Conn. in 1806, settled in Colesville in 1834; wife, Julia Marilla Holcomb, married in 1834, husband died in 1881; children, Mary Jane, Dewitt, Hulbert, Liva A., Julia and Rose. Parents, Wix and Liva ( Cook ) Watrous, settled in Colesville in 1835, children, five.

Wedge, Amos p.o.Ouaquaga, born in Oneida County in 1803; wife, Lucy Ann Reynolds, daughter of Cyrus and Huldah ( Lillie ) Reynolds of Mass., born in Lee, 1810, married in 1837; children, Electa A., born in 1836, Wesley A, born in 1838, Joseph, in 1839, Nelson G., in 1842, Norton D., in 1845 and David H., who died young. Parents, Abel and Lucy ( Whitney ) Wedge, natives of Mass. Grandparents, David and Elizabeth ( Chappel ) Wedge.

Whitaker, Seth J. p.o. Harpersville, came to Colesville with his brother in 1822, owns 346 acres; wife Eliza Miller of Easton, born in 1802; children Chloe and Seth P. Parents, Seth and Lany ( Brininstaul ) Whitaker, the former of Vermont, the grandfather from England.

Williams,, Hector S. p.o. Harpersville, born in Hamden, Delaware County in 1849, teacher, civil engineer and surveyor, studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1877; wife, Mary A. Montgomery of Hamden, born in 1849, married in 1877. Parents, Isaac and Mary C.( Miller ) Williams whose ancestors came from Birmingham, England.

Williams, Henry B. p.o. Harpersville, born in Colesville in 1808; wife Julia S. Stannard, dauighter of Samuel and Zadah ( Blatchley ) Stannard, born in Windsor in 1816, married in 1834; children , Alice Amelia who married James P. Hulburt of Colesville, in 1869, one child, Lillian Gertrude born in 1872. Parents, Bartholomew and Polly ( Humstrun ) Williams of Litchfield, Conn., married in Windsor in 1806; children, four. Grandparents, Israel and Hannah ( Parker ) Williams who settled in Windsor in 1800.

Wilder, Addison S. p.o. Center Village, born in Colesville in 1821; first wife, Christina Bunce, born in 1830, married in 1851 and died in 1855; second wife, Lucinda errill, born in 1832, married in 1862 and died in 1863; third wife, Maria V. Crosson, born in 1837 married in 1866.Parents, Henry and Anna ( Barker ) Wilder; children Addison S., Elvira, Seth B., Sarah M. Louisa, Perry, William, Frances and Alva J. Grandparents, Henry and Anna ( Baker ) Wilder, the former born in New Hampshire in 1796, married in 1820, ten children.


Badger, F.P. p.o. Conklin Station, born in Colesville in 1833, agent for the D.L.&W. Railroad, town cleck and collector; , town cleck and collector; wife, Cornelia Vosbury, daughter of Levi and Elizabeth ( Corbett ) Vosbury of Conklin, married in 1858; children, Mary E., William S., Nellie L., Edward Clinton, Fannie C. and Frederick H.

Banta, Jacob p.o. Conklin Station born in West Milford, Passaic County, NJ in 1828, settled in Conklin in 1850, farmer, owns 250 acres; wife Arminda Perry daughter of Brice and Mary Perry of Sussex County, NJ, married in 1850, eight children. Parents, Jacob and Sophia ( Roome ) Banta of New Jersey.

Bayless, Burtis J. p.o. Conklin Station born in Conklin in 1844, dealer in general merchandise, town clerk and postmaster, enlisted in NYSV 137th Co. F , lost a limb at Peach Tree Creek in1864, married Nellie M. Watrous daughter of James and Phoebe (Luce ) Watrous; four children, Sadie, Nettie, Orville and Bessie.

Corbett, Ira born in Corbetsville in 1817, farmer amd manufacturer of lumber, owns 700 acres; wife Juliet Bowes, daughter of Joseph and Rachel ( Sturges ) Bowes of Penna. , married in 1842; children, Marshall J., Ellen, Melvin, Annie, William S., Addie, Mary and Robert. Parents, Cooper and Cornelia ( Bayless ) Corbett, the former a son of Robert of Mass. who settled here in 1796.

Davis, James p.o. Conklin Station, born in Knox, Albany County in 1823, settled in Broome in 1865, farmer owns 98 acres; wife, Caroline A. Douglas daughter of Samuel and Anna ( Badger) Douglas, natives of Conn., married in 1849, one child Henry A.. Parents, Abram and Phoebe ( Macumber ) Davis, natives of Dutchess County.

Fish, John C., Esq. born in Kortright, Delaware in 1815, settled in Broome 1848, admitted to the bar in 1847 and practiced law in New York and Penna.: wife, Ruby C. Corbett, daughter of Sewell and Chloe ( Smith ) Corbett, married in 1854; children, Charles S., Julius C., May E. and Myrtis C.

Gardner, Ira born in Essex County, New Jersey in 1826; wife, Almira Pardee, daughter of Samuel and Julina ( Jerome ) Pardee of Conn. who settled in county in 1840, five children. Parents, John and Mary ( Williams ) Gardner.

Johnson, Brewster C. p.o. Conklin Center, born in Lisle in 1818, settled in Conklin in 1864, postmaster and farmer, owns 60 acres; wife, Charlotte Whiting, daughter of Captain Henry and Nancy ( Goodwin ) Whiting, natives of Conn. who came to Lisle in 1849, married in 1853; children, Benjamin F. of California and Joseph W. Parents, Cryus and Abigail ( Wheeler ) Johnson.

Porter, J.O. p.o. Corbettsville, born in Port Benjamin, Ulster County in 1841, settled in Corbettsville, bought a tannery; wife, Mary J. MacKnight, daughter of William MacKnight of Ulster County.

Van Wormer, Aaron, Jr. p.o. Conklin Station, born in Guilderland, Albany County in 1833, settled in Broome in 1838, farmer, owns 100 acres; wife, Sarah Wildey, daughter of Alanson and Phoebe ( Pettit ) Wildey, married in 1855; children, Viola, Lizzie, Charles and Fred E. Parents, Aaron and Elizabeth (Severson ) Van Wormer, natives of Albany who came here in 1838.

Woodside, John M. p.o. Conklin Station, born in Scotland in 1851 to Conklin the same year, farmer, owns 40 acres; first wife, Lizzie Van Wormer, daughter of Aaron, Jr. and Sarah Van Wormer; second wife, Hattie Dillon, daughter of Hamlet and Delia ( Chapman ) Dillon of Conklin, married in 1879; children Lizzie R., Jamie and Mabel G.


Baldwin, Samuel p.o. North Fenton, born in Litchfield, Conn. In 1827, married Elizabeth Wheeler of Greene, born in 1834 in Mass.. married in 1855; children, Hattie born in 1856 and Mary E. born in 1864; the latter married George West and had one child, Helen. Parents, Sylvester and Candice ( Ives ) Baldwin who settled in Broome with ten children in 1835, Sylvester died in 1854 and the wife died in 1855.

Barnes, James J. p.o. Port Crane, born in Ulster County in 1824, married Anna Margaret Van Fleet born in 1827, married in 1845; children, Anna, Oscar, Theodore V., Louisa and J. Delephine. James J. was assessor and general farmer. Parents, John J. and Rachel ( Van Ostrant ) Barnes of Ulster County, thirteen children. Grandparents, William Barnes, a Rev War soldier.

Beckwith, George W, p.o. Port Dickinson. born in Windsor in 1824, married Sally Ann Scott born in Windsor in 1833, married in 1851; children,. Edna E., Charles R., Georeg E., Emma A. and William D. Parents, Charles and Betsey ( Nichols ) Beckwith, the former born in Columbia County in 1798, died in 1862, the latter died in Fenton in 1873, leaving children George W., Elias W., Ruth A. and Charles D.

Cook, Mathew p.o. North Fenton, born in Owego in 1815, settled in Fenton in 1844 was early drover, stock dealer, lumberman and farmer; wife, Harriet De Monstoy, born in Milton, Saratoga County in 1818, married in 1839; children ,Emily, Alice and Rora. Parents, Simon and Nancy ( Seymour ) Cook, the former born in Otsego County, married in Guilford; children , S.D., Mathew, Nancy, Nathaniel and Phoebe. Simon was in War of 1812.

Crocker, Ebenezer p.o. Port Dickinson, born in Chenango in 1814, was a highway commissioner, justice of peace, farmer and lumber manufacturer, married Sophia Ann Prentice born in 1817 in Vermont, married in 1835; children, Lucy, Elizabeth and David. Parents, David and Polly ( Jay ) Crocker, the former born in 1778 and died in 1841, the latter born in 1785, married in 1806 and died in 1848, eight children.

De Mondstoy, Lewis N. p.o. North Fenton, born in Tompkins County in 1826, was supervisor, town clerk and studied law for four years, settled in Fenton in 1847; wife, Rachel Parsons, born in Fenton in 1829, married in 1849, one son Eugene born in 1851. Parents, Lewis and Hannah ( Brill ) De Monstoy, the former of Saratoga County, born in 1793, the latter born in 1794, settled in Delaware County in 1826; children Walton H., Harriet and Lewis W.

Hinds, Hon. Roger Wing p.o. Port Dickinson , born in Rutland County, Vermont in 1805, settled in Binghamton with his parents in 1816; first wife, Catherine Dayton, of Chenango, born in 1810, married in 1836, died in 1844 leaving two sons, Marvin D. and Charles B.; second wife, Ann Eliza Williamson, born in Westchester County in 1805, married in 1845, died in 1874. Parents, Jesse and Martha ( Wing ) Hinds of Greenwich, Mass., the former born in 1757, died in 1842 ,a Revolutionary War soldier and received a pension; children, fourteen.

Hinds, Silas p.o. Port Crane, born in Ithaca, Tompkins County in 1813, married Diadema Hemstrough, born in Owego in 1819, married in 1840; children Edgar, Louisa, Cordelia, Richard, Benjamin, Oscar and William Wallace. Parents, Joseph and Hannah ( Walden ) Hinds, married in New Jersey, settled in Tompkins County, five children,.

Holt, Jeremiah, Jr. p.o. North Fenton, born in Fenton in 1855; wife, Hattie Brown , daughter of George O. Brown , born in Willet in 1860, married in 1880, one daughter, Jane; Parents, Jeremiah and Levina J. Williamson, the former born in 1797, the latter in 1819, married in 1854. Jeremiah was married three times; first wife, Eliza Allen died in 1847, leaving one son, Jefferson; second wife, Ann Williams who died in 1853.

Hull, John p.o. Port Crane, born in Conn. in 1810, was supervisor, railroad and canal contractor and church builder, settled in county in 1836; wife Sophia Amsbry born in Onodaga County in 1817, married in 1836; children, John, Jr., Charles A., B. Franklin, George, Merritt, James and Emma. Parents, John and Ruth ( Noles ) Hull of Conn.

Hunt, James D. p.o. Port Crane, born in New Hampshire in 1818; wife, Loretta Maben, daughter of Benjamin and Didama ( Buel ) Maben, born in Greene County in 1817, married in 1844; children, Charles B. who married Elizabeth Hill and had three children and Mary D. who married John Sanford. Parents, Charles and Mary ( Ford ) Hunt, the former born in Mass., settled in Colesville in 1832, wife died in 1834 , eight children.

Kales, Henry p.o. Osborne Hollow, born in Coventry, Chenango County in1842, married Angeline Page , of North Fenton born in 1847, married in 1868; children, James H. and Minnie E. Parents, John and Mary ( Armstrong ) Kales, born and married in Ireland settled in Chenango County in 1842, came to Fenton in 1851; children, Henry, James who died in the war, Margaret, John W. and George R.. Henry served in the war, purchased a sawmill and engaged in the lumber business.

Keeler, Job F. p.o. Port Crane, born in Broome County in 1843; first wife, Harriet A. Dutcher of Dutchess County born in 1843, married in 1866 and died in 1882 leaving two children, S. Irving and Arthur R.; second wife, Mary J, ( Cole ) Davis widow of L.A. Davis, born in Broome County , married Mr. Keeler in 1883. Parents, Reveillo and Polly ( Miller ) Keeler, the former born in Binghamton in 1796, the latter in 1803; children Samuel M., Levina, Herod M., Oliver O. and Job F.

Lewis, Ellis p.o. Chenango Forks, born in Chenango in 1802; wife, Polly Thomas, born in Woodstock, Vermont in 1808, married in 1828, the former died in 1878; children seven, five who lived, Richard G., Eliza, Nancy, Ella and Mary. Parents, Richard and Elizabeth ( Lewis ) Lewis natives of Wales, settled in Broome county in about 1800; children eight.

Lounsberry, Simmons J. p.o. Binghamton, born in 1822 , owned a sawmill and manufactured lumber. Parents, Gideon and Plooy ( Archer ) Lounsberry, married in 1816, settled in Broome in 1826; children, William H., Maraget A., Simmons J., James H., Reuben A., Frederick M. and Henrietta. The mother resided on the old homestead, of 200 acres, with her son. The father died in 1866.

McDonald, Asa p.o. North Fenton, born in Coventry, Chenango County in 1810; wife, Elizabeth M. Ayres , born in Mass. in 1812, settled in Fenton in 1821, married 1830; children Almon, a teacher, Theodore F., a lawyer, Albert D., a farmer, and Earl V. Parents, Michael and Hopestill ( Elliott ) McDonald .

Ogden, Ambrose p.o. was successful in the hotel business and settled on the old homestead , part of the land his grandfather purchased in 1790; wife, Harriet Dyer, daughter of Dennis Dyer of Windsor, born in Windsor in 1825. married in 1848; one son, Joseph D. born in 1849 and married Henrietta Amsbry in 1873. Parents, Joseph and Mary ( Van Name ) Ogden.

Ogden, William p.o. Binghamton, born in Fenton, in 1813, farmer; wife, Ann Maria Smith. daughter of Parlee and Amanda ( Waller ) Smith, born in 1817, married in 1838; one child, Joseph Parlee Ogden, born in 1840, married Celesta L. Tallman in 1864; children, William C.and Charles L. Parents, Joseph and Mary Ann ( Van Name ) Ogden, the former born in New Jersey, the latter in Staten Island , married in Fenton in 1812; children ten. Grandparents, Joseph and Roda Ogden, early settlers of the town.

Potter, Benjamin p.o. Port Crane, Born in Ulster County in 1823, married Elizabeth Barnes, born in 1827, married in 1846, settled in Tioga County in 1848 and in Fenton in 1861. He enlisted in 89th Reg. Co. H. and received a pension for injuries received. Children, Sarah, Emily C., A. Estella and Eugene A.. Emily married Rev. Ransom Harvey and had two children, Bessie and Ransom; Parents, Edward and Sarah ( Anderson ) Potter who lived and died in Ulster County; seven children.

Prentice, Hiram p.o. Port Dickinson, born in Broome County in 1825;Wife, Emaline Warner, born in Schoharie in 1827, married in 1846; children , Julia and Adelia. Parents, Nathan and Hannah ( Wood ) Prentice of Vermont , married and settled in Windsor ; nine children, six lived, Sophia, Hiram, Ira, Lydia, Eunice and Charles.

Rider, James p.o. Port Crane, commissioner and farmer, owning 185 acres, born in Otsego County in 1823, married Phoebe Andrews of Broome County born in 1826, married in 1855, died in 1881 leaving five children, Venice E., Willia, Rosabel, Bessie and Cora. Parents, David and Susan ( Ripley ) Rider, the former born in 1777 and died in 1853, the latter born in 1792, died 1869; three children lived, Anna, Priscilla and James.

Roberts, Dr. Lorenzo P. p.o. Port Crane born in Sanford in 1832, was a graduate of Eclectric Medical College in Philadelaphia, practiced in Newark Valley, Tioga County , settled in Fenton in 1868 where he is supervisor, town clerk, and overseer of the poor; wife, Augusta A. Rewey, born in Newark Valley in 1836, married in 1864 and died in 1874 leaving two children, Lena and Mable; second wife, Adelia A. Brundage, born in Uppsonville, Susquehanna County, Pa. in 1839, married in 1876 ,daughter of Dr. E.L. and Agnes V. Brundage. Parents, Ebin and Delia ( Pinny) Roberts, the former died in 1865; twelve children.

Shear, Charles L. p.o. Port Crane, born in Kirkwood, in 1849; wife, Susan M. Davis, born in Franklin, Delaware Co. ,in 1851, married in 1873. Parents, Eseck and Eliza Ann ( Ball ) Shear of Schoharie, settled in Fenton in 1836, wife died in1856; children, William, Seneca, Charles, Russell, Sarah, Chloe and Hattie.

Shear, William H. p.o. Port Crane, born in Fenton in 1842; wife, Emma C. Cornell, daughter of Rev, H. Cornell born in 1851; one child, Arthur born in 1876. Parents, Henry and Mary A. ( Mattoon ) Shear, the former born in 1812, the later in 1818, settled in county in 1835, married in Colesville in 1840, wife died in 1863 leaving six children, Huldah, Mary R., Martha R., Maria, Emma, and Willard H. Grandparents, Christopher and Sally ( Baker ) Shear, who settled in county in 1835 with eight children.

Slosson,William p.o. Chenango Bridge, was born in Richmond, Mass. July 22, 1800 and settled with his parents in Town of Maine in 1811. He was an active cloth dresser and carried on the business known as Lewis Mills; Wife, Julia Ann Dewitt of Broome County who died Dec. 24, 1844, leaving seven chlidren , Henry A. of Binghamton, Eunice S. of Greene, Chenango County, Mary and Sarah, twins, and Julia Ann of Elmira. Parents , Nathaniel and Eunice ( Sisson ) Slosson. His mother died , leaving children, Truman, William, and Franklin.

Taber, Thomas S. p.o. Chenango Forks, born in Hoosick, Rensselaer County in 1815, settled in Chenango in 1847; wife, Jane E. Shaw, born in Cambridge , Washington County in 1820,daughter of Gideon Shaw, married in 1838; children, Rebecca born in Genesee in 1839, Chandler born in Hoosick in 1840, Mary L. born in Hoosick in 1844, Sarah born in Fenton in 1850, died in 1855, William H. born in Fenton in 1852, and Thomas H. born in 1855, died in 1864.

Taber, Tomas S. p.o. Chenango Forks, born in Hoosick, Renesselaer County in 1815. settled in Chenango in 1847; wife, Jane E. Shaw, born in Washington County in 1820, daughter of Gideon Shaw, married in 1838; children, Rebecca J. born in Genessee in 1839, Chandler born in Hoosick in 1840, Mary L. born in Hoosick in 1844 and Sarah D. born in Fenton in 1850 and died in 1855, William H. born in Fenton in 1852 and Thomas H. born in Fenton in 1855 and died in 1864.

Waite, George H. p.o. Port Crane, born in Port Jervis, Ny in1848, a farmer ; wife, Alice E. Hinckley, daughter of Elkannah and Polly ( Sprague ) Hinckley. Parents, Herman V. and Emily ( Edsell ) Waite, the former born in Otsego County in 1811, the latter born in 1819, married in 1836; children James E., Mary E., George H., Florence E. and one who died.

Watrous, Samuel p.o.Tunnel, born in Conn. in 1819, settled in Broome in 1821; wife, Rosetta Merrill of Fenton, married in 1849, died in 1864; children, two having died and Flora who married Seba Holcomb; second wife, Eunice Parker, of Coventry, Chenango County, born in 1833, married in 1865, one daughter, Libbie E. Parents, David and Patty ( Church ) Watrous,of Conn, seven children.

Williamson, William p.o. North Fenton, born in 1813, highway commissiomer, others district offices and farmer, ; wife, Mary A. Kelly, born in Greene, Chenango County in 1825, married in 1854; children, Julia A. and Mary F. Parents, Garret and Susannah Williamson, natives of Westchester County, settled in Fenton in 1805; children, F. Miller, William, Susan, Jan and Julia A.

Winn, Isaac C. p.o. Port Crane, born in Otsego County in 1837; wife, Elizabeth Youngs, daughter of George Youngs of Potter County ,Pa. born in 1840, married in 1865; children Narcissa, Walter S. and Anna May. Parents, Simeon and Ann ( Rider ) Winn, the former born in 1812, married in 1833 and died in 18870; children, Henry J., Isaac C., David D., Ann E., Ellen and Nancy M.